Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The LuLac Edition #2185, September 5th, 2012

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This week there was a communication in the Times Leader Letter to the Editor that was very favorable to Congressional candidate Matt Cartwright for his stand on equality in marriage. Here is the article: 
I was pleased to see that Democratic nominee for Congress Matt Cartwright has endorsed marriage equality. This common-sense, yet still courageous, stance serves as a reminder for voters in the 17th District that basic equality is not a controversial issue. In fact, support for marriage equality is increasingly common among Democratic leaders, from the president and vice president of the United States to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Recent polling by Harris Interactive demonstrates that gay marriage is no longer a political wedge issue, and recent polling from a variety of sources has demonstrated majority support for marriage equality. Cartwright’s leadership as an independent thinker, an intelligent attorney and a savvy mind is reason enough to give him our votes – but his support for marriage equality solidifies him as the only candidate running in this race who believes that LGBT people deserve equal treatment under the law. But not every Pennsylvania Democrat has shown the same courage. U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. still clings to the separate-but-equal politics of the past, espousing support for unequal civil unions and lagging behind many of his peers in the Senate Democratic Caucus, 23 to be exact, who already have endorsed marriage equality. Casey should follow the lead of Cartwright, former Gov. Ed Rendell, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, party Chairman Jim Burn and the majority of Pennsylvanians. Hats off to Matt Cartwright for standing up for what he believes in! 
Adrian Shanker President, Equality Pennsylvania. 


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