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The LuLac Edition #1062, Jan. 4th, 2010



Tina Polachek Gartley, the second woman ever elected to the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas, was sworn in at a ceremony in the packed rotunda of the county courthouse.Retiring President Judge Chester B. Muroski administered the oath.Several hundred filling the lobby cheering Gartley with a big ovation.South Wilkes Barre Magisterial District Judge William H. Amesbury followed, completing his rise from the lower court to the Court of Common Pleas.Amesbury and Gartley filled seats occupied by Muroski and Judge Joseph M. Musto.On another note recently retained Judge Thomas Burke was named President Judge by a unanimous vote.
And in Lackawanna County, Margie Bisignani Moyle became the newest Common Pleas Judge in that county.


I know I harp on this every year and I’ve been accused of being a hypocrite, sexist and even God forbid a non Christian. But this really needs to be addressed. On New Year’s Day the TV station reported the first baby of northeastern Pennsylvania born to two married parents who were employed by Geisinger Hospital. Nice story, mom and dad both married, both employed. Not meaty stuff but a nice little story. Kind of a throwback to a better time morally in our society. That calm was shattered with the Citizen Voice story by Erin Moody that talked about the first baby in Luzerne County. The tag was witty and attracted attention. “4 year old mother gives birth to newest citizen”. But then when you started to compute that “mom” was a leap year baby and was only 4 your math told you mommy was a child of 17. Okay, things happen, look at Sarah Palin’s daughter or anyone on your block. But when you read further you see that teen mom has two other children ages 2 and 1. There is no mention of a dad (or numerous dads), no male ownership of the pregnancy and birth, and a conclusion that this “child mom” was popping those kids out before she could finish high school, vote or buy a drink. I’m not making judgements here just saying that to celebrate a story like this can only encourage other young women to engage in reckless and unprotected sex. After all this girl got a story in the newspaper. The article was well written and most likely was assigned to the reporter. But where was the editor who chose to publish this celebration of promiscuity of a child having not one, not two, but three children before reaching the age of 18? Here are some comments that came into the Voice. Can’t say I disagree with any of these comments.
I sincerely hope someone at a government agency decides to follow up with this story. 17 years old and three children. Children and Youth needs to exercise their math skills. The child (Leda) was 14 to a young 15 when she became pregnant with her first child. If they don't investigate, someone should investigate them for negligence!!
Concerned Citizen, 01/04/10 4:54
Isn't having sex with a minor still a crime? Shame on you, too, Citizens Voice, for printing the story as is. Glorifying the 3rd (at least that is all we can deduct from the story) rape of a CHILD. I'll be thinking of this story next Christmas when I am broke from paying for all of your children Leda.
Astonished Taxpayer in Kingston, 01/04/10 3:41
This story is just disturbing. I don't want to read about some child having a child for the third time. Like someone reported, they should investigate to see if there is underage sex involved.
Michelle, 01/04/10 3:07
"December is going to be a broke month, Pope joked." To who? These children are being raised by the taxpayers. Looks like the joke's on us.
Lisa, 01/04/10 1:19
While I have no problem on the CV reporting who the first baby was of the new year in the county, to include a story like this about this young unwed mother is just disturbing. "Fortunately, Pope didn't have to arrange baby-sitting for her daughters, as she'd dropped Miah, 2, and Azzalene, 1, off at their grandmother's house in Pittston earlier. Pope had planned to run errands during the afternoon." Really? I mean are we supposed to this is some wonderful situation. She's not even an ADULT and she has THREE children. Don't glamorize her situation with the article.
jm, 01/04 /10 1:10
"December is going to be a broke month, Pope joked." Yeah, broke for the taxpayers who are supporting this child and her three children. THREE babies by the age of seventeen? No mention of any fathers? To me, that adds up to WELFARE.
Sam, 01/04/10 1:02
I got 2 words for you: "birth control". find out what it is and use it.
Marie, 01/04/10 12:11
Come on CV. This story is SAD. Three babies and your only 17?!?! Did anyone ever hear of birth control!?! This one will be right on Access, CHIP and every other form of sucking up taxpayers dollars!!!
Disgusting County, 01/04/10 12:01
If the age of this girl is correct, this situation is very disturbing to say the least. This girl has been pregnant since she was 14. Who are the fathers'? Is this girl enrolled in school? She needs help. She is a minor, is there an agency who can step in here? Who and where are her parents? This is unbelievable!!
Shocked, 01/04/10 11:49
Luzerne County's first baby of 2010 is from an unmarried 17-year old with 2 other babies? This is a disgrace for the County, this is not a "good news" story. Shame on CV.
John Doe, 01/04/10 11:33
I'm sorry i do not think a 17 year old who had the first baby of the year should be in the paper, considering she is 17 and has two other children.
Bob, 01/04 10 1:10
Statutory Rape! What men/boys were having sex with this girl when she was 14/15 yrs old? Please investigate
Personally, I am beaming with pride. In a way, this child is likely part of a larger family, that we all bear relation to. At the age of seventeen, with two children already to her credit, little Xavier can probably call the Luzerne County taxpayers part of his extended family. Just what we need, more kids with kids. Happy New Year!
big tony, 01/04/10 10:00
Having a kid at 15, 16 and 17 years old... fantastic! Great parenting grandma! Way to take advantage of the welfare system.
Joe Taxpayer, 01/04/10 7:03
It is ironic that this story appears on the same day that Tina Polachek Gartley and Bill Amesbury have become Judges in Luzerne County. Both individuals did not come from rich or prominent families. But they did come from families with traditional values. I hope that in their future years of service both Tina and Bill have no occasion to see this "first baby of the year" before them in a case. That's all I can hope for because these kids have no chance.


At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking the exact same thoughts. This birth should not have been publisized for the reasons you stated. Four kids
one the Mom is bad enough, but SHAME on the CV and particular the publishers. What the hell were they thinking? Family values seem not to exist with this low class operation. This was a news story alright but of a very different sort. God Bless the Child and the siblings. Damn the CV!!!

At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, maybe she's a new Octomom in the making!
We're sure lucky the County raised our taxes this year. I'm sure she's only ONE OF MANY of our fine local dirtbags here in this fine County that are sucking on the teat of the County, Commonwealth and the Federal Gov't.

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is a sad commentary when a uneducated slut has popped out her third baby at age 17. the saddest thing of all is the taxpayers that are going to be footing the bill..maybe octomom has this pig wanting to break her record.

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a womanizing hound, such as yourself, that (edited) anything in a skirt is going to pass moral judgment? that is rich

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so far off base on so many levels I bet you are a Glenn Beck fan! A womanizing hound? Yonks was always known to be very selective
and his activities never inflicted
harm on the taxpayers, but rather were between he and consenting adults. There is a difference. A big difference.

Monogamus LacLander

At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey......Yonk was pretty selective in his day.

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oink, Oink, Oink.

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous whatever said...

Been in a classroom lately? A high school? Looked or talked to your kids about the classes they take?

The act of conception and birth has become so devoid of meaning and reduced to matter-of-fact that it is now a right-of-passage or a mere procedure.

This is what we, as lazy ass parents (if indeed we are still together as a couple) get.

Do we have the &@!!s to address it?

At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The CV is now what I always thought of the TL. I'm surprised that the Lynott family has hired such a group of low life so called reportes and editors.

At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the picture of the two judges and I thought that Tina Palin .... Gartley needs a new hair style. That mop will be a distraction on the bench.

At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your bi female fan said....
Right on about Tina's hair. (edited for content)


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