Saturday, May 16, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2903, May 16th, 2015

 George Brown pressing the flesh at Friday's event.
Wilkes Barre Mayoral candidate George Brown held an event in Wilkes Barre last night at the Riverside bar on Old River Road. On hand were various Democrats stopping in to support Mr. Brown.
Stopping by were Paul Maher former aide to Congressman Kanjorski, County Council candidate Bob Schnee, Ted Wampole who was helping to organize the event and others soaking up one of the last political events of this election season. Here are some photos. 

Rick Sorokas was out and about last night chatting up with Councilman Bill Barrett.  
Candidate for Mayor George Brown and me discussing the race. 
Luzerne County Council member Edd Brominski with a big smile along with current Council member Eileen Sorokas. There was a big ad in the newspaper yesterday and Edd wasn't mentioned. We'll explain in future editions. 
No, this is not a photo of The Rogaine support group of Wilkes Barre. Bob Morgan aide to Congressman Cartwright, Tom Malloy candidate for District Justice in 11-1-02 and your blog editor all sporting our domes.


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