Thursday, October 30, 2008

The LuLac Edition #621, Oct. 30th, 2008



Congrats to the Phillies fans out there. I was once a die hard Phillie fan. 10 years old, a kid loving baseball, my team was the 1964 Phillies. They had a few games to win the 1964 pennant but lost 10 in a row. After that, I stuck with my Indians knowing they’d rarely disappoint. (It’s comforting to know where you stand on Memorial Day of any given baseball season. After ’64, I became a Phillies observer. Rooting but holding my breath. 1980 was great, ’83 was good but not a ring. ’93 was wonderful except for that last pitch by Mitch Williams. It was good to be just an observer. When the Red Barons populated Lackawanna county Stadium, it was cool to see the Phils stars of tomorrow. The Francona and Bowa yars gave way to the old Indians manager Charlie Manuel. Dissed by the media and front office alike (they hired a bunch of managers in waiting while firing his coaching staff) Manuel held a steady rein on the stars we saw in Scranton. When the rains came n Monday, I thought, “uh oh, Phillies luck”. But they prevailed last night and won their second World Series in club history. I was happy for the rue Phillie fan who bleeds Phillie red. And wish I wasn’t just “an observer”.




John McCain believes it is strategically and morally essential for the United States to support the Government of Iraq to become capable of governing itself and safeguarding its people. He strongly disagrees with those who advocate withdrawing American troops before that has occurred.It would be a grave mistake to leave before Al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated and before a competent, trained, and capable Iraqi security force is in place and operating effectively. We must help the Government of Iraq battle those who provoke sectarian tensions and promote a civil war that could destabilize the Middle East. Iraq must not become a failed state, a haven for terrorists, or a pawn of Iran. These likely consequences of America's failure in Iraq almost certainly would either require us to return or draw us into a wider and far costlier war.The best way to secure long-term peace and security is to establish a stable, prosperous, and democratic state in Iraq that poses no threat to its neighbors and contributes to the defeat of terrorists. When Iraqi forces can safeguard their own country, American troops can return home.


Inadequate Security and Political Progress in Iraq: Since the surge began, more than 1,000 American troops have died, and despite the improved security situation, the Iraqi government has not stepped forward to lead the Iraqi people and to reach the genuine political accommodation that was the stated purpose of the surge. Our troops have heroically helped reduce civilian casualties in Iraq to early 2006 levels. This is a testament to our military’s hard work, improved counterinsurgency tactics, and enormous sacrifice by our troops and military families. It is also a consequence of the decision of many Sunnis to turn against al Qaeda in Iraq, and a lull in Shia militia activity. But the absence of genuine political accommodation in Iraq is a direct result of President Bush’s failure to hold the Iraqi government accountable.
Strains on the Military: More than 1.75 million servicemen and women have served in Iraq or Afghanistan; more than 620,000 troops have completed multiple deployments. Military members have endured multiple deployments taxing both them and their families. Additionally, military equipment is wearing out at nine times the normal rate after years of constant use in Iraq’s harsh environment. As Army Chief of Staff General George Casey said in March, “Today’s Army is out of balance. The current demand for our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan exceeds the sustainable supply and limits our ability to provide ready forces for other contingencies.”
Resurgent Al Qaeda in Afghanistan: The decision to invade Iraq diverted resources from the war in Afghanistan, making it harder for us to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden and others involved in the 9/11 attacks. Nearly seven years later, the Taliban has reemerged in southern Afghanistan while Al Qaeda has used the space provided by the Iraq war to regroup, train and plan for another attack on the United States. 2007 was the most violent year in Afghanistan since the invasion in 2001. The scale of our deployments in Iraq continues to set back our ability to finish the fight in Afghanistan, producing unacceptable strategic risks.
A New Strategy Needed: The Iraq war has lasted longer than World War I, World War II, and the Civil War. More than 4,000 Americans have died. More than 60,000 have been injured and wounded. The United States may spend $2.7 trillion on this war and its aftermath, yet we are less safe around the globe and more divided at home. With determined ingenuity and at great personal cost, American troops have found the right tactics to contain the violence in Iraq, but we still have the wrong strategy to press Iraqis to take responsibility at home, and restore America’s security and standing in the world.


At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Phillies have long been my National League Team and it was great to see them win it all! I too am a Cleveland Indians fan since about 1960. I always believed Charlie Manuel was poorly treated by the Tribe and am especially happy for him and an outstanding Phillie Team. Congrats! They all really earned this one.


At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

News Flash:
Sarah Palin on behalf of the McCain
campaign today announced news tying Barrack Obama to the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. She also released information linking Obama to both Kennedy assasinations as well as the kidnappings of Patty Hearst and Frank Sinatra Jr. In a related story, McCain stated that he would suspend his campaign until after the election to return to Washington and conduct a complete investigation of these allegations. In other news, Joe the plumber has been placed in protective custody due to death threats from the Bin Ladin camp.
"God bless America and Joe" said Palin. "We are determined to save them both from the new socialist threat. May I call you Joe, Joe."


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Gort said...

LOL Cassidy.

The Phillies won the weirdest World Series in history. Fitting. Bad memories of the 1993 series came to mind-14 inning rain delayed game. We're on a roll in PA. The Phils win the Fall Classic, the Dems may win the White House and Penn State is still undefeated.


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