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The LuLac Edition #2657, May 17th, 2014




There are three candidate vying for the chance to attempt to unseat first term Congressman Matt Cartwright. I met both Mr. Connolly and Mr. Dietz and think both are passionate and articulate. It is a shame both good, personable candidates are squaring off for this nomination. I have not met Dr. Moylan and have seen no evidence of any sort of organized campaign. But a good vote in his home county of Schuylkill might help him. Meet the three who want to take on Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photos of Connolly and Moylan from the Times Tribune, Dietz photo from candidate's website.) 
Matt Connolly for Congressional District 17:

I am standing in front of East Stroudsburg University for a reason. While not directly in the 17th Congressional district, the 17th starts right down the road and encompasses a large portion of Monroe County surrounding us. Students come here because they have a dream...a dream of a fulfilling future, financial security, and a good life. What do most of them leave with right now? Debt and bleak job prospects.
Why, in the greatest country in the world, is this so? Three words: The Obama Agenda. Let’s start with Obamacare. This law, rammed through Congress without a single Republican vote, is crippling the economy. Its stated goal was “Health care for all Americans”. Well, what is Obamacare, exactly? It’s a card, an insurance card. Does it mean that the wonderful doctor you’ve had for years, whom you trust and who knows you, is still available, but in a more affordable way? No! It means that you will probably have to drive 30 miles past that office to another doctor who accepts the card. Obamacare isn’t health care. It’s an insurance card, and not a very good one.
What are the other ramifications? Full time work is no longer 40 hours, it is now under 30. Who can live on that? Companies aren’t hiring. There are few health benefits attached to jobs because they don’t comply with Obamacare. Add to that the fact that President Obama himself has changed the law without the consent of Congress over 30 times in 3 years. Businesses need certainty before they hire and expand. They do not have that now.
Another job killer which is critical to this area is the energy policy. When President Obama took office, gas was $1.84 a gallon. It’s over twice that now, yet the president won’t even approve the Keystone pipeline which would lower fuel and electricity costs. Despite that, he claims to be on our side. If he was really on the side of the people, he would do what it takes to lower the cost of living. We send $800B every year to foreign countries for oil. That money should stay here.
What is another result of his policies? Growing Welfare and food stamp rolls. When the economy isn’t working, and no one is hiring, the safety net grows. This is not good for the human condition or this country. Society benefits most when people are self-sustaining and can take care of themselves. It keeps families together, and prepares the next generation of Americans to pass on the values and virtues of hard work.
The highly-regulated and taxed environment that exists in the US today is driving companies overseas. That costs jobs and keeps money out of our economy where it can benefit everyone. We have the highest tax rate in the world, and the strictest regulations. It has been projected that China has the potential to pass our economy this year! Clearly that strategy isn’t working. We must create a balanced business climate where companies are able to grow without strangling regulatory dictates.
Finally, I have been in the field of professional auto racing for the last twenty-five years, but as a small business owner who has felt the growing restrictions on what was my dream, I have had no other choice than to step up to run for Congress. I believe that the 17th Congressional district is not currently being represented in the best interest of the constituents or with their values.
Join me in the fight to return America to the greatness that it once had. Together we can renew the American Dream!
Matt Connolly has been endorsed by:
Independence Hall Tea Party PAC
Citizens Against Higher Taxes
Matt Dietz for Congressional District 17:


Currently a commercial pilot, Matthew had worked his way up from a baggage handler to a Captain for LR Services. Flying across the country has given Matthew a unique perspective on what makes our country great, as he has had the opportunity to see so much of it and interact with a diverse array of people.
Though born in New Jersey, Matthew has lived in the Lehigh Valley for 22 years. He and his wife, Lori, live in Wind Gap with their three children. Like many other local families, Matthew clips coupons and accumulates gas points to make ends meet for his family. The policies coming out of Washington often make it harder for too many hard working families in our region to get by – but Matthew plans to change that.
Matthew is also a dedicated community leader. He volunteers at his church and also serves on the Wind Gap Borough Park Board.
As a Congressional candidate, this is Matthew’s pledge to his constituents:
1. I won’t take the taxpayer-funded pension
2. I won’t create any special laws that don’t apply to Congress members
3. I won’t take a paycheck if the House can’t pass a budget

Dr. David Moylan for Congressional District 17:


Age: 62
Home: Auburn
Occupation: Schuylkill County coroner and medical director of The Simon Kramer Cancer Institute in New Philadelphia and the Joint Center for Therapeutic Oncology in Lehighton.


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Votin' NO! in the Lac on the Volpe Amendment. Not thrilled with what we now have, but I think it has been the men we elect and the corrupt and inefficient actions and decisions that constitute the problem not the system. Citizens for Smaller Govt want to go smaller by going from 3 to 7? Volpe and his money give me much cause for concern. I think its 50/50 right now based on a good old fashioned drive and a sign count.

Senior Lulac Sign Consultant
Lackawanna County

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to laugh when Republicans like Matt Connolly blame Obama for the price of gasoline. They seem to conveniently forget that the all-time record price of a gallon of gas was over $4 in July of 2008 when G.W. Bush was president. The reason the cost of gas was so low when Bush left office was because the country was on the verge of a depression thanks to the Wall Street crooks and Bush's economic policies. When demand for gasoline falls during a recession, so does the price. Any oil industry analyst will tell you that no President, Republican or Democrat, has much control over the price of gas. As for the Keystone pipeline, anyone who believes the environmentally destructive Canadian tar sands oil will stay in the U.S. is a fool. America is now the world's largest exporter of refined petroleum products, aka, gasoline.

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't let any of those guys even walk my dog.


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