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The LuLac Edition #2323, January 6th, 2013

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Last month we did a survey regarding what people thought of LuLac and some of its features. Here are the poll results. Feel free to comment on them. We’ll leave this up for a day or two. 
1. Regarding the Feature Year segment for 2013, what year would you like to see? 
a. 1963 30%. 
b. 1980 30%. 
c. 1976 40%. 
This was a surprise because I thought 1963 with the 50th anniversary of John Kennedy’s death coming up , this would have been picked. But ’76 was an exciting year. 
2. What is your favorite LuLac segment? 
a. Maybe I’m Amazed 56%. 
b. Write On Wednesday 2% 
c. Feature Year 7%. 
d. 13 Questions 35%. 
This was a surprise, I was really thinking there would be more support for the feature year which is more labor intensive than the other items listed. 
3. Regarding the videos posted on LuLac, do you 
a. Watch them all the way through. 31% 
b. Not Watch them at all. 26%. 
c. Watch them half the way through. 43%. 
I’m a video watcher so again I was surprised but understand the time constraints. 
4. Should LuLac do a weekly or bi weekly video feed? 
a. Yes. 32%. 
b. No. 5%. 
c. Don’t care. 62%. 
Apathy rules! Less work for me!!! 
5. What is your age range? 
a. 18 to 35%. 9%. 
b. 35 to 64% 41%.
c. 64 to 85     50 %. 
This was a something I pretty much thought given some of the comments I get and the fact that younger people get a blank look when I try to explain what this site is all about. 
6. What is your gender? 
Female 14% 
Male 86%. 
7. How often do you read LuLac? 
a. Once a day. 74%. 
b. Once or twice a week. 26%. 
8. What device do you user when accessing LuLac? 
a. Home computer or PC. 85%. 
b. Smart Phone. 7%. 
c. Tablet 7%. 
d. Community PC 0%. 
9. Where do you reside? 
a. LuLac land, 13 counties of NEPA 84%. 
b. Pennsylvania 4%. 
c. The United States. 10%. 
d. Other Country. 2%. 
10. If you ran LuLac, what would you do differently? Sample of comments: 
Give both sides of a story, not just liberal. 
Go after all the bad characters around this neck of the woods and there are plenty of them. Would not edit other's comments and would not be an unofficial spokesperson for WILK. I would cut my affiliation with them and be genuinely independent. LuLac is superior to WILK and should act it. 
Keep up the Great Work Dave ! 
Rebuild St. John the Baptist church. The biggest crime ever committed against the Slovak people and their ancestors and legacy. 
Reduce the typos 
Nothing. It's your gig and you do all the work. Do what you think is best. Carry On! 
Temper my bleedin' heart liberal ranting. You're smarter than that. 
I would not moderate comments, or edit them either. I would promote freedom, the way the Internet should be. 
Be a little m ore objective around election time. 
I would not edit, nor limit commentary; it seems contrary to trying to have an open exchange of ideas. Also, I would stop running cover for WILK; it cheapens you and your product. 
Post blog to Facebook. 
Enhanced coverage of local issues/politicians would play to your strongest suit. Perhaps a monthly column by the politically dynamic Jim "Gibby" Gibson the sage of the wild west and the not-so-wild westside! 
Cut out the professor, he is insulting to everyone who reads your blog. I don't read his rantings, I get annoyed enough just knowing he posted. 
Hire Rusty Fender. 
Be more libertarian. 
Stop editing comments get rid of that damn verification process on comments! 
Pay David more money Merry Christmas to Mr. and Mrs. Lulac Bob Caruso 
Not much. 
Might limit postings by the character known as the professor. 
Lulac is a daily, usually nightly read for me. CNN, MSN, the Times and the Times Leader are the others I check regularly. I get some of the best info hands down from Lulac. 
Good job. Stay well and stay with it. I'd sure miss Lulac. Respectfully, Tom Harpster 
At 68 years old, don't want to run anything!


