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The LuLac Edition #2634, April 13th, 2014

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1. There was big news about the misery index here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Are you miserable?

Not really. With my past health issues I really have no right to be. I get annoyed but I’m not miserable. I hate winter but live my life in segments. I just want to get through 4 hour increments and if all goes well I’m content. I think the big part of misery around here is low wages but the other side of that is there are many negative people that no matter what you do, it isn’t good enough. But no, I’m good and not miserable. If you want misery, get cauterized in a hospital.

2. Governor’s race, who will win on the Democratic side?

Wolf. Lt. Governor is up for grabs.

3. Are you a slave to your cell phone?

I try not to be “that guy”. I panic when I can’t locate it but that’s because of habit I guess. I’m amazed at how rude people are with them though. I was in the UPS Store in Edwardsville (love Gabe and those guys) mailing some book orders and a lady comes strutting in with a package, phone right to her ear talking about a work related item. She barely acknowledged the 6 foot 4 clerk and just kept talking while he waited on her and then left still yammering away. Totally rude, demeaning, disrespectful and ignorant to the person behind the counter. There’s a special place in hell for creeps like her. And the hysterical thing is that long after she loses that job no one will remember her name and that so very important phone conversation. Except her family. Maybe. So no, I try not to be a slave to the old device.

4. Saw you at the book signing yesterday at Barnes and Noble. Nice crowd. What is the biggest thrill you get as an author?

Well after getting the thing in print, the best part is when people are reading the book and I run into them. I love it when they say, “I’m at the part where…..”, or “I can’t believe this character did…….” Or the best is “That ending, I didn’t see that coming”, or “I hated that ending, what were you thinking?” Nothing better than getting running commentary and paragraphs thrown back at you by people reading your stuff! Check out a future edition for some photos of that event.

5. I read your wonderful tribute to the late Jim Ward but I am mystified by the fact that there were no comments. Why is that?

Comments happen when people get passionate about something. After eight years I have no idea what will trip people’s switches. Like I’ll throw something real dumb up and all hell will break loose. I’ll work on something for a week and nothing. The Ward anniversary is remembered by a few people of my generation. But I feel it is important to document through this site people in media, politics and pop culture locally who made a difference. People may not comment but I know they read it and that’s enough when it comes to subjects like these.

6. What are your thoughts on former President George W. Bush’s painting?

First off I’m art challenged. Can’t draw to save my life. I’m no great judge of art talent. But I have to tell you that in my humble opinion he’s pretty good. You have to have a lot of patience and dexterity to do that. Really respect it.
After the seventh grade I was pretty much exempted from art. Around Easter 1967 we were given an art assignment for Easter. Kids were drawing angels and heavenly clouds, my friend Dave Dellarte drew this magnificent depiction of the Way of the Cross. I could only draw straight lines and using a cup, a half circle. My greatest triumph came when I discovered I could tilt the straight lines. I was a champ at arrows.
The late Soviet Cosmonaut Komarov, the subject of my seventh grade art project. (Photo: Time).
That spring a Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov plummeted to earth when the landing device failed. In the wake of the three astronauts America had lost in January of 1967, Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee, it was big news. So deciding to marry the topical with the religious I did a drawing of Calvary with the three crosses, on a half circle with a space capsule crashing into the side of the hill. The nun took the project, scowled and said nothing. That night the Principle called my parents from the school wondering if they might be interested in sending me to a Counselor. A meeting ensued, I was given basic art exams that proved my deficiencies and in eighth grade I just went to the library and looked at art books. So yes I do indeed have respect for anyone who can draw more than a half circle and straight lines.

7. Were you a Mickey Rooney fan?

You bet. Loved him in all the Andy Hardy movies which WVIA TV showed when I worked there. I think he was wildly entertaining and underrated.

8. Looks like Ray Musto is going to beat our Hugo Selenski for staying out of court, henya?

Yeah but what a way to win.

9. Madmen coming back on the air tonight. Any predictions for an ending and are there any redeeming qualities of Don Draper?
Madmen characters Roger Sterling and Don Draper. (Photo: AMC).
No predictions for an ending. I hope they don’t write it this way, he finally gets his act together and then gets hit by a bus. I read in New York Magazine that Don Draper’s life expectancy would have had him dying at the age of 59 in 1985 if he were a real person given his life style. The character is a womanizing shit and having been one I understand the complexities of his infidelity. That said, the one redeeming thing I see is that given his upbringing, he seems to not punish his kids brutally when they do something wrong. I’d like to think that aspect will play a role in the final season.

