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The LuLac Edition #1459, Feb. 3rd, 2011



Just wanted to give a shout out to my next door neighbors for helping me and Mrs. LuLac chip the ice away from our driveway during this last winter mess. The guys are students at King’s College and were very, very helpful. King’s has a commercial running now about values, obviously these guys have them.


I used to think that State Store Privatization might have been a good idea. Governors Thornburgh and Ridge supported it and tried to get it passed. But lately I’ve been thinking about the impact.
1. The State would be giving up a revenue stream a time when it is going to need cash flow. Even a one time buyout will not solve the Commonwealth’s budget problems. Better to keep a revenue stream going instead of giving it up all at once.
2. If the State privatizes the liquor stores, it will get rid of jobs that are family sustaining and truth be told very lucrative. But these jobs would be replaced with private sector jobs. Most likely, knowing this state’s reputation, those wages would fall down to $9.00 an hour jobs.
3. A regulated liquor store would become in effect a small business. The small business owner would then set the salary scale and the prices. His main motivation would be to make a profit. Nothing wrong with that but it might come at the expense of having trained personnel on staff. There is no way a small business owner is going to pay the rate the state store workers are making. Period. And that will be bad for the community.
4. Right now stores are regulated. Who will police the liquor stores when a private entity buys them? Will a fine for selling to under age people be part of the cost of doing business?
5. Plus from what I saw on PCN the other night, the debate on this is getting ugly. Some guy named Matthew Brouillette representing the Commonwealth Foundation did the typical conservative slash and burn attack on United Food and Commercial Workers Union head Warren Young. You would think they were Warren Young’s liquor stores, Warren Young’s land the stores were built on, Warren Young’s nices and nephews who ran the units and Warren Young instead of the State of Pennsylvania that got all the revenue. If that personal attack wasn;t enough, Brouilette said that the state jobs at the LCB and the family sustaining salaries already were part of the Commonwealth Tax structure. In effect, he was saying that Pennsylvanians should consider LCB employees a taxable expense. Fair enough but again if these jobs are put into the private sector, I can guarantee there will be abuses. And clerks making $9.00 an hour.
I’m leaning now toward the state keeping the stores for those reasons stated but also for the behavior of Matthew Brouilette. I don’t know maybe I’m being too hard on the guy, maybe he’s related to Karl Rove.


Don’t think Mitt Romney isn’t going for the big prize. In one day I saw him with his wife on “The View” (I was in the Drs. Office) on Fox News as well as doing the top ten on Lettermen. Plus he was doing the open collar/no tie thing. Oh yeah, he’s running.


Don’t panic, Tom Leighton most likely will try for another term as Wilkes Barre Mayor. But he is literally not running because of an injury to his Achilles tendon. The Mayor, a frequent devotee of the Wilkes Barre YMCA was sidelined with an injury that has him on crutches. But he’s ambulating and will be back at full speed. Leighton joins another powerful political force with his Achilles injury, Al Gore. When Gore was Vice President he blew out his tendon on the hardboards but was bouncing back soon. A speedy recovery to the Mayor.


A former Olympic wrestler is serving a 1.5-pound hamburger at his Wyoming restaurant while competing on TV to be "The Biggest Loser."
The mighty Rulon Burger at Rulon Gardner's Burger Barn restaurant in Afton is so big, it's molded in a pizza tin. It comes on a bun with all the toppings. Gardner won gold at the 2000 Olympics by beating a Russian who hadn't lost in 13 years. Gardner's challenge to all comers now: Finish the burger plus a basket of fries and a 44-ounce drink in 20 minutes.
The Casper Star-Tribune reports Gardner's best is 8 minutes, 23 seconds.
Gardner is competing to lose weight on the NBC show, "The Biggest Loser." He weighed in at 474 pounds, more than 200 pounds heavier than when he won gold.



U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, D-Hazleton, will hold a town hall meeting on Thursday at 7 p.m., at the Wilkes-Barre Township Fire Hall, 152 Watson St. Barletta said he committed to holding regular town hall meetings in the 11th Congressional District to hear the thoughts and concerns of his constituents so he can ensure that their voices are heard in Washington.


