Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The LuLac Edition #2641, April 23rd, 2014

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Scranton patron of the arts, actor Paul Sorvino. (Photo: hotflicks).


A few years back actor Paul Sorvino was going to make a movie in Scranton called "The Trouble With Cali". The Lackawanna County Commissioners forked over a half of million clams and now there seems to be, ahem, a problem. Our friend Pete submitted this to LuLac and that's today's "Write On Wednesday".
According to an article in the Times, the County Commissioners haven’t been able to get in touch with Paul Sorvino regarding an investment in a motion picture he made some time ago.
Well what the hell $500,000 is just a drop in the bucket to a distressed area and Sorvino says it was offered as a grant in the first place and he was gentleman enough to make it an investment. Thanks Paul from all the taxpayers in the County. Whats more there is no official document available as to what the deal was in the first place!  
Sorvino, a mediocre actor who appeared in one decent movie and currently has no career was also good enough to donate one of his sculptures to the area. His artistic credits in this field are in no known demand and in keeping with his thespian efforts are mediocre at best. Thanks to the efforts of a questionably talented actor, artist and failed director and a megalomaniac politician and convicted criminal, we can kiss that half a million goodbye. 
To quote another incarcerated former commissioner regarding the project, “It’s a Home Run.” No AJ, its more like a Home Movie albeit a very expensive one.


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yep, cecil b. hits Scranton.


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