Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2893, May 5th, 2015


Spring 2015 Blogfest is in the books. The event was well attended and had no distractions like last year’s capture of Eric (Don’t you hurt my feelings you meanie District Attorney who is using my photo in your campaign advertising) Frein. Much thanks to Michelle Hryvnak Davies for her help with promoting this with all forms of media.
While there aren’t that many races on this year’s ballot, County Council candidates came out to meet and greet. Incumbent Edd Brominski was on hand and was one of the first to arrive with GOP incumbent Steve Urban Junior. Ray Gustave another GOP candidate spent time at the event as well. Democrats Tim McGinley, Tony Rostock, Jane Walsh Waitkus and Robert W. Schnee were there meeting and greeting people.
Art Bobouinne and Joe Sperraza worked the room as well as District Magisterial Judge candidate from 11 01 03 Tom Wardle who touted his efforts in the race to replace long time Magistrate Diane Malast.
The sitting DA Stefanie Salavantis was there as well as her opponent Vito DeLuca. Things went pretty well because there were no acrimonious Tweets after the event. I checked.
Bob Morgan was there from Congressman Cartwright’s office with his wife Marcella. Attorney Gerald Mecadon and his wife Christa made the event as well as Phil Gianfricaro who was singing the praises of his son, the newest employee at the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority.
Lynette Villano was on hand as well as former West Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy opining on the chances of his Yankees. Also on hand were up and coming young Democrats Beth Gilbert a candidate for Wilkes Barre City Council C District and Thom Shubilla a candidate in Plains Township. Bob Caruso was holding court at the event providing both inspiration and insight.
The Red Mill did a great job and Joe Valenti and I discussed more blogfests to come with NEPA blogger http://nepablogs.blogspot.com/ Harold Jenkins who is sporting quite the hair these days.
A good time was had by all. Sorry for the getting this up on line so late. Stuff happens.
And if I missed anyone I spoke to, very sorry. I was a moderator at 2 debates in Hazleton, was on Pa. Live earlier in the day and had three family events the previous weekend where I flew solo due to cold Mrs. LuLac was and is battling. Then there was that pesky thing called a full time job.
Here are a few photos from the event.

Me along with DA Salavantis and candidate for Judge in District 11-01-08 Tom Wardle.
Okay so if I'm a voter in Plains and Laflin in that District Judge race, I'd want to vote for a guy who is a police officer but has met both the current DA and her opponent. Tom Wardle attended and had conversartions with both candidates.
Democratic County candidates were on hand, from left to right Bob Schnee, Elaine Walsh Waitkus, second row Tim McGinley and Tony Rostock.
County Councilman and former Commissioner Edd Brominski was having a spirited discussion  with Susan and Beth Gilbert.
Meanwhile Plains Township Democratic candidate Tom Shubilla shares a story with Bob and Marcella Morgan.
Speaking of both Shubilla and Gilbert, I certainly wanted to pose with two rising stars of the Democratic party.
Steve Urban Junior and Lynette Villano were  out and about.
Steve Urban, Art Boubouinne and Jeff Sperrazza.
NEPA Blogs Harold Jenkins at the event. Harold is featured on WBRE TV's Pa Live program every Tuesday talking about new and exciting blogs in Northeastern Pa.
The DA Stefanie Salavantis with former Corbett official, Tom, not Steve and former West Pittston Mayor Bill Goldsworthy.


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yes blogfest or yay for dem dems dese 'n doze - its like christmas for democrats - they get all the presents while the repukes pick coal


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