Sunday, October 25, 2009

The LuLac Edition #984, Oct. 25th, 2009



This is a small news story but might be indicative of the tone deafness that seems to permeate the White House these days. The First Family’s dog recently celebrated his first birthday. The family got him a cake…made of veal. Now I’m a meat eater and very rarely do we have veal. But in the rare times we do, I have second and third thoughts about how the meat gets to the market. It seems to me that the White House might have given the pooch perhaps some low grade beef or maybe some Beggin’ Strips instead of a hot button meal like veal.


Some Democrats are pushing hard for a donor strike. Seems like they want to push to get the public option and are urging like minded Democrats to hold back the purse strings until they get their way. Here’s this interesting e mail communication: The Democratic majorities in the Senate (60/40) and the House (258/177) are large enough to pass a "public option" even with no Republican support. But a handful of conservative "Democrats" are blocking the will of the Democratic majority. These conservative "Democrats" refuse to listen to the Democratic voters who elected them. That means it's up to our Democratic leaders - Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama - to persuade them.
Join the Democratic Donor Strike for a Robust Public Option: We will not accept a weak public option or worse, a "trigger." We want a robust public option (based on Medicare rates, not negotiated rates) that is nation-wide (with no state opt-outs), administered by Medicare (not a for-profit insurance company) and available immediately. That is why we are joining together in a Democratic donor strike against the DNC, DSCC, and DCCC until the Democratic Congress passes - and President Obama signs - health care reform with a robust public option. Until then, we will only donate to individual Democrats who will truly fight for us.


Soupy Sales died the other day and if you were a kid growing up in the 1960s his zany madcap show was part of your life.I even had a huge red Soupy Sales button to prove something or the other when I was in grade school. He later became a mainstay on game shows and was a constant companion on WNBC when I’d go to the Jersey Shore in the late 70s. Laying on the beach listening to Soupy Sales is one of my best memories of my college days. Soupy was 83 and here’s one of his most famous bits with Frankie Valli:


The LuLac Political Letter will be having its Controller's Forum for Luzerne County Monday night from 7 to 9PM at Bentley's. All three candidates, Walter Griffith (GOP) Robert Morgan (Democrat) and Wil Toole (Independent) will be on hand to answer questions and talk about their campaigns. We've included a few videos from the Times Leader Endorsement process.
The first video features Walter Griffith talking about the office staffing in the Controller's office.

In this video Bob Morgan talks about his action plan he will implement if elected.

Wil Toole talks about his decision to run for the Controller's seat.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger Austin said...

Hey I'll be at Bentleys tomorrow see you there

At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Samantha K said...

Hopefully new comedians like Conan O'Brien will be able to take up the mantle after Soupy Sales... may he he rest in pie, i mean, peace!

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love caged baby cows


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