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The LuLac Edition #1979, March 12th, 2012

Don't trust your dough to just anyone.


The Times Leader reports that Prominent local attorney Anthony J. Lupas is under criminal investigation for allegedly stealing more than $1 million from potentially dozens of people through a bogus investment scheme he operated, an attorney who represents several of the alleged victims said Monday. Attorney Ernest Preate of Scranton alleges Lupas, the father of Luzerne County Judge David Lupas, took advantage of his friendships with numerous people to convince them to invest their life savings with him, but instead used the money for his personal gain. Lupas has been known for many years as a political power broker who helped propel his son, David into two terms as Luzerne County District Attorney and then to a term as a Judge on the Luzerne County Common Pleas Court. The charged Attorney’s son, the Judge was contacted by the Citizen’s Voice yesterday for comment on the story. The Judge told the newspaper, “I have not spoken to my father in some time”. What a quote. That makes Judge Lupas sound like the biggest ingrate kid who ever came down the pike! Or maybe someone bending the truth a bit. And the corruption beat goes on….now Luzerne County might have its own Bernie Madofff is the Feds can prove their case.


WILK’s Steve Corbett broke the news this afternoon on his radio program that former Lackawanna County Commissioner Bob Cordaro has been abruptly moved from his incarceration facilities 90 miles from Scranton. Cordaro was transferred to a prison facility in Brooklyn that is a transfer unit. He most likely will be reassigned. The reason given by Otisville prison authorities is that Cordaro was a “high profile” inmate. That became clear to the warden when on the first day of Cordaro’s stay, a film crew from WBRE TV took footage of the outside of the facility. That prompted the warden to order the transfer.


Political has been Don Bailey seems very confused these days. First he says he wants to run for Attorney General and then doesn’t get the required signatures on the ballot. Now he says he want to run as an Independent in Pennsylvania for this office. First off, no Democrat, let alone an Independent has been able to win this office. Second, if Bailey could get 2,000 valid signatures, what makes him think he can get 20,000! My friend Gort wrote:
He represented the 21st CD for 2 terms from 1979 to 1983 then lost to John Murtha after his district was merged with Murtha's after the 1982 redistricting. He made a comeback winning the 1984 Auditor General race but then lost a series of elections getting beat in the 1986 Senate primary then lost his bid for reelection to Barbara Hafer in 1988. He tried to regain the office in 1992 but lost in the primary then lost a bid for governor in 1998. Since then he has been a civil rights attorney. Bailey has represented more than a few governmental employees in lawsuits that rewarded the plaintiffs handsomely. Where his head is at with this Attorney General’s race is really fascinating.


We looked at his work thousands of times on TV but never realized who he was. Remember those still scenes on Bonanza? Robert Temple Ayres, who was the set illustrator whose burning Ponderosa map opened TV's long-running Western series "Bonanza," died in California at the age of 98.
The Los Angeles Times reported that Ayres made a final trek to see his artwork at Los Angeles' Autry National Center of the American West just days before he died. He created the painting at Paramount Studios in 1959. The Ponderosa map was opened each "Bonanza" episode, bursting into flames to reveal the Cartwright clan, played by Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Pernell Roberts. A side note on those galloping cowboys, each one of them had no horse riding experience. When they stopped to take that shot, they were all smiling but quietly terrified.


If Horace Greeley proclaimed “Go West young man”, Dick Van Dyke has some advice on second marriages. “Go young old man”. Van Dyke is a very happy newlywed at age 86 because he married his makeup artist Arlene Silver, who is 40. Silver and the stage, film and TV star became friends about five years ago after meeting at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. There is a 46 year age difference here. Van Dyke’s hit, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” was off the air for 6 years before his new bride was born.


I never really promote any products on this blog but I have to tell you about the fine folks at CD Universe. Looking for an old movie, a hard to find CD, a DVD of your favorite old TV show? A documentary? (We got two really good ones a few years ago on Hubert Humphrey and the 1960 Kennedy campaign). Anything you need, you can find at CD Universe. Here’s their link:


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One camera crew and the warden orders a transfer?
There is more to this story...

At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You imply the judge is corrupt, when it appears he put duty over family. Jumping to conclusions, maybe we should call you Steve Jr

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

Call me a cynic, but does anyone really believe that a 40 year old woman (I have not seen her photo--but I will assume she is "hot") would fall for an 86 year old guy???
I think she moreso has an interest in Van Dyke's money--and I will assume he has a lot of it.
I feel bad for his kids because when he passes the chick whose younger than his sons will get it all more than likely.

Speaking of Bonanza, Lorne Greene wasn't much older than Hoss or Adam, who were his sons...his premature grey got him that part which he played well.
Jeff Chandler would have been a great Ben Cartwright also.

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:48 You bet there's more to it. That camera crew couldn't anywhere near the prison in the first place.

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lupas tenure as DA was dominated by the Hugo Selinski case. He couldn't get a murder conviction of a guy with 5 bodies in his back yard and repeatedly screwed up on procedural issues in this and other cases. He went on to be a Luzerne County Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and was put in charge of Juvenile Court. While he was the DA many of the abuses that happened under Judge Mark Ciavarella occurred. From Gort 42.


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