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The LuLac Edition #1928, February 2nd, 2012

Do we really have to spell out the difference between church and state to the Pennsylvania State Legislature?

Heather Laruso Hutchins and John Goodman.

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I generally have great respect for elected officials. I’ve always said that other than serving in the military, the greatest thing one can do for their country, their state, their hometown is offer themselves up for election. But once people get elected, I think their brains turn to mush. The overpaid, overestimated State Legislature has been diligently working on House Resolution 535. Is it an employment program to deal with the state’s unemployment rate? Is it a tax incentive break for a small business to give them more wiggle room so they can thrive in this rust belt state? Is it something to do with property tax relief that can help homeowners live a little easier? Is it a state program to reward achieving students and perhaps give them a stipend for education? Is it a resolution that reinstates the Adult Basic program so the working poor has health care? None of the above. The resolution makes 2012 THE YEAR OF THE BIBLE in Pennsylvania. These clowns have nothing better to do with their time? Please dear God (since the Legislature has no problem combining church and state, I might as well!!!) let every single one of these pompous idiots that wouldn’t know a Constitution if it him them in their face have primary opposition this spring. What are they thinking? And how the hell do they explain it to their constituents who are Muslims and Jews? The Bible is not the only religious book. But these ignorant, do nothing representatives of some of the people (the Christians) apparently don’t know that. The Pennsylvania Legislature has now etched itself in the annals of American history as the biggest joke that were ever seated as an elected body. And we pay these fools $70,000 grand a pop. I can’t wait for the next great debate coming from Harrisburg: “Rat droppings: Appetizer or Side dish".


President Judge Tom Burke has indicated that the Luzerne County Courts will not be filing suit to get more money to function for this year’s budget. According to the Times Leader Burke said the court has identified spending cuts and new revenue. Some layoffs will be necessary, but Burke said he can't specify the number until all details are finalized. He said he is hopeful no more than 10 positions will be eliminated.
The courts will furnish a written budget plan to the county later this week, he said.
County Interim Manager Tom Pribula agreed with the court's plan "in principle," he said. So with the Courts now cooperating, and union rank and file complaining their union heads never had a meeting with them, it appears the true impediment to progress are the union heads. Taxpayers are so hellbent on blaming the entire union membership, maybe they should reassess just where their anger should be directed. The rank and file too.


I don’t know much about towing, nor do I know much about how a towing business runs. That’s why I don’t understand why a business does not keep receipts. I have worked for one or two small businesses in my life and they all kept receipts. The reason why I’m bringing this up is because Pennsylvania's Office of Open Records ruled Friday that Wilkes-Barre's towing contractor must release nearly seven years' worth of receipts related to tows made under his contract with the city.
The decision could prove problematic to LAG Towing because its owner, Leo A. Glodzik III, contends he did not begin retaining receipts until August upon the advice of his attorney. You have a fleet of trucks, you have a government contract that is paid by taxpayer money and you need an Attorney to tell you to save your receipts? Really?


U.S. Sen. Bob Casey wants families to be able to “keep more money in their pockets,” but with an end-of-February deadline approaching, Casey said the time to finalize an extension of the payroll tax cut “is now.” Casey, D-Scranton, held a teleconference Tuesday in anticipation of the second meeting of the Payroll Tax Cut Conference Committee. Casey, chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, released a new report that details how much money would stay in the pockets of one- and two-earner families at a county-level based on median wage and salary income per worker. He said the tax cut affects 160 million Americans.


A wealthy Florida man has adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend as a daughter in a move critics say will protect the man's assets during an upcoming lawsuit surrounding a deadly car accident.
Polo Club Palm Beach founder John Goodman, 48, adopted his longtime partner Heather Laruso Hutchins in October, The Palm Beach Post reports.
The strategy could shore up Goodman's wealth as he confronts a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of Scott Patrick Wilson, The Associated Press says. Wilson was killed in 2010 when Goodman allegedly ran a stop sign. The trial begins March 27. And that’s why regular people hate rich people.


