Monday, November 16, 2009

The LuLac Edition #1009, Nov. 16th, 2009



I first met Bob Kadluboski in the mid 90s when he was towing my car out of the Times Leader parking lot. I was there for a job interview and as I exited the building he was just about ready to chain my back bumper to his tow truck. I explained my situation and he said, “You’re not hooked yet, you’re timing was good this time”. I thanked him and never parked near that lot again. Kadluboski has been the town version of “Batman” showing up when errant drivers and criminals alluded police. He has been a good Samaritan helping drivers in need and has not been shy about taking government officials to task. On Election night as I was getting ready to go up to Hazleton and appear on WYLN TV, my sister in law calls and tells me Kadluboski was running a write in effort for Jury Commissioner. To her surprise I mentioned that more than a few people were writing my name in for that very office. (I had mentioned it weeks earlier but past experience has shown that while people in my family listen to me, they never hear what I’m saying). My reaction was “good for him”. I had wanted to run a campaign as a write in for the office when Jerry Bonner was charged with a crime. But circumstances prevented me from mounting any type of effort. And in a way that might have been a good thing since Kadluboski made the point with Sue Henry that his was a stealth candidacy. His concern, very valid was that the Democratic machine (such as it is) would find a candidate to control the position. Both Kadluboski and I agree that the office is an anachronism and should be abolished. In the vote total, Kadluboski got 73 votes, I got 31. He is challenging the Election Bureau to certify the election results in case Mr. Bonner does not have a positive outcome. If Bonner does not prevail in court, Kadluboski as the next highest vote getter should get the position. That would not only be proper but it would hasten the decline of a useless position that has outlived its usefulness. “Batman” will be relentless in his decimation of that office. To all my 31 voters I say thank you for your support. To the ones who voted for Kadluboski, I say “you guys rock”.


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its gotten so you cant turn on the tv or read a paper without seeing
Sarah Palin. Shes actually outdone the media fascination with Paris Hilton a few years back and with equal substance. Does she have any views on foreign policy or solutions to domestic problems? Or
any respect for her former running mate, the war hero from so long ago? It doesnt seem so. I think I will avoid the media until her book frenzy has played out. I wont be reading it anyway. I wonder if she did.

At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You two guys for Jury Commissioner? What a waste of muscle, brains and guile. You two guys should team up and run for Commissioner in 11. The Bobster and the Yonkstur..taking names and kicking ass. Or vice versa.

At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We would appreciate ANYONE who was at least truthful and a little competent. In that order!

At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those who put Kadluboski in Yonk's calss, get right to your doctor and ask for a complete mental check up. Yonk is in a call of his own and unfortunately, Kadluboski is also.


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