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The LuLac Edition #2050, November 2nd, 2012

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MAYBE I’M AMAZED………..that some right wing wacko Christian group does not care about my opinion. The phone just range and the first question was, “Do you agree with the Reverend Billy Graham that marriage should be exclusively between a man and woman. Press 1 for Yes and 2 for No. “ I pressed “no” and was quickly dispatched into cyber space. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that Mayor Bloomberg wanted to run the New York Marathon anyway despite the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The Mayor is usually right on point but I think he lost his way a little bit on this one. The Marathon is a great civic event but this is not the time to waste resources (especially with some reports of looting) was not a good idea. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……..that so many conservative Republicans are unnerved by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s praise of President Obama. A few on FaceBook have said they’d never support him again, that he is done in the Republican party and that he could kiss any chance of being a nominee of the GOP in 2016. This is what is wrong with the Republican party. This is why there is little respect for the party as an institution because even when one of their own thank someone of a different party for help, they get denigrated. It’s getting increasingly hard to take any of these people seriously. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that we seem to be 0 for 3 in concerts around here lately. First Art Garfunkel cancelled in Hazleton, then former Righteous Brother Bill Medley and Liza Minnelli today. Are we getting a complex or what???? 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that a Dental practitioner told me this story. He had a plan to build his business up by bringing in another Doctor who would add weight to his practice because of this incoming Doctor’s skills and credentials. The family, (ie his wife)  liked the area, loved the fact that we were close to New York City but decided not to relocate here when they got a load of all the indictments (especially on area school boards). Their main reason was they didn’t want to live in a high crime area. True story. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……..that I have been following politics since 1964 when I was 10 years old. In 48 years, I have not seen a race that on the Friday before there is no shift, no indication that anything is going to break. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that while Mitt Romney has continually slammed President Barack Obama on his economic record and accused him of being "anti-wealth," but a recent survey from British analyst WealthInsight reports the U.S. has added 1.1 million millionaires since Obama was elected in 2008. According to the London-based wealth-analysis group, the figure means the number of millionaires has grown by 28.6 percent. This is equivalent to over a thousand new millionaires per day during Obama’s first three years, according to a press release obtained by The Huffington Post. And yet people continue to cal Obama a Socialist. Nothing socialist about being a millionaire. How did they get that way if there are sooooooooooooo many bad government regulations? Hmmmm? 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……..that finally Donald Trump was called out by someone. Reuters reported this week that a Chrysler executive told Donald Trump in a Tweet on Thursday that the real estate executive and television personality was "full of shit" for repeating a notion that Chrysler is shipping U.S. Jeep production to China, which the automaker refutes. Ralph Gilles, the head of product design for Chrysler, became the second top Chrysler executive in three days to strongly deny the claim, which was first made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney last week to a crowd in Ohio. Trump, from his Twitter account, said, "Obama is a terrible negotiator. He bails out Chrysler and now Chrysler wants to send all Jeep manufacturing to China--and will!" To which Gilles, from his Twitter account, responded to Trump: "You are full of shit!" I have a friend who doesn’t think Trump is a real person. Her theory is that this Trump balloon is attached to a big hose that is hooked to the New York sewer system/. When the toilets flush, up goes “The Donalds”. Very strange theory but what an outline for a book. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……..the former State Senator Ray Musto’s trial was postponed again. Cynics would say that Ray is trying to play out the old game clock of life and leave us before he gets formally convicted. But an indictment is not a conviction and what if he beats this charge? I’m actually changing my stance on this, the longer this goes on, what is the percentage of trying Musto at his age? I don’t know, maybe it’s just not worth it. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that now there is a burial seal of concrete on the area that was St. John the Baptist School and Church. Yep, pave over it and turn it into a parking lot. Make it nice and smooth so no one would ever know there was a living church with immigrants who saved their pennies and nickels to build a house of worship. Ethnic Catholic cleansing is now completed on William Street in Pittston. Joni Mitchell had it right all along.


At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here we freaking go again with the church. I think it's a scream that you are Pro Choice, had a casual acquaintance with your marriage vows for years, regularly mock Christians, and are upset about a building that shut down! Build a replica in your back yard. But stop going Professor on us and let it go.

At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump is nothing but a bully. I'm glad the head of the Jeep company told him to take a leap. Trump didn't come up the hard way, he was bankrolled. A putz if ever there was one.

At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paved Paradise, huh Dave? How many visits to paradise did you make during the last years? Certainly nowhere near enough to help save it.

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been following campaigns for twenty years. Not as long as you Yonk (I heard you on The Talker) FRiday) but I'm astounded at how much hate there is over this President. He is pro business. More millionaires in his term? Like you have said over and over again, the "sainted job creators" are full of it. They use "regulations" as an excuse to screw their workers at every turn and then blame it on the President.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:57 are you living in a fish tank? there was zero hate for GW Bush..right?

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got one of those religious freak phone calls too! Same response when I pushed #2, "poof!" and away they went! lol

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is an ass.. He made the correct call, but he made it too late.. It wasn't like there were a hundred or so local people showing up for the race. There were thousands, some coming from the far east and mid-east who spend thousands of dollars just to get there. And when does Bloom cancel it; the day everyone was arriving..
He should have canceled it immediately... I wonder if he will reach into his pocket to reimburse those who spend upwards of 10,000 dollars to get there.
The people who are being under the storm's wrath are more important, but the runners didn't just say, "hey let's go jog a mile or so." There was a large investment in time, money and training. They should not have been told as they were arriving.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...the U.S. has added 1.1 million millionaires since Obama was elected in 2008."

I was wondering where all the stimulus money went!

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They use "regulations" as an excuse to screw their workers at every turn and then blame it on the President.

And who - using executive orders - makes the regulations? If the regulations weren't there would the worker be in better shape?

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOnk, are you going to tell me that the race in 2000 had a break the previous weekend/??


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