Monday, April 13, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2876, April 13th, 2015


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1. What are your thoughts on the proposed Scranton Summer slide costing $15 bucks a ride? Once!!

Well it’s not the first time a visitor to Scranton was ever taken for a ride and had to part with their money. A lot of questions here like where will the water come from? What is someone poops? Where will the money go? 15 bucks for a one minute thrill?? Even the old Thirsty Stone on Capouse Avenue gave you a better deal and more time than that. At least that’s what I’ve been told!

2. The County Council races in Luzerne County seem to be pretty quiet at this point. Any news?

Well the GOP has even failed to fill a slate so you won’t hear much from them. There are really good candidates who ran for various offices in the past but they are hard pressed to return due to the lack of support. As far as the Democrats go, you’ll see some action soon. Tony Rostock has been out there and it will be a matter of time before the others follow suit. Even though three newcomers got the endorsement of the Democratic Party, Robert W. Scene, John Godomsky, and John J. Pekarovsky, (met him tonight at Tom Shubilla's event in Plains) it would behoove them to get out there and get some name recognition. Both Steve Urban and Ed Brominski are known quantities and Jane Walsh Waitkus has been out there before. The old days of a straight vote are gone.

3. How is your boy Mr. Wolf doing so far?

Too early to tell in terms of how the budget will shake down. But he has common ground with Republicans in terms of Property Tax Reduction. He has named an interim Treasurer and is pushing his Education programs. The tale of the tape is going to be though how this first budget gets done and if he can make taxation equal for those who have been carrying the burden for so long, property owners.

4. How about that woman from Old Forge who wrote a book on open marriage. After deciding she wanted a child at age 40, her husband told her he had a vasectomy. Thoughts?

50 Shades of Pizza Sauce? I’m sorry I was drifting. While I never had a vasectomy, I know men who have and it’s kind of hard to disguise. So either she or he was out of town, she didn’t notice or he hid it well, that’s the part that I dubious to me. As one who has undertaken projects, I’m glad she’s selling some books. As one author close to this blog wrote, to paraphrase here, “We wish her well in her future endeavors”.

5. Rock 107 turns 35 this year. You still listen and do you have a favorite Rock 107 story?

The Rock 107 Birthday Bashes at the Woodlands were the best. They are having it later this month (not on Holy Thursday as in the past) and it is a very good time. I do have many memories of the place but the two that stand out is my very first day there for an interview where I met the late Jim Petrie and the day 7 months later where on the Scranton Times Building roof a family employee hurled a snowball at the General Manager and hit him in the ear. Most there were astounded that the snowball hit the GM but I was very impressed with her arm speed.
One of the things that always blew me away was the recognition and the almost fanatic like obsession of listeners with the Rock 107 license plate or bumper sticker. We would do sales remotes and you’d give some guy in his late 30s a bumper sticker for the pick up or Celebrity he or she was driving and you’d think you gave them a million bucks.
There is such a dearth of good music on the radio that I actually start listening to them again on a regular basic. It is always consistently good.

6. You use a computer every day but what is your writing implement of choice these days?

Really? I use a regular ballpoint pen but because of my daily, full time position I often use pencils. It is easier to edit that way.

7. Why do you refer to your wife as Mrs. FB on Facebook?

For the same reason I refer to her as Mrs. LuLac on LuLac. Not terribly original. Gort 42 used to refer to his wife as Mrs. Gort.

8. Andy Jarbola the long time DA in the Lac is literally walking into the Court of Common Pleas with no opposition. Is that fair?

It is the process. Plus Jarbola picked his spots in terms of when “not to run”. Sometimes the decision “not to” is more important than “when”. Look at the 2009 Luzerne County race. Then look at the 2011 race. There were a few well known attorneys that might have succeeded had they waited a two more years.
Plus there is no Republican party to speak of in Lackawanna County. So it is his time.

9. Do you believe in Merit Selection for Judges?

No. Let the electoral process will out. All you get with Merit Selection are lawyers associated with connected firms. A guy like Carmen Minora in the Lac or Bill Amesbury in the Lu are examples of someone who would not be selected.

10. Will Benghazi hurt Hillary Clinton’s chance for the Presidency?

I’m sure the GOP will try to bring it up over and over again. But the average American’s outrage barometer lasts less than three news cycles. It won’t.

11. When you worked at Rock 107 where did you guys go after the parade?

Some to Whistles but the best invite you could get was from Jay Daniels for Ham and Cabbage at the Liederkranz. (I hope I’m spelling that right). The place was packed with parade goers and the place was a fond memory. As you know I’m not a drinker so I just left before 5pm most times.

12. Why does WYLN TV broadcast the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Wilkes Barre and not the one in Hazleton and why doesn’t the other Hazleton TV station broadcast it?

Hazleton has no formal St. Patrick’s Day parade and WYLN TV 35 is a licensed TV station not cable access.

13. I’m stunned that there has been no mention of watching Gray’s Anatomy especially when your girl Geena Davis is on it. What gives?

I never watched the show from the first season. My coworkers at Blue Cross loved it. But  Thursday I work on the big edition of LuLac during that time and I’m still waiting for her (Ms. Davis) to call and invite me on the set.


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