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The LuLac Edition #2563, November 26th, 2013

 Hazleton native Jennifer Melnick.
This is the cover of Jennifer Melnick's wonderful children's story set to be featured in Highlights Magazine. 


Hazleton native Jennifer Lynn Melnick has recently become a published children’s author. Her story, “Amelia Pepperpot Can’t Ah-Choo”appears in the December 2013 issue of Highlights magazine. This was Melnick’s first attempt at submitting a story to the renowned children’s magazine.
Melnick has been writing stories since first grade and had finally decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a children’s author.
“I’ve always known what I wanted to do, and I finally reached a point where I thought, ‘Why keep talking about wanting to write for children? I should just do it,’” said Melnick. “The worst that could have happened was that my story wouldn’t have been accepted. And being that it had yet to be published, I had nothing to lose.”
Melnick’s story is about a young girl named Amelia Pepperpot, who has an odd infirmity – she can’t sneeze. No matter what her parents and siblings do to try to coax a sneeze from Amelia, nothing works.
“Amelia felt a bit out of place, so I took her inability to sneeze and turned it into something quite useful,” said Melnick.
Amelia’s grandfather owns the town’s pepper factory, which experiences a machine malfunction that sends thick pepper clouds billowing out of the factory and throughout the town. In the midst of the pepper cloud storm, the Pepperpots realize that their family dog, Baxter, is missing.
No one can go outside without sneezing, except Amelia, so the young girl volunteers to find Baxter and brings him home to the relief of the Pepperpots. While sweeping up the pepper the following day, Amelia’s nose begins to twitch.
“Readers think Amelia is finally going to sneeze, but she’s only pretending,” said Melnick. “Amelia and I are alike in that we share a playful sense of humor, and besides, I enjoy adding little twists to my stories.”
The local children’s author is also a self-taught illustrator and is currently in the process of creating a picture book for a new story.
Melnick has worked as an editor, journalist, technical writer, corporate communications specialist, a Penn State weather forecaster, and a graphic designer. She is a Penn State graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and a minor in Art History, as well as a Master of Arts Degree in Telecommunications. For her Master’s Thesis, Melnick extensively studied the history of children’s books, as well as the children’s book and e-book markets, in order to find how publishers can promote a healthy e-book market for children. In her spare time, Melnick enjoys collecting antique children’s books.
Readers can catch Melnick’s interviews in the upcoming weeks on other area media outlets, including: WYLN-TV 35’s “Late Edition,” WILK 103.1 FM news radio’s “The L.A. Tarone Show” with host L.A. Tarone, and WVIA 89.9 FM’s “ArtScene” with host Erika Funke.
Her story, “Amelia Pepperpot Can’t Ah-Choo” is available in Highlights magazine at local bookstores and online at www.highlights.com.


At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read where future generations will judge us in part by our literature. I salute anyone who can write and I hope future generations will get a charge out of Amelia's inability to Ah Choo and I am serious. Congrats to anyone who gets a song recorded or a piece published or a book in
print! The creative road is tough.
Congratulations to the Author. the next step is success...

At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see a local lady representing our area positively on a national scale... and through pure talent. As a former educator, I know how tough it is to get a story accepted by Highlights. I have a friend who's been trying for years and still hasn't had a bite. It's a highly competitive magazine that gets thousands of submissions each month. Once your story is accepted by the "first reader" it then gets passed on to 4 senior editors who have years of experience working in children's book publishing. Your story must be accepted by all 4 editors in order to get a contract. To have a story accepted by Highlights is no small feat, and once you're in, you've got publishers' attention, you're taken seriously and ready to compete with the "big boys". Congrats!

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to a very talented young lady. As a teacher, mother and grandmother,I have read countless books through the years. Truly unique children stories are rarities . This story is fresh and unique and educational. I wish you success as you share your stories with our most precious resource- children.


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