Saturday, June 18, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1647, June 18th, 2011



Our interview segment this week deals with RiverFest. On my way out of the WYLN TV 35 live broadcast I ran into an old friend from Endicott (a former co worker) who stopped by the event.
Q: So what do you think?
A: This is really something, I heard that this area between the Bridges was beautiful but I didn’t realize how nice it is. I stopped by tonight to get a look but I’m going to bring the family over this weekend.
Q: Visiting or business?
A: Visiting, it’s Father’s Day weekend and I come to put flowers on my dad’s grave and spend some time with my mom. Their anniversary is the 18th of June.
Q: Really, my mom and dad were married on the 15th.
A: Yeah I remember reading that and your mom died on that same day, right?
Q: Yep three years ago on their wedding anniversary.
A: Wow. I have to tell you this is a far cry from just a few years ago.
Q: Indeed. That area down there used to be Nesbitt Park.
A: Oh my God, remember when we played ball down there? You had the Economic Development Council team and….
Q: You had the Mercy Hospital team.
A: Yeah and there were the people who had the General Hospital team too, remember?
Q: Yes we had quite the rivalry. That whole field is now grass and surrounded by a walkway under the bridge. And see where that boat launch is?
A: Yeah, now you can’t get down there from the Market Street Bridge anymore, right?
Q: Right you have to drive down North Street, go over the Pierce Street Bridge and then hang a right after Wyoming Valley Motors. When it’s not that busy you can drive down there.
A: I’m loving it.
Q: Check out the schedule in the papers. You won’t be sorry.
A: Yeah I will, I guess it’s kind of tough to bust about Wilkes Barre being behind the times?
Q: Well like any city there is always a way to go but this is a big boost.
A: You said it. Hey good seeing you. You’re looking better than you did but you’re moving like crap.
Q: It looks worse than it is but the rain doesn’t help.
A: Well look at it this way, even when there was a Nesbitt Park, you never…………
Q: Yeah, yeah, you’ve been saying this since my accident, I never could run anyway before so what's the big deal.

A: I kid because I love.
Q: You kid because you've always been a ****buster!
A: That too!


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another fine example why this feature was rescued by Lulacers.
Geez! Could we have another ballot?


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