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The LuLac Edition #1171, May 4th, 2010



Democrat Jack Wagner doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on the airwaves. However today radio stations across the state ran ads for Wagner. They carried a message from Monica Kline, the daughter of Pennsylvania’s 25th Lt. Governor. Ernie Kline served for 8 years in the 70s as the LG and ran up an impressive record chairing the Emergency Services in the Commonwealth. It was Kline that steered the recovery efforts during the Agnes Flood and the saga of Hurricane Eloise. Kline ran for Governor in his own right in 1978 but lost in a three way battle between Robert Casey Senior and Peter Flaherty. Wagner can’t call on the endorsement of Ed Rendell since the Guv seems to be supporting Dan Onorato. And Bob Casey Junior who had Wagner as a running mate in 2002 doesn’t want to get involved in a party fight. So enter Monica Kline telling us what a great Governor Jack Wagner can be. Dinosaurs like me remember Ernie Kline and his name means something to voters like me. This is what the Wagner people are hoping for. However the other side of the coin is that newer Democrats might not remember Ernie Kline at all. Either way, it is an interesting radio commercial. We shall see if the unique Wagner campaign which is relying on party endorsements and a good ground game can bask in the reflected glory of a party icon.


11th Congressional District candidate Lou Barletta is in agreement with the new Arizona law on immigration. Today, Hazleton Mayor and 11th Congressional District Candidate Lou Barletta strongly endorsed the Arizona law that cracks down against illegal immigration.Arizona’s SB 1070 gives local and state law enforcement officials more authority to query the federal government about a person's immigration status.“Four years ago, the failure of the federal government to address the problems created by millions of illegal aliens led me to introduce and champion the Illegal Immigration Relief Act in Hazleton. It's amazing to me that now, four years later, the federal government has still failed to secure our borders and deal with the drain of illegal immigration on municipalities and states,” Mayor Barletta said. “I commend Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona for signing into law what her courageous legislators passed. I understand the pressure they will now be under because I faced that very same pressure in Hazleton by the very same groups. I was called some of the very same names they’re being called right now.“But, after reviewing the law and speaking with experts who helped draft the legislation, I am confident that the Arizona law includes sufficient safeguards against racial profiling and protects the rights of legal American citizens,” Mayor Barletta continued. “Just like the people of Hazleton several years ago, the people of Arizona were confronted with a dangerous problem and they looked to their elected officials for leadership. I’m proud to say I led the fight here in Hazleton, and I congratulate Gov. Brewer and Arizona lawmakers for standing tall in the face of misguided criticism.“I'm disappointed but not surprised that the federal government is not taking any steps to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the United States,” Mayor Barletta added. “Our borders remain wide open to those wishing to sneak into this country. That poses an incredible threat to our national security. And, in these difficult economic times, the underground workforce of illegal aliens is taking jobs away from newly arrived legal immigrants, high school graduates, and other Pennsylvanians who desperately need a job.Mayor Barletta started the national debate about illegal immigration in June 2006, when he proposed and spearheaded the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, an ordinance passed by the Hazleton City Council that requires all employers in the city to check the immigration status of all of its employees and for all landlords to keep on file a city-issued permit for all tenants. The ordinances also made English the language of official city business in Hazleton.On the eve of the introduction of Pennsylvania’s own law, Mayor Barletta also asked where his opponents in the 11th Congressional District race – Rep. Paul Kanjorski, Corey O'Brien, and Brian Kelly – stand on the Arizona law.“For more than a week, this legislation has been in the forefront of American debate, yet Mr. Kanjorski, Mr. O'Brien, and Mr. Kelly remain woefully silent on this critical national issue,” Mayor Barletta said. It's time they take a public position on this bill.“I'd especially like to hear from Mr. Kanjorski, who absolutely needs to explain his inaction in securing our borders and stopping the flow of illegal aliens into the United States, Pennsylvania, and the 11th District. “He cannot continue to hide behind spokesmen. Let's hear from him directly.”


I think it is downright hysterical that an “ethics” meeting was held at the Kirby Center today. Funny, do we need to sign an ethics pledge to say we are good, honorable people? Do we need to sign a certificate like the teenagers do before prom night saying “I’ll be good and not drink”? Look at the group of people doing this. Well meaning folks but connected. By the way, in LuLac and in the local papers former Wilkes Barre Council candidate Pete Gagliardi brought up the idea of an Ethics Commission first. But see, Pete isn’t one of the “local chosen”, he’s just a regular working stiff who had the idea first. By the way, do you think the “Committee On Ethics” called him, invited him to the opening? Yeah, right! In the meantime, ethics, political or otherwise can’t be magically achieved by signing a paper.


