Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1857, December 13th, 2011



1. Your take on the Penn State scandal so far?

Oh my heavens, this thing is going to be a never ending saga. I kind of knew Sandusky’s lawyer would waive the hearing today and get the case kicked to a higher court. The reputation of the school will be rebuilt with time but I doubt that will not happen until a generation or two. Look for Sandusky’s attorney to become more famous or infamous than all of the O.J. lawyers combined.

2. What are you thoughts on Congressman Barletta and the GOP trying to eliminate Pittston and Wilkes Barre from the 11th Congressional district?

Barletta will cry crocodile tears and talk about tradition as far as the district goes. But I can’t help but think he might be doing cartwheels at the prospect of having a heavily fortified Republican district. It’s all about self preservation and survival once you land in D.C.

3. Do you think marital fidelity is important in world leadership?

No. I think the two are separate entities entirely. FDR, JFK Clinton, and others all had girlfriends on the side. It wasn’t fair to their families, themselves or their marriage but did not impact on the quality of their leadership.

4. Will former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum gain any traction in Iowa?

I can’t see it happening even though Santorum has been practically living there. Right now he is the only candidate of the remaining group that has not had a boomlet. I can’t see that happening over the holidays. Santorum’s best hope is to angle for a spot on the ticket or some sort of leadership role if the GOP takes the White House from President Obama.

5. Why are Iowa and New Hampshire so damn important anyway?

They are the first in the nation. Iowa came to prominence in 1972 when George McGovern made a good showing there. 1976 saw an obscure Governor Jimmy Carter from Georgia make headway on the strength of his total there in the Bicentennial year.

6. Any idea why Doug Pape the current Luzerne County official bowed out for consideration as County Manager?

He either was told he did not have a shot or has some sweet deal lined up post January 1st.

7. You write about Christmas Eve suppers as a tradition. Favorite as a kid, favorite now?

As a kid I had an aunt who made a mean bean soup. That was my favorite. Loved the seafood too. Now, a lobster and butter based pasta dish. But truth be told, if it was grape soda and tuna, as long as I had my family there, I’d be fine with anything.

8. What are your thoughts on Rick Perry not being prepared on the issues during the debates?

Angry. Jealous. Pissed. How can one be so cavalier about a responsibility like running for President? How can one be so lazy? I mean man, this is your chance, this is your time. Thousands of average joes are more articulate than Perry. But I bet he’ll be the Vice Presidential nominee on the ticket. Unfortunately in the 21st century in America, stupid is just good enough these days.

9. How was the food while you were away?

Bland. But I was grateful for what I got. Kind of that old Catholic school starving children guilt thing. Too many people without these days for me to complain about that.

10. Will there be any year end features on LuLac like “Women We Love?”

Oh yeah, look for it after Christmas.

11. How do you feel about Green Bay having an undefeated season?

Don’t care. It would be nice but as a Packer fan I have gone through too many 2-12 seasons in my lifetime to worry about a streak or record. I’d like to see them win the big one.

12. I saw a rerun of one of your favorite shows “Madmen”. Don Draper was eating raw oysters. Oysters or clams?

Both with lots of cocktail sauce, ice cold with just a little bit of life in them. An acquired taste but you can’t beat them.

13. Are we going to see you skipping down the street in the spring?

No. My expectations are very measured. Unless of course…….never mind.


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, David. I read Lu Lac - enjoyable, as always. My favorite quote was not a political one. It was in reference to Christmas dinner:
"But truth be told, if it was grape soda and tuna, as long as I had my family there, I’d be fine with anything." So true.


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