Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The LuLac Edition #764, Mar. 24th, 2009



The name Bolus conjures up great memories for me. When I was a radio sales rep in the 90s, we always had to hand in to our sales managers a "call sheet". Some days they were fact, some days they were fiction. On days that they were fiction, I always put the name Bolus Trucking on mine. One day, during a very bad sales day when no one bought anything, 40 sales reps handed in their call sheets. 38 of them had Bolus Trucking on them. The General Sales Manager burst out of her office and said, "All of you guys called on Bolus and all of you got nothing? What did you do, go in shifts?" Another reason I have a good memory of Bob Bolus is because every Christmas he hosts a dinner for anyone who needs the friendship and the fellowship. Bob Bolus is trying to run for Mayor. Judge Terrence Nealon has ruled businessman Bob Bolus can remain a Republican candidate for Scranton mayor because the challenge against him was filed one day late. All that means is Mr. Bolus can run for office even though he cannot serve if he is elected. For the Republicans in Scranton and Lackawanna County, this is indeed a step up. In the past few years, just getting a warm body to run on the GOP ticket is an accomplishment. Maybe Bolus can campaign by himself and govern by proxy. That might revolutionize city government.


Commissioner Corey O’Brien said the state of the county is improving. Despite a looming $2.9 million deficit this year that could grow to $6.5 million in 2010, they do not believe a tax increase will be necessary next year.“I think we’re on top of it,” majority Commissioner Mike Washo said. “I think we’ve got a road map to getting where we’re going to get without raising taxes.” Adding later, more definitively: “We’re not entertaining any tax increases.”The majority commissioners touted accomplishments from their first year, including establishing proper bidding procedures and increasing efficiency in county departments. They also discussed future areas of improvements, including upgrading their vehicle fleet to hybrids and upgrading three county parks to include “boundless playgrounds,” which allow children with and without disabilities to play together. According to a report in the Scranton Times, the majority Commissioners said that more pain will need to be inflicted in cutting expenditures at the Courthouse. Mr. O’Brien said the county saved $83,000 savings this year by reducing the number of copy machines in county offices. A sale of Lackawanna County Health Care Center also is on the table, discussions are preliminary but many doubt such a sale would be likely this year.


Former WARM original member of the Snsational 7, Len Woloson, passed away Sunday in Las Vegas. For morer info, here's the link to our 590 FOREVER site.



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