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The LuLac Edition #2862, March 25th, 2015


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GOP Rising star Marcel Lisi. (Photo: Times Tribune).
During the 2014 campaign, one of the newest rising stars in the Lackawanna County Republican party made quite an impression. Whether it was at Public Forums or on broadcast appearances, Marcel Lisi made an impression. Lisi ran against Marty Flynn in the 113th Legislative race. This week we feature a Letter to the Editor he wrote regarding the lack of a minority commissioner in the Lac.

No matter how often Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O’Malley flips, he flops

It is my opinion that Lackawanna County now has absolutely no Republican representation.
I am very disappointed in the choices that Pat O’Malley (D, R, D) has made for both himself and the Lackawanna County Republican Party.
It was only several weeks ago that Pat came before me and the other members of the Lackawanna County Republican Executive Committee to reaffirm himself as a Republican and embrace the GOP’s values and policies. During his presentation before us, Pat sought our endorsement (which he did not receive), support and a potential Republican running mate for the 2015 commissioner’s race. He even mentioned my name and the hard work that I had done in the past for the party.
I sat directly in front of Pat when he lied to me. Pat O’Malley has contributed very little to Lackawanna County as a commissioner, regardless of what his party affiliation might be these days. Whether Republican or Democrat, Pat is completely unfit to move Lackawanna County forward. His experience as a professional politician severely negates his credentials as an honest leader.
My only advice to now-Democratic Commissioner Pat O’Malley is this: History repeats itself, and former Republicans turned Democrats Jimmy Connors and Arlen Specter learned that the hard way.
Marcel Lisi 


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