At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems moderating comments and WILK were big on the minds of your readers. Just curious; do you plan any changes, or was those questions asked w/no intent to change, just to make people think they are involved?

At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Good morning students,

First off, I expect you all to be in this classroom “tomorrow morning”!! I realize that there is a college championship football game this evening. I have no problem with college athletics, save for the melon brains on the teams who could barely write their own names let alone be allowed attendance at a prestigious University such as Notre Dame; but if you must drink, please exercise moderation. I for one am sick and tired of the stench of alcohol each Monday morning in this classroom. I will not settle for it on a Tuesday morning!!!!

The business of this classroom moves forward…….

Students, I would like to address the subject of common courtesy this morning. For too many of you ingrates it is a practice unknown. For many of you the idea of being courteous is throwing a bottle of Budweiser over to your cabbage brained frat buddy on game day. Well, it goes beyond that. Common manners has been lost to our society as a whole. Each person from the slacker collegiate to the welfare cheat seems to be out for himself and only himself. Community does not exist anymore. I recall back in my early days of teaching when a young lady entered the classroom the young man who sat behind her would stand and pull her chair out----the mark of a true gentleman. You’re idea of pulling a chair out is to perhaps place a whoopee cushion on it or some thumb tacks. Pure childishness and at your ages you all should be ashamed of yourselves. SO, how did all of this happen??

Very simply, it is the lack of religion in our everyday lives. Far too many of you heathens disregard God in favor of science. Those of you who do practice some sort of faith seem to believe that as times modernize then why not should your respective religions???? Ridiculous!!!!!!

The BIBLE and say, the teachings of the Catholic church for example are not subject to the process of metamorphosis. Religious convictions do not change over time. Just because you slugs need an excuse to engage in pre-marital sex, or same sex activities and the whole of society accepts these premises does not make it right in the eyes of the Lord. Just because women seem to believe that the Catholic church would be a much more equal entity if women were allowed in the priesthood does not make it right. Just because homosexuals believe that the Church should accept them as equals and ignore their outlandish sins does not make it right.

Students, the Church is one of the last entities immune to the cancer of political correctness. And I truly believe that if each of you stopped thinking of yourselves and ceased engaging in your Sodom/Gomorrah like behavior and began to live a good, clean and moral lifestyle our nation would rebound from its troubles. I recall years ago presenting a lecture much like this one when a hippie ingrate raised his hand attempting to debunk my arguments against excessive alcohol use.
“Hey man,” he stated “You know, Jesus himself turned water into wine, man.” He smugly stated (I can still smell his awful odor).
I replied in kind, “Well, if Jesus walks into this classroom and places a glass of water in front of you and proceeds to turn it into wine----then you go ahead and drink it!!!!!!!”

Needless to say, the degenerate long hair was put in his place. As all youngsters usually are when they are up against old fogey’s like me---or even Jesus himself.
Something to think about this morning………..
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


EXAMPLE: the Professor is back on a daily schedule.
Speaking of common courtesy of all things while calling people names! Enough is enough with this pain in the ass. Get a handle on it Yonki,

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the Professor had disappeared for good for a while there. I thought we were free of him. Alas, I was wrong.

I don't think gays and lesbians care whether or not the church accepts them as equals. They only care about whether or not the law does.

Professor, are the walls padded where you are? You realize that if you have a schtick that you should just start your own blog? Because when you comment on another blog that isn't in a fun classroomish format in the manner in which you do, it makes you look like quite the ass. Unless you're a parody, in which case I'd say well done. But if you aren't being a parody, I would speak to your doctor about antipsychotic medication.

Can I drop your "class" in favor of someone else that's intelligent, informed, and competent? It's clear that you're none of these things.

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I keep trying to drop the class, but it follows me around. This fool thinks Lulac is his forum or his mental health outlet. Apparently its both as Dean Yonki allows the incompetent ramblings to continue. He probably knows who it really is and feels sorry or fears retribution from a mental case gun owner!


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