Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The LuLac Edition #863, June 30th, 2009



Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said the committee preparing for hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor needs time to review 300 boxes of records that recently turned up in connection with her work for a legal advocacy group. Like where did they records come from and who gave them to the GOP? McConnell said the Senate Judiciary Committee needs to examine the materials from the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund. Hearings are scheduled to begin July 13 on President Barack Obama's nomination of Sotomayor, a federal appeals court judge. The Dems have the majority, Obama’s nominee will win but not before being scarred a bit by a GOP looking to find an issue. The GOP, outnumbered on this one, faced with a nominee with pretty good credentials as well as a political double play (gender and ethnicity) can only hope to play the role of a school yard bully whose bark is bigger than his bite.


A potential White House contender in 2012 staked a claim to rehabilitating the Republican Party in the wake of extramarital affairs by two leading Republicans that have damaged the GOP's family-values image. Gov. Tim Pawlenty, of Minnesota said the obvious, "It certainly hurts the brand." Pawlenty viewed as a running mate to John McCain in 2008 volunteered his servies to spruce up the GOP image. "I think I can make a contribution, in a positive way, for trying to rebuild this party.
“ The problem with the GOP scandals is this, while there are many Dem scandals they can look to in the past, right now we have a virtual modern day Ward Cleaver/Cliff Huxstable in the White House with an intelligent wife who grows veggies in the garden and two adorable well behaved kids. Tough to paint President Obama as one of those “Hollywood loving, depraved Democrats with no morals or family values”. That is their problem. There is just no comparative data that can compute.


Pennsylvania's state government will most likely begin a seventh straight fiscal year without a spending plan in place. The Democratic governor and Republican legislators are about $2 billion apart on proposals to balance the state's recession-wracked budget.
Rendell says he's prepared to go as long as it takes to get an acceptable agreement. Rendell’s strategy has been to tell anyone who would listen that he will make tremendous cuts in the budget. Those interest groups being affected have taken to the airwaves broadcasting that something has to be done. Rendell knows he’s more popular than the Legislature and will use that to drive a wedge. Unlike other years though, Rendell is not blaming anyone in state government but rather "those SOBs on Wall Street." That's encouraging. Still, this 7th straight year of no budget on time does not inspire confidence in all branches of state government.


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous The Much Maligned Anonymous Poster said...

I wouldn't call this bullying, but definitely manipulation: Your buddy Steve Corbett twisted and lead on a 17 year old young lady into confirming his point of view. It was despicable and deplorable. Your buddy spent 4 hours on a negative rant on beauty pageants and his demented view of feminism.

I felt like taking the bridge after the show was over. I had never been so down in the dumps after anything short of a family death. I like Corbett on a personal level and continued to listen though I found his show bleak and depressing, because of that, but as of yesterday the negativity, the blatantly unfair tactics: Linda a former Miss PA came on, he was caught off his game by someone knowledgeable, so what did he do, he disconnected the call and ranted on unchallenged.

I have taken WILK off of my presets, I am canceling my advertising schedule and I am discontinuing my patronage of any of their sponsors. Steve Corbett and WILK have their right to free speech. But Steve Corbett feels he is the only one with freedoms. He is a negative man brining down our area in a way similar to the crooks and swindlers that are out there. He, in my opinion, is a bad human being. He has been given an opportunity and he is abusing that much the way others have.

But enough is enough. When you attack young woman because they exercise their freedoms you are as oppressive as the males you cry out against.

At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were turning the cities of Iraq back to that Country's control. Of course there will be trouble, no doubt. Its a bad situation at best. Does anyone remember Vietnamization? That was our plan for giving Vietnam back to the Vietnamese. Apparently it worked out so well the Country was soon reunited. Perhaps this time our ultimate departure will be a bit more dignified.

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corbett: women have the right to do whatever they want with their body including killing a baby in utero, except enter beauty contests, pose nude, enter wet t--shirt contests, be attractive, wear revealing clothing... Corbett is a feminist every Feb. 30th.


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