Friday, January 21, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1444, Jan. 21st, 2011



Maybe I’m Amazed……..that while trying to defund health care, the GOP Congress is okay with keeping some of the core elements of the Health Care Bill like pre existing conditions and keeping children on parents plan. What don’t they like?
Maybe I’m Amazed…..that the two major political parties have not run a slate for Luzerne County Council. I’m sure they will but there doesn’t seem to be any rumblings on it yet.
Maybe I’m Amazed……that the Corbett administration entered in the new regime with a fair amount of partying. These guys just might put the Dems to shame.
Maybe I’m Amazed….that my man, former Governor Ed Rendell wants prisoners to have dogs. I love dogs, cats not so much. But what about the extra man power in the prisons? What about the psychos? You want to give them a dog? Imagine Michael Vick and his crew with dogs? Plus criminals have smuggled stuff in everything from teddy bears to women’s breast implants. You want to give them a new transfer vehicle? Ed, Ed, Ed! Buy a hoagie, open up a Diet Pepsi and clear your head.
Maybe I’m Amazed……that the woman who was texting in the mall, you know the one who was so selfish and preoccupied she fell ass over tea kettle into a water fountain now wants to sue the Mall because the security cameras invaded her privacy! Anyone who saw her in the Mall would realize what the huge You Tube audience saw, a self absorbed, self important, short attention span moron. You might hide evil but you can’t hide stupid.
Maybe I’m Amazed……that the 20 year old who was texting in our area highway did not get killed when she ran her car off the road. She was thrown from her car. Thank God no one else got hurt. Wonder if she had her precious phone in the ER whether she would have tweeted, “Awesome, I almost died! LOL, I did-unt”.
Maybe I’m Amazed….
that the stars and celebs are angry at Ricky Gervais for his commentary at the Golden Globes last week. I heard him on Sunday’s Morning Edition on Public Radio and he said he was going to be outrageous and most likely wouldn’t be invited back. C’mon Hollywood stars and starlets, get some thick skin if it hasn’t already been botoxed out.

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At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to tell you that you're right on target with the texting. Really these people are schmoes.

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mall security showed a lack of common sense when they posted the video on You-tube. They made the womana public joke and although she acted like a dingbat, that is no reason that they can make her into a public joke. Accidents happen regardless of the situation and circumstances. What they did to her cannot be taken back .... kinda like unringing the bell. Screw them, I hope she gets a million and these public cameras be used for the purpose they were intended and not to make fools of people.


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