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The LuLac Edition #2179, August 31st, 2012

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MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that some Wilkes Barre taxpayers were actually expecting a going away present from former City Administrator J.J. Murphy. Murphy landed a job 2,000 miles away and some taxpayer advocates still want him to pay for that alarm system that was installed in his home. If he wasn’t going to refund any of the money back to the city when he was around, what makes people think he was going to do it on his way out of town. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that Luzerne County is in such dire financial straights that former County Council Chair called the facts of the situation “terrifying”. I mean you know it’s bad when that is said. And how about the sleight of hand that was being accomplished with Moon Lake Park? It was used as a pawn to play financial games. No wonder no one reacted to the sound ideas to renovate the park by a friend of this site Wil Toole. Toole came up with many innovative solutions to the Moon Lake dilemma but was greeted with numerous eyeballs being glazed over. Toole can rest easy, he’s not a crazy old uncle trying to teach the “young un’s” something. Moon Lake was a slave to the financial game playing of the early part of this century. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……..that if you think Luzerne County and Scranton are bad, how about Harrisburg? Harrisburg is over 300 million in debt and a large part of it goes back over 43 years. In 1969 Harrisburg started an Incinerator Project that was supposed to make it the garbage capital of the state. Instead The Incinerator never made money and the city borrowed against it for over 4 decades. They went from a 20 million dollar debt to over 300 million by doing more than a dozen loans and refinancing on that boondoggle. And every time it was renegotiated, the lawyers got paid. Every time. The city of Harrisburg was so broke to even pay for essential services that a local strip club footed the bill to keep the streetlights on! Now that is something this County can't top. I think.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……………that in Albania, nodding your head means “no” and when you are shaking your head means “yes”. No word on what “go figure” means in terms of head signals. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…………that more than 6 years after his death, Palestine leader Yassar Arrafat’s death is being investigated as a murder. Arafat died in 2004 from what officials called a stroke but a Swiss lab has reported that a substance was found on his clothes which indicated he might have been poisoned. Al Jazzera first broadcast the lab’’s findings after the lab approached them when Arafat’s widow requested them to look into the case. All parties accused are of course denying foul play. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that the team without a home, the Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees have won another Division Championship. The team is a very good compilation of young and veterans players headed by a very good Triple A manager Dave Miley. Hey, they are the Yankees for heaven’s sake. Meantime, the Yanks might face the Iron Pigs who were still in contention for a wild card slot. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that if you really look hard at the GOP success stories, you see this generation making it after their parents and grandparents made their way in the Middle Class that was largely developed by Democratic policies. And look at the nominees. The last GOP nominee to come from humble beginnings was Bob Dole in 1996. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that the same construction crew has been working on the same stretch of road in Wilkes Barre since the Fourth of July. I’m all for newly paved roads and I’m thankful for the smooth surfaces in Wilkes Barre. But that stretch between Blackman and Parrish Streets is the most pampered section of road in all of Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. I'd even say the East Coast! 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that there are some posters to LuLac who think I’m miserable, bitter and mean. I embrace all opinions that matter. The ones I reject, well I post them but don’t buy into them. Anyone who knows me realizes I am happy with my life, grateful for my health and enjoy immensely the things I have worked for and have been bestowed on me. Not miserable. Sorry again to disappoint. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……..that a local newspaper is running reports from a political candidate who is running for State Representative. I guess it gets the candidate’s name out there and provides the newspaper with a quasi reporter. But bin the old days, newspaper guys like Bill Griffith and Carl Romanelli wouldn’t let that happen. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that Direct TV is threatening to bounce Channel 16 from their line up because of a fee dispute. This is what happens when “out of town jaspers” manage your communication empire. If this isn’t a strong argument for Cable, I don’t know what is. But a local manager would know that WNEP is the most watched TV station in terms of news in the state if not the country. And the sad part is that the out of town transplants who run Direct TV will be on their way to another gig in a few years for more money and no regard for the crap storm they caused. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that there was great consternation about the return of a gorilla that was a law ornament for a Carbondale woman. Carbondale police began probing the whereabouts of the ape named Greystone early this week after its owner noticed it no longer stood on a concrete block pedestal in the front yard. The cops said the gorilla weighted 700 pounds, the owner listed it as 400. Whatever the weight, he was back home proving that “one monkey don’t stop no show”. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………….that Hazleton Area grad Nate Eachus is officially a member of the National Football League. Eachus was placed on the Kansas City Chiefs 53-man roster today. Eachus enjoyed a fine preseason with the Chiefs after signing as a free agent. Times Shamrock reported the good news on Friday afternoon. He worked hard and we wish him the very best in health in the tough NFL. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………..that many of my friends think Penn State will have difficulty this season. They will but you’ll see a lot of grit and determination coming from Penn State. Bill O’Brien is just what the Doctor ordered to get over the hump after the Sandusky debacle. With all due respect to the late Joe Paterno, O’Brien’s changes were about ten years late in coming. Penn state will be an above . 500 team this year.


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm amazed that Clints GOP buddies dont remember that movie he made about mercy killing and assisted suicide! On second thought
I guess its remembered as a right to life flick. Hey, tough guy, make my day and go away, please and take that punk Ryan with you.

At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the former Council Chair thinks the financial condition of Luzerne County is terrifying and the traveling manager along with the other members of Council feel challenged, rewind back to mid 2008 when Tom Pribula was hired. He awakened the commissioners to the absurd budget out of balance by nearly $25 million. They should all thank him for stopping the bleeding and moving in the right direction in spite of elected officials who still wanted to use smoke and mirrors.

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm amazed that the DirecTV and Channel 16 dispute was already resolved prior to the publication of this blog post.

At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:49 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Maybe I'm amazed that the DirecTV and Channel 16 dispute was already resolved prior to the publication of this blog post.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there was an issue with direct tv all you need is an antenna. We make such big deals out of nothing. No wonder people are so ****ed up


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