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said on Wednesday that he's "not concerned about the very poor," citing the social safety net in place for that segment of the populace and adding that he's focused on the middle class. This statement has been met with outrage by my liberal friends and the Obama files of the Democratic party. But in a way, Romney has struck a chord. He is right. The poor in this country do have safety nets, more so than in any other country in the world. Romney is brilliantly appealing to the middle class that has been squeezed on both ends. The middle class cannot qualify for anything and are scraping. Welfare mom having another baby? The middle class pays. Welfare mom inviting out of town druggie to crash with her in public housing? The middle class pays. Able bodied “visitor” from out of town getting Section 8 rent? The middle class pays. Romney might have said the first thing that connects with regular folks that can translate into a general election strength. With the middle class feeling exploited by Wall Street and the Obama stimulus going to everybody but those in the middle, Mitt Romney might have caught lightning in a bottle here.
"I'm in this race because I care about Americans. I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I'll fix it," the Republican front-runner said Wednesday on CNN, following his victory in the Florida primary. "I'm not concerned about the very rich, they're doing just fine. I'm concerned about the very heart of the America, the 90 percent, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling." This will work.


Legislative inaction on a natural gas drilling tax has cost Pennsylvania $300 million in lost revenue, according to the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.
State cuts announced in January to services ranging from help for victims of domestic violence to hospital trauma centers to prekindergarten could have been avoided if the Legislature had enacted a drilling tax.
The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center is tracking lost revenue through its Drilling Tax ticker, which measures revenue lost since October 1, 2009 by not having a tax in place. The ticker hit $300 million Monday, January 30, 2012.
The $300 million in lost revenue may be just the beginning. Reuters reported last week that a Marcellus Shale “impact fee” bill now before the state Legislature could cost $24 billion to $48 billion in lost revenue over the next 20 years.
“Drillers continue to get a free pass in Pennsylvania, while teachers work without pay, and victims of domestic violence are turned away from shelters,” said Sharon Ward, Director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.
Across the country, 98% of natural gas is produced in states that have drilling taxes or fees. In many energy-producing states, that revenue supports services like education and health care, funds environmental conservation and protection, and mitigates the impact of drilling on local communities.
Pennsylvania is the largest mineral-rich state in the nation without a drilling tax or fee of any kind. All 11 states with more gas production than Pennsylvania have a tax or fee. Unlike those states, Pennsylvania is giving away a one-time resource.
“Lawmakers have put the interests of out-of-state drillers like Exxon Mobil and Shell ahead of the interests of Pennsylvania communities,” Ward said.
In a recent report, Reuters calculated that at current gas prices a Pennsylvania shale well would generate $2.4 million over 20 years under a tax comparable to West Virginia’s. By comparison, an impact fee approved by the state Senate would generate only $360,000 over that 20-year period.
Based on an industry estimate that Pennsylvania will have 11,500 wells operating by 2020, Reuters determined that Pennsylvania will lose at least $24 billion in gas revenues over 20 years – and much more if natural gas prices rise.
“Giving drillers that kind of tax break will come out of the pockets of working Pennsylvania families now and for decades to come,” Ward said. “Pennsylvania can do better.”
The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center is a non-partisan policy research project that provides independent, credible analysis on state tax, budget and related policy matters, with attention to the impact of current or proposed policies on working families.


Convicted and sentenced former Lackawanna County Commissioner A.J. Munchak will pretty much live the same type of life he had after being charged with corruption. Munchak will need to obey all federal, state and local laws; he cannot obtain a passport or travel outside the country; he is prohibited from possessing a firearm, and he must appear in court as required - all conditions set by a U.S. Magistrate in 2010. Before April 3rd, he’ll find out exactly where he will be incarcerated and report directly to that facility surrendering himself to U.S. Marshalls.




This week Shadoe Steele’s “Saturday Night Live” at the Oldies features Cyndi Lauper. Saturday Night Live is heard weekly on Saturday night from 7pm to midnight on WILK AM & FM from 7pm to 12 midnight with ABC News on top of the hour.