So Bob Reilly wants to work something out with the county while he’s under indictment. He doesn’t want to resign as Clerk of Courts but wants to do other duties while he is on a type of leave because he wants to serve the tax payers. Reilly’s Attorney Mike Butera told the Times Leader this, "He doesn’t want to take the pay without working,” said Butera. “We’re hoping he can take leave as clerk of courts and do other clerical work in the office so he can earn his pay.” What, now all of a sudden.......…he wants to earn his pay………………now?????? Hasn’t that ship sailed?


At 7:22 AM, Blogger JimboBillyBob said...


First, good job giving the nod to Pete Gagliardi on ethics. He's an outstanding guy.

I could not attend the ceremony on Tuesday as it conflicted with my work schedule. I signed at the website this morning.

Will a pledge such as this stop corruption and ensure ethical behavior?


But it serves notice that behaving unethically can no longer be tolerated. It represents a committment by those who sign that they will strive to do the right thing. And doing the right thing is what counts, isn't it?

As Mark Twain said: "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."

James O'Meara, Sr.
Republican Candidate for State Representative - District 121

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Rita said...

David: No one working on this initiative assumes that ethics can be "magically achieved by signing a paper." But perhaps our community can take small, positive steps to persuade ourselves that corruption does not have to be an accepted fact of life here. The pledge is aimed at the entire community, including young people, not just public officials or political insiders. It says nothing about a county Ethics Commission (although the draft Home Rule Charter apparently does.) The pledge is simply a small step. Hopefully, there will be others.

At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Yonk to give us a history lesson on Ernie Kline!

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dave:
Thank you so much for the kind words about my efforts to establish an Ethics Commission. And thank you for all your hard work that you put into your web site.You are contributing something to the community and it is appreciated. I just have one minor, easy question. How do we go from being ignored to being included? Surely, you have figured this out by now.
Peter G.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

I just have one minor, easy question. How do we go from being ignored to being included?

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Yudichak, Democratic State Senate candidate in the 14th Senatorial District, today announced his support of the new Ethics Awareness Initiative, a northeastern conversation about ethical behavior that begins in earnest today. The initiative is a much-needed response to the pervasive culture of corruption in NEPA that has damaged the region’s reputation and corroded the public’s trust in its elected officials. In addition to stating his support of the effort, Yudichak was among the first elected officials in the region to sign the Ethics Awareness Initiative pledge, vowing to uphold ethical behavior.
“The people of Northeastern Pennsylvania are tired of reading about their elected officials being implicated in one scandal after another, whether it’s ‘Bonusgate,’ ‘Kids for Cash,’ or some pay to play deal for no bid contracts,” said Yudichak. “Enough is enough. I applaud all of the entities and individuals who invested the time, energy, and vision to create the Ethics Awareness Initiative, a much-needed wake-up call for our region. I am proud to pledge my support to this effort. If we are going to create jobs and get people working again, we must start by cleaning up this culture of corruption and restoring the public’s trust in government.”
As a State Representative, Yudichak has consistently stood with the people of northeastern Pennsylvania by voting ‘No’ and refusing to accept the pay raise and pension increase in Harrisburg, Yudichak also stood firm with the people of northeastern Pennsylvania when he voted to strip taxpayer pensions from corrupt politicians, prompted by the guilty verdicts against two Luzerne County judges in the “Cash for Kids” scandal that brought unwanted national attention to the region. Yudichak also recently introduced legislation requiring state lawmakers to submit expense vouchers for all per diem expenses, as well as setting term limits for House leadership positions. He also called for a state constitutional convention to address issues such as campaign finance reform, reapportionment reform, and local tax reform. Yudichak’s strong record on ethics and his effective leadership as State Representative from Luzerne County for the past 12 years has earned him the unanimous endorsements of the Fraternal Order of Police Wyoming Valley Lodge # 36, Northeastern PA Building and Construction Trades Council, Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, AFSCME District Council 87, and the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Valid point. A regular Joe can have a cure for cancer in Luzerne County, but if you aren't part of "the club", the chosen, you're dirt.


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