As students and parents begin the process of applying for college financial aid, state Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, D-Taylor, reminds them that there is free help to complete the forms. The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency is offering free completion sessions for students and parents who are filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. For the complete listing of sessions, and more information on FAFSA, visit


Attorney Tim Henry will have a kick off rally this Saturday Feb. 5th at 2PM at Rodano’s on Public Square. Henry is running for District Magistrate in Wilkes Barre City 11-1-01 Bill Amesbury’s old district. The public is invited, refreshments will be served and it’s free.


Wilkes Barre City Councilman Tony Thomas will not run for another term this year. Telling the Times Leader he was satisfied with his accomplishments on the councilmanic body, specifically the refurbishing of Coal Street Park, Thomas said he was going to concentrate on making his brother Jeff, the next District Justice in South Wilkes Barre. Thomas has also endorsed Vaughn Koter for his spot. Koter will have a formal announcement soon.



This Saturday Shadoe Steele will feature Robert "Kool" Bell of Kool & The Gang! Kool and the Gang were one of the big groups of the late 70s and early 80s. Tune in to Saturday Live At the Oldies on WILK AM and FM with ABC News on the Hour. Show times 7PM to midnight.


This Sunday (2/6) Sunday Magazine hosted by Brian Hughes will feature my interview with Dr. David Palmiter of Marywood University on the subject of depression, and how you can keep it from impacting your life, and I will have excerpts of a lecture held in December at Luzerne County Community College by Dr. Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University on hydrolic fracturing, entitled "Facts on Fracking".


WYLN TV 35's L.A. Tarone has as his guest this week former WYOU TV reporter and award winning newsman David DeCosmo. The Tarone show airs: 6:00PM on Thursdays, 12:30PM Saturdays, 8:30AM Sundays, 4:00PM Mondays and 7:30PM Tuesday on WYLN TV 35.


Anti-British riots take place throughout Ireland. The British Embassy in Dublin is burned to the ground, as are several British-owned businesses...... The 1972 Winter Olympics are held in Sapporo, Japan…….South Dakota Senator George McGovern campaigns tirelessly in Iowa and New Hampshire. New York City Mayor John Lindsay announces his candidacy for the Presidency………Governor Milton Shapp appoints Hebert Dennenberg as his Insurance Commissioner…….in Wilkes Barre, Councilman Robert Brader projects that the city’s revenues for 1972 will be slightly above the 1971 levels and the number 1 song in LuLac land and America this week was "Without You" by Harry Nilsson.


At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not up to the state in a economically free country to directly provide "livable" wages. It should be the role of gov't to encourage an economic environment that causes the private sector to grow and then create jobs.
Dissolve the state unions the state tax rate would drop and people would be able to keep more of what they earn and spend it as they see fit.
I know, I know that doesn't fit the collective manifesto.

At 6:51 PM, Anonymous N.E. OldTime said...

Hey Yonk
Am I the ONLY one to make the "walk with me Henry" connection?

"...don't say maybe..."

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always a good end of week edition. Nilsson's "Without You" was one of the great songs of the 70s.
And as far as the liquor stores go, I saw that same program on PCN and you were right, you would have thought it was the Wendell Young Liquor Stores of Pennsylvania! That Commonwealth Foundation guy did no one any favors.

At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Yonkster, you are now getting it. It is all about jobs but the Republicans see it as being all about profits. They can give all kinds of reasons to sell the liqor stores but truth is, there is no way the state can replace those never ending profits. And you can be certain that the mayor will be mayor once again. He may not cross the finish line with a burst of crutch-speed but he will finish first. Your Lunch Buddy.

At 4:36 AM, Anonymous The American experiment is over said...

Of course it is about profits. That is what a capitalist society is all about. I know, I know, those unwilling to make it on their own require statism to get by. FROM each according to their ability TO each according to their need. The Marxist mantra liberals so desperately desire to impose on their United States of Amerika.

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess that that's better than Father O'Hara's Drunks. I guess they're all not bad. Cudos for giving credit where credit was due.

At 2:59 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

I guess that that's better than Father O'Hara's Drunks. I guess they're all not bad. Cudos for giving credit where credit was due.


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