On Tuesday, February 7, Governor Tom Corbett will deliver his second state budget address before a joint session of the PA House and Senate. The address is the first step in the Commonwealth’s annual fiscal process. The Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) will devote the day’s programming to extensive budget address coverage.
The February 7 budget address coverage on PCN is as follows:
LIVE coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. with former state representatives, John Barley of Versant Strategies and Kathy Manderino of Intercommunity Action, joining host Larry Kaspar in the PCN studio. PCN will also be on-location at the state Capitol with LIVE reports prior to the arrival of Gov. Corbett.
LIVE coverage of the Governor’s Budget Address before a joint session of the House and Senate
Following the address, Barley and Manderino will take viewers’ calls on a LIVE PCN Call-In concerning the state budget address. Viewers can dial toll-free at 1-877-PA6-5001 to share their thoughts and questions on the budget address.
LIVE coverage from the state Capitol will continue with budget reaction from legislators.
At 7:00 p.m., viewers will have another chance to share their thoughts or ask questions concerning the state budget by dialing toll-free 1-877-PA6-5001. Featured guests Mark Singel of The Winter Group and Charlie Gerow of Quantum Communications will join host Brian Lockman during the hour-long LIVE PCN Call-In program. In the coming weeks, PCN will provide extensive coverage of the 2012-2013 fiscal year state budget proceedings. Check the schedule at for upcoming programming details.


ECTV Live will feature two guest co-hosts over the next few weeks. Judge Tom Munley's regular sidekick, David DeCosmo, is recovering from minor surgery to deal with a case of skin cancer. David continues to produce the show from home and tells us that Paula Deignan-Reynolds from WILK Radio will co-host with Judge Munley during the week of February 6th when their guest will be Rabbi Joe Mendelsohn, President of the Scranton Area Ministerium. Rabbi Mendelsohn will discuss a new Diversity program that's being sponsored by the Ministerium and is available free of charge to all area residents.
ECTV Live is seen on Comcast Ch19 each day at Noon and Midnight will selected showings at 6 pm three days a week. Popular radio traffic reporter and DJ Rusty Fender will join Judge Munley on ECTV Live as guest co-host the following week.


The Diamond City Skaters will be featured on WNEP TV’s “Good Morning America”, and WNEP @ these times. . Here’s the schedule.
Diamond City Figure Skating Club
Tuesday, February 7 at 8:27am
Wednesday, February 8 at 7:27am
Thursday, February 9 at 7:27am.


This week Tiffany Cloud welcomes Bryan Anderson, author of the book "No Turning Back". Bryan is a triple amputee who speaks of his life after serving in the military. Storm Politics can be seen on WYLN TV 35 Th 930p, Sat 5p, Sun 11a, Mon 830p, T 930p.


This Weekend On Sunday Magazine.
This Week in Harrisburg features State Senator John Yudichak’s tribute to the late Joe Paterno on the floor of the Senate, Rep. Ken Smith discusses education cuts in Pennsylvania, and Rep. Kevin Murphy talks about Zachary’s Law, calling for tougher jail sentences for child killers in Pennsylvania.
Magic 93’s Frankie in the Morning speaks with Cheryl Molefski from Aerobic Lifestyle in West Pittston about their “I Love My Pet” Valentine photo contest to benefit the S.P.C.A.
Frankie also speaks with Meghan Davis from the Wilkes Barre YMCA about getting heart healthy this month. February is Heart Month. And Brian Hughes speaks with James Bell from General Motors, who tells us we don’t necessarily have to get our car’s oil changed every 3 thousand miles.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5:30am on JR 93.7 & 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X, 6:30am on Magic 93 and 9:30am on WARM 590 AM.


