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The LuLac Edition #1075, Jan. 20th, 2010



In 2006, the Massachusetts lieutenant governor passed over Scott Brown as a potential running mate in her bid to replace then-Gov. Mitt Romney because she and her staff saw him as a political lightweight. On Tuesday, Brown pulled off a huge political upset, defeating Democrat Martha Coakley — in one of the bluest states in the country — to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Brown not only regained control of a seat the Democrats had held for more than a half-century but gave the GOP the vote it needed to break the Democrats' Senate supermajority and block the health care overhaul nearly finished by President Barack Obama. He was the first Republican elected to the Senate from Massachusetts since 1972. The Senate seats has been in the hands of the Democrats and in particular the Kennedy family since before even I was born! Brown campaigned on the fact that he would be the forty first vote to stop health care. It is very ironic that the pet issue of the late Senator Ted Kennedy might be derailed by a Republican taking his seat. One can only wonder what would have happened if Joe Kennedy the third, Bobby’s son or one of the other Kennedy clan might have fared if they had made the race. The Bay State has not been too friendly to women candidates, only Paul Tsongus’ widow serves in the Congressional delegation.
Another factor is how will this affect the Democratic party. One has to wonder if this will cause President Obama to even cower even more in his silly bid for bi partisanship or if he will finally grow a set and pass his legislation through reconciliation. Why in the world this Democratic majority got stuck on the number 60 when passing Legislation is beyond me. The Democrats who won the election as a party of change have catered to and kissed the behinds of centrist Dems like Jim Webb and turncoats like Joe Lieberman. Hell, while they are it, why not move Barack, Michelle and the girls and hand the keys of the White House to the GOP. Again I repeat the old line from the country western song, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. Democrats, you are falling and it is your own fault. My heartfelt congratulations to Senator elect Scott Brown and the GOP, you saw a weakness and took an opportunity. You deserve the win but not as much as the weak kneed, chicken hearted Democrats deserve the loss. I think what pisses me off the most about this is that the legacy of Ted Kennedy deserved better. How in the hell could a candidate from his own party and own state not articulate the late Senator’s passion on health care? Incredible.


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David, The Senate and Congress have watered down health care reform to the point that as a strong advocate, I would like to see this current effort abandoned and start anew. This time however, Obama and company should do it right. Say to hell with the private insurance companies influence and pressure and just do the right thing. Focus on a good plan and do what Reagan did and rally the people, get the people to support true reform. I'm not one bit sad that the Democrats lost the super majority in the Senate. Good lesson, now let them get back to work. A change in leadership is certainly a good starting point.

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Good verbage, Yonks. The Dems are the biggest damn bunch of wussies!
I think this was a poorly run campaign by a candidate who expected to win and failed to cover the bases. It is by no means
solely about healthcare! The GOP organized and set out to win the prize and did. Congrats.

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"The Lion of the Senate" is surely, rolling in his grave.

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Senator Specter is next....turn out the political turncoat. Those debates are going to be great.

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kind of surprising dems are blaming Coakley. didnt she win a state wide election for AG with 70% of the vote?

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