Thursday, February 12, 2009

The LuLac Edition #723, Feb. 12th, 2009



This afternoon, Judges Mark Ciavrella and Michael Conahan pled guilty to charges that they accepted more than $2.6 million in kickbacks in connection to the construction and operation of juvenile detention facilities. Both judges appeared with their attorneys inside the courtroom that was filled to capacity. A second courtroom was set up to accommodate the overflow crowd who watched the 45 minute proceeding that began at 1 p.m. After the proceeding, Ciavarella and Conahan emerged together from the courthouse and made their way past the large gathering of media to a waiting Chevrolet Blazer. Ciavarella said "No comment" as he sat in the back seat. Several people screamed at the judges, "I hope you rot in hell," "I hope the Aryan Nation loves you in prison," "What do you have to say now to the kids you sent away, you pig." The rear door was shut but was reopened when an attorney got in the back seat. When the door reopened, several people resumed screaming at the judges. One man who yelled came within two feet of Ciavarella's face according to a report in the Times Leader. Steve Corbett of WILK Radio spoke about an exchange between Ciaverella and former Judge Anne Lokuta who occupied the front row in the Courtroom. It was reported that both looked as if they were exchanging pleasantries and even a kiss on the cheek. What that was all about was is anyone's guess. Lokuta later told WBRE TV News that today was a vindication day for her and "Real Justice was not a yacht" referring to the dubious duo's use of the sailing vessell "Reel Justice". An ironic name because it looked like federal prosecutors reeled in the big fish today. On tonight's CBS Evening News, the plea made the national airwaves. Here's the link: As we always say on this story............more to come.


In yesterday's Times Leader, a local reader wrote about a stimulus plan that was similar to the one I have been proposing. Take a look:

Here’s my idea for a bailout. Our economy can be stimulated by having our government reward those of us who have made responsible decisions. We are not going to reward those people who made terrible decisions, getting mortgages they could not pay for or buying homes that were overpriced and unaffordable.
The bailout would include:
The federal government gives $200,000 to all the individuals in the United States who have paid their mortgages, car notes and credit cards on time for the past five years.
The stipulations are as follows:
All individuals receiving the $200,000 must first use the money to pay off their mortgages. This will give banks and lending institutions all the money they need to begin to loan money to individuals wanting to buy or build homes. (No need to bail out the banks, and this will create construction jobs!)
If there is any money left after paying off mortgages, the individuals must then pay off their automobile loans. Once again, this will free up a substantial amount of money for the banks, lending institutions and individual automobile credit companies. Also, this will help increase auto sales because many times individuals without car loans are most apt to buy new cars. Improving auto sales will bring the laid off autoworkers back to work.
Next, if any of the original $200,000 is left, it must be used to pay off credit cards. Again, this will free up money for the credit card companies. Without debt, individuals will be more willing to purchase items that they want or need. This will certainly help the economy get back on its feet and again bring workers back to work or create new jobs.
And lastly, the recipient must spend any remaining money within six months on goods or items for homes, offices, etc. The money cannot be used for savings or to pay off other bills.
All those steps will assist our country in getting back on its feet by providing money to loan to businesses for operations and expansion, thus creating jobs. We all know job creation means income taxes paid to our various governing bodies, all claiming to be in debt due to job loss.


Former Wilkes Barre Policeman James Wardle died the other day after a long battle with cancer. Jim was Mrs. LuLac's favorite cousin. She recalls his excitement as a young teen when WARM began to play his music, rock and roll. Others remember his dedication as a no nonsense but honorable policeman in the city during some exciting times of change. He will be missed by his friends, family, co-workers, his WB police family and all who knew him. At his wake this afternoon, there was a video playing citing his life and law enforcement accomplishments. Friends shared memories of this good public servant. Amomg the somber remembrances of his law enforcement career, his body lay in repose with a prominent wardrobe feature: a Three Stooges tie! You had to love a guy like that!


At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The disgraced judges should have left the courtroom for jail immediately and in chains just like the kids they sent down the pipeline! Instead they wont report until summers end? Hope they make many good new friends in the fall, but they should already be incarcerated, NOW!


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