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The LuLac Edition #2789, December 8th, 2014


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MAYBE I'M AMAZED...that police union head Pat Lynch in New York City says that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio threw the police unions under the bus in his statement after the announcement on the Eric Garner case. Lynch said that the Mayor should have shown support for the police and that he showed disrespect to law enforcement. Really? Law enforcement that on tape literally killed a guy? Sometimes union heads overreach in the defense of the indefensible. I'm afraid though that Mr. Lynch is the norm rather than the exception in these cases.
MAYBE I'M that what bothers me about the Garner case is that I was always told that the bar to indict was very low. The old joke was that you could indict a ham sandwich if you wanted to. Unless of course he wasn't videotaped on a cell phone.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED...that for whatever reason this year I am getting more and more into Christmas music. And some of that music is really traditional and some of it is a tad different.

MAYBE I'M AMAZED...that our response to the killing of Americans in places like Yemin seem tepid at best. Now it is true we did try to do a rescue. But we should adopt the way the Israel government would have handled this. When they kill one of ours we should go after 50 of theirs. We know where they are, and they have no regard for life anyway. If that makes us as bad as they are...well sorry that's how you win wars. Also, I think it is a bad idea to have families beg for the lives of their loved ones. Begging these pigs (and my apologies to peaceful corn cob fed porcine everywhere) is like asking for a glass of water in a desert. It is what they want. I can't imagine the terror those families go through and the natural reaction is to do this. But it doesn't help. The only thing they understand is force and terror. We should act accordingly.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED...that people both black and white have to realize the fundamental difference between Eric Garner and Michael Brown. There was doubt with the latter, no doubt with the former. I believe that this video is the equivalent of the 1964 church bombing in the South where children were killed and white America woke up to the reality of the ugliness of race in this country.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED...and grateful that my friend Sue Henry has been carrying on the great tradition of The Radio Home Visitor on WRKC 88.5FM. The broadcast airs 7 days a week and airs at 10 AM.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED. ...that food trends come and go. Remember when Heinz had purple and green ketchup? Now we're back to the red. Amen!
MAYBE I'M AMAZED....that last week more than a few people paid a substantial fee to see James Taylor at the Arena. Take a look at what college kids were paying four decades ago..and they had a bus ride too! 
MAYBE I'M how people are amazed that Aaron Kaufer won a seat for State Representative in the 120th District. Kaufer outspent his rival, had outside help, and like his opponent Eileen Cipriani worked his ass off. BUT and this is a big but, after his showing in 2012 he never stopped rubbing. That counted for a lot.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED...but not really that my buddy L.A. Tarone's show just keeps on getting bigger and better. Tarone has interesting callers and runs a tight show.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED..that early football fields were painted with both horizontal and vertical lines which would in effect create a gridiron. Thus the term gridiron.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED...that this Bill Cosby thing just keeps getting stranger and stranger. First off any type of coerced sex is not only wrong but criminal. That said, I find it odd that a few of the women making allegations are doing so within a legal window of three years that states they can make a claim if they can prove that the alleged attack, liaison or whatever it was caused them long term damage. Prior to that  specific time frame the statue of limitations ran out years before.
MAYBE I'M how exciting the launch of the Orion Space shot is getting space junkies excited. Many are saying that this could very well be the first step to Mars.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…that Mark Sanchez has a renewal in Philadelphia after being left for dead in New York City. Sanchez needed to be brought along slowly and the impatience of New York and their hurry up and wait culture benefits the Eagles.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……..but not, that David DeCosmo‘s blog “No News Is……Good News?” was named best blog by Diamond City. DeCosmo is an accomplished writer, a virtual broadcast icon in this area who has covered every significant story of note in LuLac land and started his creative interest blog a few years back. Our heartfelt congratulations.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that James Brown may have had many children but in 1973 he became a surrogate father to 18 year old Alfred Sharpton. It was James who convinced young Alfred to shorten his first name to Al. Eventually Al became James Brown’s manager. In 1981 the two joined up for a single called “God Has Smiled on Me” with James singing and Rev. Al Sharpton preaching between the verses. Released on Royal King records, a copy can get you $200.00 today. (Thanks to Twig from Florida for that amazing nugget!!!)


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki .. Nothing mentioned about John Lennon's murder anniversary. Surprised, very surprised!

At 8:08 AM, Anonymous Bluto said...

So pretty much any 50 to slaughter will do, eh? Has it occurred to you they they already are implementing a similar policy?

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the city of New York, all out of shape that its $13-per-pack taxes are not being collected due to the black market for cigarettes that's sprung up due to all of these taxes. So what do they then do? They mandate -- they mandate -- they call the police commissioner and they tell him, you get your members of the force locked and loaded on this. I want people arrested, I want examples made, I want to get these black-market cigarettes off the street, I want to get 'em out of town, and anybody selling them I want deal with.

And so the cops hit the streets with their marching orders and on the way to catching the guy selling loosies (individual cigarettes), they have to probably pass by some people, you know, who knows doing what with whatever it is, crack or marijuana or whatever, 'cause they're hellbent on getting these black market guys out -- because that is our precious tax revenue. So Eric Garner, with everything else that's involved here, whatever else happened here, we have a guy who died over a tax collection issue but nobody will say that out loud. We have a poor guy who died because of a tax collection issue.

Even so when a cop(s) gives you a direction: COMPLY. Sort any problems out in court. Simple, huh?

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I aint too amazed in light of several incidents and especially the NYC death that I feel like this, As long as its done with consideration for circumstance and is heartfelt, there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing your feelings in no uncertain terms. Its your right.
Athletes and entertainment stars have a built in forum and an open opportunity to over react and make a fool of themselves and like all of us should stop and think carefully. Make your statement but try to be cool and encourage those around you to maintain theirs.
People of Good Will will prevail.
I hope, they will.

At 7:24 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Yonki .. Nothing mentioned about John Lennon's murder anniversary. Surprised, very surprised!


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