Monday, February 16, 2009

The LuLac Edition #729 Feb. 16th, 2009



Every President's Day, historians rank the top Presidents in terms of effectiveness and historical impact. This year Lincoln was ranked first followed by Washington, FDR, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt rounding out the top 5. Dwight Eisenhower was ranked 6th, followed by Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, James K. Polk (one of my favorites) and Woodrow Wilson. The Eisenhower ranking is a bit surprising because for years Ike was regarded as a caretaker President who appeared detached from his administration. Ike was ranked in the low 20s just a few years ago. John Kennedy dropped from the top 10 landing at number 11. More shocking was the number 12 pick, Lyndon Johnson who in the rear view mirror of history is being judged in a kinder fashion for his role in the passage of Civil Rights legislation. Recent Presidents did not fare too well with George Herbert Walker Bush charting at number 20, Bill Clinton at number 23, Gerald Ford at number 25 and George W. Bush at number 37.
The dubious distinction of worst President goes to Pennsylvanian James Buchanan who was dissed because of his failure to prevent a Civil War. In the top 10 for the worst Chief Executives, Richard Nixon ranked fifth while George W. Bush came in at number 6 ahead of Herbert Hoover and Warren Harding. Presidential rankings change over the years but the top 5 are usually a constant with a few variations. Here are 2 campaign songs of men who reached the top job.


At 4:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John McCain says President Obama is off to a bad start. John McCain is off to a bad finish! In case the Senator didnt notice, the American People clearly rejected he and his running mate from Alaska. Its over, John. You blew it at every turn. You might have had my vote but you drove it away.
Dont get into sour grapes. Leave the scene while some of us still have some little respect left for you.

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heres a shocker. Bishop martino has come out against something! His
most recent target is Misericordia
and a gay rights speaker. Maybe if people talked and learned from one another.. oh well. My question is this, What has the man ever come out in favor except his divine right to rule? What a JERK! Youve got about 12 Catholics left, sir.
Keep workin it and you will be alone in your cave.


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