Saturday, July 16, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1680, July 16th, 2011



This week it was revealed that former Judge Mark Ciavarella was doing odd jobs for City Wide tower Bob Kadluboski. This got the attention a former prisoner who was jailed ten years ago. Here are his thoughts:
Q: Where were you?
A: I did time at the Lackawanna County prison and then went to a state facility. I was there a total of 3 and ½ years.
Q: Crime?
A: Possession and a few other things I don’t want to say.
Q: This week there’s a big deal of news and comments being made about the fact that former Judge Mark Ciavarella is doing odd jobs. As a former prisoner, what do you think?
A: Well, I was locked up quicker than he was so I’m wondering when the good Judge Kosik is going to send him away. But as far as those people complaining about his job, the man is working. He’s not saying the work he is doing is beneath him. He loves his family, paying for his mistakes. To me these odd jobs, man this has to be his own personal hell.
Q: What do you think of Bob Kadluboski doing this for the tainted Judge?
A: That man is a righteous guy. I give props to that man because he realizes that the Judge, the former Judge is a lost soul. He isn’t judging.
Q: There were some nasty comments in the paper and on talk radio about Ciavarella’s working?
A: That’s all talk man. Yap, yap, yap. And those comments in the newspaper, wouldn’t surprise me if the news boys themselves wrote them up by themselves.
Q: When you got out how long did it take you to get a job?
A: Two years. I was with family though and I did the same thing the Judge is doing, taking what I can get. But I got myself a few dollars and opened up my little lawn business. Doing okay. Got a truck and a plow for the winter too.
Q: Would you hire Mark Ciavarella if you had the capital?
A: Sure. The man is a good worker. His prideful ways are long gone. He’s on his way to redemption. But I think he’s on borrowed time because of what’ hanging over him.
Q: Would you work for Bob Kaduluboski in similar circumstances like Ciavarella is in if they existed for you?
A: In a second. He’s a righteous man.


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get the bastard off the streets and sentence him already

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Mean Old Man said...

I'm no sissy, but whenever I think of what the Obama Justice Department did to young Mr. Ciavarella it brings tears to my eyes.
Now, instead of presiding in the courtroom, he is painting houses. Damn!!!
And we wonder why there has been such an increase in juvenile crime in our area since he's been gone.
Thanks Commies!!!
God Bless Judge Ciavarella and Mr. Kadulboski. To Hell with the rest of you!!!

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We/I never know when the old geezer is serious or pulling a leg or two. I think he is yanking most if not all of the time. However, whatever his intention of this posting, he is absolutely right. The kids have nothing to fear and they kknow it. Ciavarella went to schools every year and spoke to the kids. His final word was always don't come before me! He was right and he gave the tough love the parents didn't know how. Now he is doing what he can to survive and he isn't crying about it. He is a man and he is a good man and he is acting like a good man. God bless Mark C.


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