10. Heard you on L.A. Tarone’s radio program last month on a Friday. Will that be a regular thing?

Yes. I think we’re looking at the last Friday of every month if management and his listeners are okay with us screaming at each other.

11. Is it true that Dwight Eisenhower played golf on the day you were born?

Ike the duffer. (Photo: Eisenhower Library).
Yes. With Ben Hogan. The funny thing is that we heard on George Noory overnight on WILK from one of the conspiracy crazies that the golf game was a cover story because Eisenhower was at an Air Force Base meeting outer space aliens on the 20th of February. (I was born on the 19th). The AP reported that night that Ike had died of a heart attack but later retracted it when they found out he actually went to the dentist to have a crown repaired.

12. Favorite Easter food?

My sister makes a cheese passed down from generations in our family. It’s called cirak but my mother called it cydik and is a real treat. You make it with a dozen eggs, 4 cups of milk, cheese cloth and basic ingredients like salt and pepper to taste. A little bit of that with horse radish and it is a little piece of heaven. Here’s the recipe:
1. Measure milk into a bowl, and set over a saucepan filled half way with simmering water. Heat until warm to the touch, then gradually start cracking eggs into the milk while stirring almost constantly. This will scorch very easily. Continue to stir slowly once all of the eggs are in, until the mixture resembles scrambled eggs.
2. Pour into a cheesecloth bag and tie tightly. Hang from the sink faucet or over a bowl and allow to drain for 1 to 2 hours. Place on a cooling rack set over a pan or bowl and set a heavy object on top to press out the liquid. A cool cast iron skillet weighted with heavy cans works well. Press for about 2 hours.
3. Carefully remove the weights and cheesecloth bag from the cheese. Refrigerate the cheese for several hours or overnight before slicing and serving.

13. Saw you at the Tom Wolf for Governor event and you were looking fabulous. Glad to see you out and about. When are we going to hear about your illness from last year (if you care to share) and where the hell did you get that suit? My wife was guessing it was a cotton blend. When you do your local debates you give a Fashion Report so give.

You got a twofer here on the big 13. I’m struggling with outing myself on the neurological condition because not many people understand it. But it will come when I figure out a way to simply it. The suit is actually a sharkskin light from Tommy Hilfiger. It is so comfortable I want to sleep in it. Your wife has a good eye because it was a blend. And tell her thanks for navigating me toward hose meatballs. The Vinsko’s really know how to throw a party!


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that exact same story on WILK overnight. Crazeeee.
Love the 7th grade art story. Happy to see someone admit they stink at something.

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will CNN admit that the Flight 370 story is not the only story and in fact is no longer the top news item every day? CNN had a credibility problem to begin with, but this has really done them in. Give us an update or break in if and when there is news, but back off on this one. As a friend recently said,
CNN, "All Malaysia All the Time". So many breaking stories have turned to nothing. Its just not news after a month of endless speculation!


At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk is the original sharp dressed man.
yeah I agree. CNN is really losing me.
Reminds me of that story about the Congressan and his aide or intern. THen 911 happened and poof, not a word.
Not hoping for a tragedy at all....but Jeez when is this gioing to stop. Mind you I feel for the families but even the Hostage situation in '79 wasn't like this. And they were from here!!!!

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man oh Man are you guys right about CNN. Its still the lead story this afternoon! How dumb can they be? Want to run off the viewers and online readers who are left? Just stay with one story.

Sarah J.

At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I read your wonderful tribute to the late Jim Ward but I am mystified by the fact that there were no comments. Why is that?"

Jim's gone. He was a good guy. Again you did a terrific job. Personally there was nothing to add to such a fine post. Don't let that stop you though.

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got a question. The Scranton Times keeps showing a picture of the latest priest with a problem holding up a stuffed bunny rabbit. Is that another one of the good fathers fetishes? Stuffed bunnies! Is it an Easter thing? Too weird. The Times editorial by Chris Kelly said the Bishop threw the priest under the bus. No Chris, but I wish he would have. A city bus! The former priest threw himself under the bus. The Bishop acted and commented properly rather than going into cover up or transfer mode as in the past. This problem is endless.


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