Monday, May 13, 2013

The LuLac Edition #2419, May 13th, 2013

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 1. So what did you think of that Angelina Deabreu court case? 

The whole thing was an unfortunate tragedy that didn’t need to happen. First off, why was that gun available to her son? Why did the kid even know it existed? As far as the young man shot dead, it is a lesson in picking your friends and knowing when to leave when that friend starts brandishing a gun. The fact that the kid who did the shooting dragged his friend’s body out onto the street showed he had no regard for life. All he was concerned about was protecting his ass. Then he went on TV, WBRE I think it was and was talking about how “Tyler was with the angels” or something to that effect. The kid did not at first, at least I’ve read, come clean to his mother. Then the mother covering up even though her child was responsible. After being sent away, did she not realize if this went to trial he’d be called to testify? And what was with the baby stroller? Was that just a sign that she could reproduce? Or a plea for sympathy? Why did her lawyer even allow her to go to trial if there were a trail of text messages that were bound to wind up in the proceedings? The whole thing was a mess and if not so tragic, would be a comedy of errors. But a promising young man is stone cold in the grave and his well meaning friend is in jail for a long time. In the meantime, mom apologized to everyone so I guess that makes everything better. Awful, awful case with no winners anywhere. 

2. Do you think Walter Griffith is going to have any problems in his primary bid against Karen Ceppa? 

Unless there is a major desertion by the party regulars of the GOP (and that may happen because Walter never was one of their main love interests) I think he’ll win. Ceppa is very qualified but has not had the chops to run any type of decent campaign to tout her abilities. She came close to getting within striking distance of Kathy Kane for Wilkes Barre City Controller but I think that had more to do with Kane’s erratic behavior as City Council Chair than anything else. Karen Ceppa might go down in Luzerne County political history as the most qualified candidate no one knew about.

3. Do you know Bob Kadluboski of City Wide Towing and is he crazy? 

The answers are yes and no in that order. 

4. The other night on CSPAN I was watching a TV show on First Ladies and the panel was discussing Andrew Johnson, the 17th President who succeeded Abraham Lincoln. A caller from Hamlin, Pa. asked how a Hamlin administration would have fared. What do you think? 

Wow. Missed that show. Wish I saw that. Used to know a redhead from Hamlin and used to frequent John’s Restaurant out there. Hannibal Hamlin was Lincoln’s first Vice President. Hamlin was born in Maine and first served in the Maine House of Representatives. He was a Democrat who became governor of the State. Disillusioned with the Democrat’s stand on slavery, Hamlin became a Republican in 1860 and became the first Veep of the GOP. He did not even meet Lincoln until after the election. Hamlin did not have much influence as Vice President but he strongly urged the writing of the Emancipation proclamation. In 1864 Lincoln and Southern Democrats formed the Union Party. Since Hamlin was aligned with anti slave radicals, Johnson was the safer pick especially in light of Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction. Hamlin later served in the U.S. Senate again as well as Ambassador to Spain. To answer the question posed, Hamlin was a more learned and sophisticated man than Johnson. So the culture of the White House would have been more urbane than Johnson’s tenure. His views were so strongly aligned with the anti slavery people that Hamlin would not have been as compassionate in war reparations., But that’s only a guess. I am stunned though that if what you say is true, the panelists and even the moderator on CSPAN couldn’t even give an intelligent guess on the question. Hope I helped. 

5. Are you a constant watcher of ESPN (like the President) or do you occasionally drop in? 

I drop in once in a while. I don’t like the teases of ESPN. Keep the baseball with the baseball, the tennis with the tennis and don’t jump all over the place like they do on Sports Center. I like the sports specific shows. I don’t watch it the time. In the late 70s when ESPN started, I had it on 24/7. But maybe that cured me of constant watching. Australian Rules Football could do that to you. 

6. Have you ever owned a seersucker suit? 

Nope. Had three leisure suits (khaki, lime and powder blue) though in the 70s. I think we burned all the photos though. 

7. Does it surprise you that NBC has fallen to number 5 in the TV ratings? 

Broadcast TV ratings are going down all the time but NBC seems to have no vision as to the type of network it wants to be. Other than “The Office”, “Law and Order SVU” and once in a while Leno and the Nightly News, I’m not tuned in any other time. So no. Does not shock me. 

 8. So on the news the other day I saw a story about popular baby names. David is still in the top twenty. How did you get your name? 

Yonki/Pribula/Seman lore has it that my name was supposed to be Mark. My mother really liked that name. My late grandfather lost a son in 1952 named Joseph. His nickname was Zeke. When I was born, he was lobbying hard for Joseph. That wound up to be my middle name and the rest of his life he called me “Joey”. My mother choose David because there were five letters in it, matching up with my last name. She said that the letters matched evenly (maybe she thought I'd be in the movies!) and I was named David. At least that’s the legend. 

9. Do you think the guy holding the women hostage in Cleveland was an Indians fan? 

Can’t say. But that would explain his infliction of pain and suffering on his captives. Had to get his anger out somewhere unfortunately. (Although the Tribe stands atop first place today!) My big mystery question in all of this is where were the brothers? Were they so bullied or stupefied by their brother that they had no clue? 

10. Did you ever finish that Calvin Coolidge book? 

Yes. Not impressed. The book was over hyped by the author (Amity Shales) trying to paint the 30th President as the last sane leader of the free world. In fact, Coolidge turned his back on Vermont flood victims saying the government should not intrude in natural disasters. His hometown people were not pleased. His testiness toward his Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover prevented some significant progress in changing the country because all Coolidge cared about was having a surplus. He’d have 6 month budget meetings with Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon where they cut the budget. These things were broadcast live! He was a political climber who got lucky because he put down a Labor Strike in Massachusetts and got national attention. Even bay state icon Henry Cabot Lodge thought the guy was a non entity. On the upside, Coolidge did embrace technology like radio, air pioneering and truck travel and felt that those new industries would be useful to our nation in the future. Other than that, not a fan. 

