Saturday, October 31, 2009

The LuLac Edition #992, Oct. 31st, 2009



As Election Day draws near I had the opportunity to talk with an 88 year old man who has been voting in almost every election since the 40s. Met him as I was putting my monthly supply of Snapple, Aquifina and Tab in my trunk at a local market.
Q: What was the first election you voted in when you turned 21?
A: I was overseas in ’43 so I couldn’t vote locally but my first was 1944.
Q: Mind telling me who you voted for?
A: Dewey.
Q: Are you a Republican?
A: Nope I’ve always been a Democrat but I thought Roosevelt looked sick. And I was right.
Q: Weren’t you worried about another party taking over?
A: No things were different back then. It was more civil. Nobody was trying to gnaw the other guy’s posterior off.
Q: Ever attend any rallies?
A: Only for the national candidates. Went to see JFK in ’60 at the Watres Armory because I was working at the Globe Store then. Once you got there you couldn’t leave. Then in ’88 went to see his boy Junior (Editor’s note:John F. Kennedy, Junior aka John John) at the Courthouse because my granddaughter thought he was a pretty boy.
Q: Indeed he was?
A: Huh?
Q: Never mind. I’m just saying women found him attractive.
A: Oh yes they did.
Q: Ever miss an election?
A: ’68. I was so damn mad at everything going on I just stayed home. Never did that again.
Q: Why not?
A: We got Nixon.
Q: Your thoughts on the stuff going on here in Luzerne County, the corruption?
A: Awful, awful, these guys give crooks a bad name. What I saw here before was dime store petty stuff, guys trying to do unethical things to get ahead. You know get a softer job, help their kid out but these guys, they want the whole store. The top money I ever made in my life was $19,400 a year. And I was satisfied with what I got. I read about these guys making so much money and they take bribes? Where did all that money go?
Q: When you were raising a family though butter was 29 cents a pound, a loaf of bread was maybe 12 cents. Prices are higher.
A: Does higher prices make stealing right?
Q: No.
A: Well then shut (edited) up.
Q: What do you think about the Juvenile cases being overturned?
A: That’s just damn wrong. Kids were bad and they needed to be punished. Others were mischievous and got the same treatment. They can’t all be dismissed. That’s wrong.
Q: Who are you going to vote for this year?
A: That’s between me and the Lord above.
Q: C’mon, give me a hint.
A: You are a real pain in my ass you know that?
Q: I’ve been told that many times. C’mon.
A: Okay, then you can leave me to shop. I’m going for any independent not affiliated with any party, I’m writing in a few people too for school board, like that Jewish fella…..
Q: Sam Troy?
A: Yeah that’s him. And I think I’m going to vote for all the new fresh faces. The newer the better.
Q: Good luck on Election Day. If I see you at the polls I’ll give you a hand getting out of your car.
A: (He replies eyeing up my cane) Seems to me I can move better than you on any given day. Maybe I’ll have to help you.
Q: Maybe you will.
A: Why do you have so many bottles of water and tea in your cart?
Q: Like to keep hydrated.
A: You better with all the hot air coming from you.
Q: Thanks.
A: You’re more than welcome.


At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An old WB Dude lookin for some fresh faces to vote for and apparently not willing to suffer too much from this young fool totering on his cane in a parking lot and offering help he doesnt need. Great!



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