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The LuLac Edition #2706, August 3rd, 2014

Former Major League pitcher Bob Duliba on one of the classic baseball cards (I think the 1964 set was the best I ever saw as a kid) from the mid 60s. (LuLac archives).
Yesterday on LuLac we told you about the career and untimely death of Thurman Munson on the 35th anniversary of his fatal plane crash. Today we had the opportunity to meet a local baseball legend, Bob Duliba. Duliba was the guest of Scranton card show promoter Bobby Ferri. Ferri holds memorabilia shows the first Sunday of every month at The Woodlands.
Duliba pitched primarily as a reliever in the Major Leagues from 1959 to 1967 compiling a 17-12 record. Duliba was the son of a Newport Township coal miner and was regarded as a decent relief pitcher toiling for four Major League teams. The first batter he faced was Willie Mays. Duliba only got one hit in the Majors. He was 1 for 26 but the guy he got his lonely hit  off was Sandy Koufax in 1960. Through the years he was a team mate of Bob Gibson and Stan Musial with the Cardinals and Carl Yastrzemski with the Red Sox.
After baseball Duliba returned to the area and was the baseball coach for the Wyoming Area School District and Wilkes College. Duliba closing in on 80 looks great and has the same gregarious personality that made him a favorite team mate in his major league career.
Duliba greeted baseball fans at the Sunday event. Both the Times and Leader and Citizen Voice covered the event.
Dave Dellarte who is seen shaking hands with Bob Duliba became a California Angels fans because he met Duliba at a Bowling Alley in Exeter fifty years ago.
Jimmy Wruble from Avoca gets a photo signed from the former big league righty.
From left to right, Bob Duliba, your blog editor, Frank “Yankee Frank/The Mickman” Martin and David Dellarte.


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