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The LuLac Edition #2043, May 2nd, 2010

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Hey, Lackawanna: What’s the deal? 

I was around when the powers that be were making a deal for the Triple A baseball team in the 1980s. Then County Commissioner Frank Trinisewski was a political power back then and a shrewed businessman. But he was also a rapid baseball fan. Trini would take excursions down to the Vet on the bus, sometimes by himself, that was the extent of his love of the game. And when the Triple A team came to Moosic, he wanted Luzerne County to be a big part of it. So when the Times Leader offered up an editorial on it today calling out the Lackawanna County Commissioners, I thought it would make a great “Write On Wednesday”. 
Congratulations on selling the region’s minor league baseball franchise last week and simultaneously securing a decades-long commitment for a continued presence here from the New York Yankees – one of the world’s premiere sports teams. A tip of the cap to you. Now that the ink has dried on the contract, however, please at your earliest convenience send us our share of the money. That’s half, remember? By our tally, you owe us about $7.3 million. Make the check payable to “Luzerne County.” As partners in the venture that brought Triple-A baseball to Northeastern Pennsylvania about a quarter-century ago, we had a deal. According to that 1986 agreement, both counties ponied up $1 million and, in the event of the franchise’s sale, were to “share equally in the distribution of any such proceeds …” Plenty has transpired since then, not the least of which is Luzerne County’s detachment from the operation and virtual exclusion from the negotiating table. Like a ticket-less fan trying to spy the on-field action, we have been able to only sneak peeks through the fence. At least one crooked Lackawanna County commissioner supposedly hobnobbed with a representative of the Yankees a few years ago when a sale was being explored, receiving swell gifts but almost bungling everything for local baseball buffs. (Presumably, Luzerne County’s crooks were preoccupied then with schemes having nothing to do with Yankee pinstripes.) Certain people, most of whom probably live north of Avoca, will argue that Luzerne County is owed nothing from the latest transaction because of the millions that Lackawanna County paid through the years to maintain the then-multipurpose stadium. Not to split hairs, a la the late businessman George Steinbrenner, but it’s been our understanding that Luzerne County went halfsies on a franchise, not a ballpark. Upon receipt of your check, we intend to quickly put the $7.3 million to good use by retiring some debt. 


At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Usta be a saying popular with my generation. A Deal Is A Deal. This thinking has long since fallen out of favor in all corridors. I knew Luzerne County was out when they named the facility the Lackawanna
County Stadium ignoring for 20 years the possibility of a major sponsorship because the Lackawanna politicos liked it the way it was!
Revenge is sweet and the success of the Penguins is well deserved.

Waverly Bob
In but not of Lackawanna County.

At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see where Michelle Bachman has endorsed Mitt Romney or plans too. Somehow she thinks this is a major endorsement! Was she a vocalist with Bachman Turner Overdrive?
I dont recall a female voice. If not who is she?

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's Ringo's sister-in-law. Now go to sleep before dad gets mad.

At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Upon receipt of your check, we intend to quickly put the $7.3 million to good use by retiring some debt." Ah if only it were true. I'm sure these idiots on Council and our county manager who I've lost faith in will want to use the money for great things such as bail out WB and demolish the Sterling. There is only one use other than paying off the debt but if I cite that use, there will be a reward put out for my head ..... I speak of paying part of the 14 hundred thousand the county owes to the pension fund. Part of this payment is due to the employee pension buyouts five and ten years ago. Those jerks didn't understand or care about the real cost of the buyouts. The first was engineer by the Business Manager at the time, Gene Kline who benefited greatly from the buy out but the only way he could fatten his pension was to offer the same deal to everyone other eligible employee. That was the beginning of the super slide. I still say the only way to deal with the debt is through a dedicated debt tax of 1.5 mills and then deal with the county finances without that 25 million being part of the operating budget. These people just don't have the ballz to deal with it the right way. They believe they can fire enough employees each year to make up the 25 million dollar debt payment. If you do some serious looking, you will see that some offices are now being affected by the layoffs and are beginning to falter in their responsibilities due to lack of help.


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