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The LuLac Edition #1694, July 29th, 2011



If House Speaker John Boehner was expecting trouble from all of his Freshmen members, at least our local Representative Lou Barletta took to the House floor on C-SPAN to support Boehner’s plan to cut $917 billion in spending in exchange for raising the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by $900 billion. However House GOP leaders suddenly postponed the vote early Thursday evening, possibly lacking confidence that enough conservative Republicans, especially the sometimes rebellious and recalcitrant frosh class, would vote for the measure. Barletta said that the country could not be allowed to default on its obligations. He did say that he would have preferred bigger cuts. Barletta indicated that calls to his office from his Northeast Pennsylvania constituents indicate that Americans want the “bickering” to stop in Washington. Barletta’s website was almost impossible to access the other evening after the President’s and Boehner’s addresses to the nation.


A state anti-discrimination agency is investigating whether two women were denied admission to a nursing program at Luzerne County Community College because they were born in Russia.
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission spokeswoman Shannon Powers confirmed Marina Gnilopyat and Anna Torbenko filed complaints with the agency in July 2010, and said the complaints are under investigation.
Gnilopyat and Torbenko alleged community college officials failed to admit them to the nursing program because of their national origins, which Powers said is against state law. The investigation includes finding out whether the women were treated differently from others in the same situation.
The college conducted an internal investigation and is cooperating with the Human Relations Commission in its investigation. When I was attending LCCC a few years back as part of my layoff package from Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, I happened to be in classes with both women and they seemed to be perfect candidates for the Nursing program. But what the hell do I know?


Joe Holden attended the Coal Street Realignment meeting Wednesday night as part of his job with WBRE TV. Bob Reilly attended the meeting as part of a concern he has with the project and how it will affect the neighborhood. Holden asked what Reilly’s motivations were regarding his attendance at the meeting. Holden asked about Reilly political future. Reilly said the question was out of line and his wife started saying that WBRE going up on people’s porches was out of line. Debates have ensued on this little piece of Luzerne County political drama. Here’s the whole thing in a nutshell. Holden has the right, even the duty to ask the questions directed toward Reilly. On the other hand, Reilly has the perfect right not answer. So it appears that this is going to be a stand off. And it appears that everybody’s right even though people are saying that everybody’s wrong.


Bill Jones the Republican nominee for Lackawanna County Commissioner tried to take issue with Commissioner Corey O’Brien taking a 90 minute access pass to the Toyota Pavilion. O’Brien said he was there for a performance but couldn’t remember the act. Outgoing Commissioner Mike Washo blasted Jones with both barrels. According to the Scranton Times he told Jones, “The commissioners do not attend any events for free, whether it's a prayer breakfast in Carbondale where we are invited to be the speakers or it's a concert."
"I don't mean to lecture you, but you have come to my workplace, the people's workplace, and you have thrown something out there like a talk-show host," Mr. Washo said. "Let me tell you, I resent it because I have never had a ticket up there and I don't think I deserve one. If you are so fortunate as to sit here, I don't think you'll deserve one."
When O’Brien and Washo took over they stopped the practice of accepting any types of gifts. When O’Brien ran for Congress he even miffed senior citizen groups by refusing their home made offerings from the senior centers as tokens of appreciation. The fact that he doesn’t remember what act he was around is more of a testament to O’Brien’s single minded focus on his career than his integrity. Jones does deserve an A for effort though but this will have no traction in the fall campaign as Jones and Pat O’Malley face off against O’Brien and former State Representative John Wansacz.


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to give Bob Reilly a ton of credit for having the interest of his neighborhood held above his private life. He knew that stepping out would allow the Joe Holden's of the media world to set aside the true reason and get off the subject by bringing Reilly's political future into it. Why can't Holden just stay on subject and deal with a real neighborhood problem? It is absolutely stupid to remove all street parking from a neighborhood where there is no possibility for home owners to create off street parking. Holden needs a kick in the ass for taking the spot light off the problem and trying to create a political headline. Holden should have spent the time asking the designers what they were thinking when they eliminated neighborhood parking. Idiots all. Kudos to you Bob Reilly.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Bluto said...

Baarletta's previous position was that he wouldn't vote to raise the debt ceiling. Wasn't he smart enough to see that there are few absolutes in politics? I guess not.

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today’s update: Last night the GOP couldn’t pass the Boehner bill…because it wasn’t radical enough for the rest of the House Republicans. Today they will vote on a more extreme version that they know won’t pass the Senate. Why? Because some House Republicans want the nation to default. Instead of helping fix the economy, they would rather intentionally tank it so they can attempt to pin it on President Obama and Democratic candidates.
And Karl Rove is heading up that strategy with millions in attack ads currently running in swing states.
We will defend President Obama, Medicare, Social Security and everything Democrats stand for. But Republicans are spending millions trying to destroy it all. We won’t let them, but we need your help.
Our Emergency Media Campaign is going strong, but we need to raise $50,000 by midnight Sunday to keep fighting back. Can you chip in $5?
Thanks for your continuing help on this. Keep fighting.

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On LCCC discrimination post::
I was in class with both of them as well and I can say same they both very intelligent smart women. It not surprising me LCCC very corrupted institution.


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