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The LuLac Edition #5, 065, February 13th, 2024



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1.    We missed the January 13 Questions, what happened?


I was still in recovery from my left hip replacement surgery. I wasn’t able to make it up the steps and get to the main computer. But doing pretty well now and improving every day.


2.    Should the Democrats be worried about Biden’s poll numbers? 


Yes and they should do something about it. They should STOP playing nice and hit the issue of a possible Trump Presidency hard. Trump rode the wave of the Obama recovery. He screwed up the vaccine distribution for the pandemic. He tied Biden’s hands on Afghanistan. He went through 4 Chiefs of Staff, Three Defense Secretaries, and was regarded as a joke in Europe. He tried to overthrow the government. He will bring nothing but chaos to the world and the country. And don’t think for a moment that his fans won’t be affected by his strong-arm policies. The Dems have to call out the party as obstructionists and do nothing malcontents. 


3.    I think the reason why people think the economy is bad is because when they go to the grocery store prices are too high. Am I right?

Partially. It is true prices are high. A 20 pack of soda that used to go on sale for $6.99 is now 14 bucks in the store. Packages of Chips are smaller but cost more. But that is not the government’s fault. There is such a thing now called Greed-flation.  Companies have raised prices and passed them on to consumers. Bottom line is maybe Biden should go the route of Richard Nixon and place price controls on food and goods like we did in the early 70s. 


4.    Did you see the Stephanopoulos interview on ABC with Senator J.,D. Vance?

I did and was appalled. Vance has become a true lap dog. He admitted that if he were Vice President he’d have d told the states, like Pennsylvania, Georgia and so many others, that we needed to have multiple slates of electors. He then went on to say that he’d support Trump in firing middle managers in the government and that the courts that indicted Trump and their possible jurors would be influenced by the political make up of their districts. Thankfully after this nonsense the host just shut him down.  Journalists who know the truth, see the truth in front of them should just not give credibility to these people and just shut them down.


5.    Were you happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl? 


Every Super Bowl is an event that I enjoy  no matter what the score or who is involved.     This year was something special. It became a game for the ages. Both defenses held up well and to the end the game was exciting. I paused the TV for about 10 minutes throughout so in effect I put the game on delay. Mrs. LuLac saw the score on her phone but refrained from telling me the final outcome.  She did say she knew the score but let me see the rest. By then I was convinced the 49ers won but was surprised but glad KC won. There is much talk of dynasty but a lot depends on luck. People forget the Patriots first three Super Bowl wins came on the foot of their field goal kicker. There was a rule change at the start of this season that enabled KC to have a final drive and win. Had that rule not been changed, the 'Niners would be champs. Dynasties happen because of great teams but to a certain extent  there is luck.. I'm happy for Andy Reid and Mahomes and still warming up to Kelce. I am fortunate to have been alive for every Super Bowl. I remember when the game first started and how they had tickets  that didn't sell out for $10.00. The NFL though turned this into a national holiday that by and large unites the country.


6.    The new government study commission in Luzerne County. Good idea or not?

Well a review is good. The key to whether it is going to be good will be the caliber of people elected to the commission. Are thgy going to be serious or self serving?  We shall see, too early to tell right now. 


7.    Is it true that Qatar has been donating a ton of money to United States educational entities?

Qatar is a major donor to American universities.  Following the September 11 terror attacks, Qatar began pumping money into American universities, donating $4.7 billion over two decades, The Hill reported.  Six major American universities also established 'foreign campuses' within Qatar during the same time.


8.    Are you a goal oriented person or a “wait until tomorrow” guy?


I like to get everything off the table as soon as it arrives and set goals even for the day ahead. It rare that I don’t have an idea as to what the day is going to look like.


9.    Would Biden beat Trump in a head to head debate?

Absolutely. Biden would hold his own but Trump would go off the rails with his nonsense. 


10.  Hall of Fame picks for baseball, are they worthy?


Adrián Beltré, Todd Helton and Joe Mauer reached the necessary 75% support on the Baseball Writers' Association of America Hall of Fame ballot. They join Jim Leyland, Pirates, Marlins, Rockies and Tigers manager who was voted in by the Contemporary Baseball Era Committee. I would love to see Richie Allen enshrined in the Hall as well  as Luis Tiant and Tommy John too.


11.  What did you think of the Packers run in the Playoffs?


I was very happy they made it as far as they did. I think Jordan Love benefitted from watching Aaron Rodgers and in a weird sort of way the Packer coach benefited from him leaving for the Jets. That gave him the chance to coach without Rodgers breathing down his neck.


12.  Have you ever heard of Cellophane noodles or eaten them?

Yes and no. Better known as glass noodles, this starchy unleavened dough is made from water and mung beans, yams, cassava or potatoes. It is a popular soup noodle in China and also does well in a stir fry, absorbing flavors while retaining texture.  But I’ve never had them.


13.  Whatever happened to Phillies pitcher Ray Culp?


Last I heard he was retired and is 82. He had an interesting career with the Philles. He was named The Sporting News Rookie pitcher of the year in ’63 and was selected as an All  Star in ’63  with the Phillies and in ‘69 with the BoSox. In 11 seasons he had a 122–101 win–loss record and lead the National League in 1965 with 12 hit batsmen and 11 in the American League in 1970. Culp was injured for most of the infamous ’64 season with the Phils not starting a game until August finishing with an 8-7 record.




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