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The LuLac Edition #2005, April 1st, 2012

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Elizabeth Santorum addresses a group of GOP Women in Luzerne County on Saturday. This event marks the first entry of national political figures into the 2012 national GOP race locally. (Photo from the Times Leader).


Harold Jenkins of "Another Monkey", "NEPA Blogs" along with Michelle HryVnak Davies are the planners and foot soldiers who make the event happen. Our thanks to both of them.

This had to be a meeting of the minds, local blogger Justin Vacula and well known activist Charlie Hatcho had a discussion that I'm sure was as provocative as any Point-Counter Point show you'd ever see.

If the GOP in LuLac land is going to have a major impact, this brain trust will be responsible for their success. Jim O'Meara, Lance Stange Junior and Young Republicans Bob Zaruta meet at Blogfest.

17th Congressional District candidate on the GOP side Lureen Cummings.

116th District candidate GOP Rick Arnold, Gort 42 and Aaron Kaufer from Kingston.

120th District GOP candidate Aaron Kaufer mingles with State Representative Gerald Mullery of the 116th.

Michelle HryVnak Davies who works extremely hard year round on all matters related to Blogfest and NEPA blogs with the conscience of LuLac land, Duke from Dallas.

Pittston's Joe Valenti just got finished telling me he had the winning mega millions numbers and wasn't inclined to share them with me or anyone else.

Gort 42 and 11th Congressional District candidate Bill Vinsko.

Mrs. LuLac and I at Blogfest. I might have been a bit overdressed, was coming from the set of "Topic A" in Hazleton.

17th Congressional District candidate Matt Cartwright and Luzerne County Council member Harry Haas. I had lengthy conversations with both which I did appreciate.

Local politico Tim Mullen and Rick Sorokas. Sorokas was coming from a rally hosted by his wife, Eileen Sorakas, former County Council candidate for Matt Cartwright.

Democratic activist Casey Evans and fiance Jaron Nielsen. at Blogfest Friday night.


At 1:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jaron and I had such a fantastic time. It was his first Blogfest, and when we left, his first question was about when the next one was going to be! I think it's become a political tradition, and its definitely my favorite event, as well. Thanks to Dave Yonki and all of the other bloggers that got together to put on another successful Blogfest, and we can't wait for the next one!

To anyone who hasn't yet gone to a Blogfest, I urge you to come to the next one! Political differences take a backseat to friendliness and laughs and good conversation, and everyone always feels very welcome. It is *the* best time!

Best to All,
Casey Evans & Jaron Nielsen

At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogfest looks like a blast! What a cast of characters that must be. Good for all of em. At least they
speak out and have some convictions. Too bad you gotta have all those politicians around.
Two words banned in my house. Politician and electrician! I’ve been ripped off by both!


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