The American Basketball Association is formed.........The Soviet Union protests the demonstrations before its embassy in Peking...........NASA launches Lunar Orbiter 3. Italy's first guided missile cruiser, the Vittorio Veneto (C550),is launched....... General Anastasio Somoza Debayle becomes president of Nicaragua.....Alexei Kosygin arrives in the UK for an 8-day visit. He meets The Queen. Later in his visit…… Pennsylvania .Attorney General William C. Sennett declares that under his administration, there will be proactive measures taken to control organized crime activities like gambling and bookmaking…… Luzerne County residents make their disdain known to the County Commissioners regarding assessments that were performed in the County. (Editor’s Note: 1965-66 was the last time a property assessment was done in the County) and 45 years ago this week the number 1 song in LuLac land and America was “98.6” by Keith which was a follow up to his ’66 hit “Ain’t Gonna Lie”.



At 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer "the Year of the Cat". It worked well for Al Stewart and Mercury Cougar!
How about "the Year of the Dumb Ass Pennsylvania Politician"?!

Note, I have nothing but respect for the Bible, but what are these people "THINKING"? Is the Religious Right vote worth this much?


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Mr. Yonki continues to impress me more every day! I do not know if he possesses the ability to read minds, but as far as his paper on Gov. Romney is concerned, he mirrors my very views! Congratulations young man, you have earned an A+!
You see class, the problem with the liberal media, who have been all over the Governor's comments yesterday, is that they do not understand the real world.
The Poor DO have a safety net. The middle class do NOT.
And I believe it is pure political genius for Mr. Romney to bait the issue. The last thing the bulk of the voters want to hear this fall is Obama defending the poor. Just as they did not want to hear about health care three years ago but about job incentives, it looks as if the President will be falling into yet another well laid trap. As I predicted.
Now, students, finally: I am very disappointed that you have decided NOT to undertake the extra credit work I have offered in order to improve your final grade. Once again I will put it out on the table:

I will make it easy and leave you with a multiple choice.

Now granted, you have the privelige of adding a career to the ones above, but I am disappointed in your lack of enthusiasm. Perhaps you are all overwhelmed with contacting your various bookies for bets on the Super Bowl, or something of the like. Your success or failure will depend on you. I have made my attempt at compassionate conservatism.
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The county union leaders should be ashamed. If i had the chance i would watch them like a hawk and when they mess up , and they will, w all do at some point, i would fire them in a heart beat.

At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is A.J. going to pay any of the money back from the proceeds of the sale of his likeness on Fox's Family Guy? Doesn't A.J. look like Peter Griffen?

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, well said. This State Legislature is a joke. The people that we elect ere are jokes. Get rid of all of them.

At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really, all these guys and gals in Harrisburg do are screw the taxpayers. And waste time!!! The year of the Bible, really? Go to church for that stuff, not to the State House!

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our legislators are overpaid and underqualified. They all need to go now!!!!

At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don Cornelius got Black History month off to a bad start!
Actually I always thought he was a cool dude and I watched Soul Train. It was Black Bandstand.
only Better!
I’m lookin’ forward to the Ides of Marc, myself.
Year of the Bible ! Sweet Jesus!

At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we really have to spell out the difference between church and state to...?

I figured out pretty early what "establishment" of a religion meant, then watched in amazement as the definition morphed.

We seem to be hell bent into legally eliminating any religious "influence" from our lives and our representatives lives.

I reject 'establishment' outright but would hope 'influence' is at least considered OK.

I think our founding fathers handled it pretty good.

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first amendment does NOT apply to state houses, it applies to the congress.

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So my gutless Representative, Mike Carroll told the Times Leader that he didn't read the thing but voted for it because who wants to vote against the Bible. He should recieved the Sheep of the Year Award from his leadership. Put it in front of ol' Mike and he'll sign it. And by the way....which Bible are we going to be highlighting with this resolution? The King James? The other ones? Stupid jerks.

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PA State Legislature, "Year of the Bible" ---what bullshit! If you believe, every year, every day, every hour is the of the Bible. Leave it to "two bit", punk politicians to put politics in religion. Petty asses!!!!!

At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll bet John asked Heather more than once, "Whose your Daddy?"

At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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