11. I see that Hillary Clinton will be 68 in 2016 and that Joe Biden will be over 70. Does that bode well for the Democrats? 

Not really. Both are quality people I’d vote for in a heartbeat but if the GOP were smart, they’d contrast that age difference with a younger candidate. 

12. So the President, your President is prevailing on mothers to force their kids to buy health care. Good idea or a momma’s boy using their apron strings? 

Don Draper, is that you? Apron strings? I haven’t seen a woman in an apron since I was in the Combat Zone in Boston in ’78. But I digress. The Health Care plans will work if you have healthy people in the pool. It is irresponsible for anyone working over the age of 21 not to have health care. Sorry, that’s a fact. And if the moms get on their kid’s cases, all the better. It makes sense but I’m sure Rush Limbaugh or that crazy cat Michael Savage will twist this someway into “our freedoms” being taken away. 

13. The Wilkes Barre Area School Board named its first black member in its history. Thoughts? 

The Reverend Shawn Walker is a good pick, not some crony. In this year’s election, I will vote for Len Cornish as one of my picks. This should have been done a long time ago but everything happens in LuLac land a dozen years after everywhere else in the country. I had a college professor who was fond of saying that he wasn’t afraid of an atomic attack because the bomb would get here ten years after everyone else got it. So I’m glad they did it but with the number of outstanding individuals around, it certainly took them long enough.


At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see a mom trying to help her son but this was not a good situation for anyone as you stated.
And I'm glad the School board picked such a fine man to fill the vacancy.

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea who to vote for on the Democratic side for Controller in the primary. Urban is looking to cash in on another pension. And the young lady running against him has the personality of a church mouse. Ceppa might have the degree but is unproven. Walter's campaign slogan should be, "Why the **** not?"

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary and Biden? Both are from another generation. It would be ironic if the young people who came along with Obama would rebuff his former rival and second in command.

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Good morning, students.
As it is Tuesday, I assume you are all finally recovered from the effects of your respective weekend addictions (with the exception of those of you who partake daily).
“The business of America is business!” Such is the infamous quote from our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge. I must take exception with Mr. Yonki’s paper regarding the man from Vermont. Coolidge was a business oriented chief executive who believed that thriving markets beget thriving employment. Indeed, during his five year tenure in the White House (succeeding to the office following the tragic death of Warren Gamiel Harding) our economy was robust due to his policies. He was a man of few words----the mark of a true hero (think Gary Cooper). One funny story has it that at a White House reception a woman approached “Silent Cal” and stated, “Mr. President, you are so quiet. I made a bet with my girlfriends that I could get more than two words out of you.”
The President promptly replied, “You lose.” Such was the wit of Coolidge!!!!! I also note that for the fact, Coolidge was the first President to speak at an African American University (Brown University to be exact) and urge tolerance of the races and equal treatment. He, like Barry Goldwater years later, believed that the issue of civil rights was best achieved by appealing to the heart and sheer decency of Americans. Not by government intervention a.k.a., Affirmative Action. For effort, Mr. Yonki, I give you a B on your paper. For content, I give you a C-, rounding out to a curve of D.
The work of this classroom goes forward……
Students, what on Earth is happening with the current Administration in Washington???? First we have the Benghazi debacle, followed by the IRS witch hunts and now the tapping of the phones of reporters by the Dept. of Justice (headed by the incompetent Atty. Gen. Holder). I have heard the phrase ‘drunk with power’ many times in my lifetime. However, it seems that the Obama Administration has pretty much emptied the brewery on this adage. I know that most of you slackers admire, even adore the President. It is my belief, however that even you ingrates would be offended to have your private conversations tapped and logged by the Justice Dept. for no logical reason whatsoever. Although in the case of most of you, their more than likely would be probable cause for surveillance what with your dealings with your bookies and dealers, etc. etc.
I am beginning to reevaluate the election of November past. Most of the polls had Gov. Romney ahead by five or six points, well above the margin of error. Even a liberal colleague of mine stated his dismay the day before the election. He could not even finish his lobster he was so upset during our luncheon at my club. So, my question is, WHY and HOW????? How could polls be so wrong? Judging by the revelations we have been experiencing these past few days, I am beginning to wonder if there should not be an additional investigation by Congress. Perhaps the wrong man was sworn in on January 20, 2013. And not because he lost fair and square, but because it may very well have been stolen from him. Governor Romney, if this is true, we are sorry. Very sorry.
Something to think about this morning…….
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Headline news of the day is about a gorgeous, bizarre woman having elective surgery! Geez. Funny part is she encourages other at risk women to consider it. Ya try getting insurance to pay for any elective procedures. She has a big pocketbook so that never crosses her mind. Hope she does well in her recovery, sincerely and I know she has done some very charitable things with her time and money and means well but like the characters in the Great Gatsby, these people live in another world.

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did we forget that age was played up very well by Ronald Reagan in his debate with what's his name. As he said, I won't hold his inexperience against him if he doesn't hold my age and experience against me (paraphrased).
I would hate to see Urban win the "D" nomination but if he does it will make for an interesting General election. Bednar is a better choice for the Primary but I will be voting for Ceppa in November. If I thought about it, I would have pulled a Yonki and registered "R" for the primary just to give her a vote. It is a shame that people do not consider qualifications of candidates when they vote. Of course, this might not be the situation if an indictment comes down on Griffith.

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only real candidate in this race for controller is Grif. The rest are sheep.


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