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The LuLac Edition #2904, May 16th, 2015


Well it had to happen. With all the scandals we’ve had in LuLac land, we haven’t had one with a “gate”. But maybe we have one now, maybe we don’t.
The news broke yesterday that District Justice Jared Kane’s signatures were being brought to light by Wilkes Barre taxpayer advocate Bob Kadluboski who started to beat the drum. By the afternoon, the on line blog WB Truth had the story as well WILK, The Times Leader and The Citizen’s Voice.
Here’s what The Times Leader reported. A longtime community activist has raised questions about whether signatures on a campaign petition for district judge candidate Jared Martin Kane are legitimate.
City Wide Towing owner Bob Kadluboski has forwarded those concerns to Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis in a formal letter.
Following a review of the petition, a Times Leader investigation has revealed at least three possible discrepancies among more than 100 signatures.
Salavantis on Thursday said she was aware her office had received a letter from Kadluboski, but had not yet reviewed it.
“Our office has received a complaint involving the Wilkes-Barre race for Magisterial District Judge. The matter is under review to determine what action is necessary,” Salavantis said Friday.
“I am not unmindful of the timing of the complaint and its relation to the upcoming election; however, if an investigation is needed, it will be handled diligently.”
It’s too late for anything Kadluboski alleges to bump Kane from Tuesday’s campaign ballot, but Kadluboski is now asking whether some of the signatures are forgeries, and whether that breaks the law.
Luzerne County Administrative Services Division Head David Parsnik said March 17 was the deadline to challenge nomination petitions.
Complaints about petitions after that date must be filed in court or presented to law enforcement, he said.
So what we have here are 5 people claiming they did not sign the Republican petition. Kane who’s name was listed as the circulator had 104 signatures, 5 of the 99 are being challenged. Now.
District Judges can cross file and it is prudent for any candidate to try and win an election on both tickets. A future career depends on it.
In 2001, Attorney Bill Amesbury snagged the GOP nomination in South Wilkes Barre and went on to win two terms as the District Justice. In this election both Jared Kane and Tom Malloy got enough signatures to garner a GOP ballot position. It is rare for someone not to do this but it does happen. Kane and Malloy’s opponent Justin Woychik did not get enough signatures for the GOP. In District 11 3-08, Attorney Steve Menn did not secure enough for the GOP ballot.
A few observations here. As I sat in Abe’s yesterday morning eating my TGIF breakfast I saw a full page ad promoting Jared Kane. I thought, the kid is owning his candidacy. Having met him recently, I saw a young man who seemed focused on the task at hand. I also met him last year at the wake for a co worker of mine. He was compassionate, knew just the right thing to say to grieving family members and looked like he was in charge.
I’ve met Kane’s opponents, Mr. Malloy and Mr. Woychik. Good guys.
The nominating petition disclosure at this late hour is troubling for me. First off, if there were improprieties they should be handled by due process. Due process means what the law says.
That brings us to District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis. Not five minutes into this thing, there were people questioning the DA as to how she would pursue this and by God if she didn’t or came down on the side of those who found the petitions, then she must be someone's crony.
The DA’s job is to investigate, get the facts and then proceed. Right now speculation about what she will or will not do is pointless. Her office has to look at the case and see where it goes.
Let’s look at the lateness of the petition. The Election head says nothing can be done until after the Election. The time to challenge this was in March. That didn’t happen.
Plus there isn’t a nominating petition out there that hasn’t been fudged by a few names. Sorry no one will admit that but it does happen. Sometimes it slides, sometimes it doesn’t. But the time for that decision was March 15th, not May 15th. Where were those prying eyes back then?
I’m not siding with anyone here but if you are going to plan a big “October Surprise” as Bill Vinsko called it, you don’t do it the Friday before election day. What is perplexing to me is this. We know the Kane family has enemies but I thought they were way smarter than this.
If there were forgeries alleged they have to be proven. If the five Wilkes Barre residents didn’t sign them, then who did? And more importantly why did this happen now? A late surprise like this helps neither Mr. Kane or Mr. Malloy. For Mr. Kane he has to recapture his momentum. For Mr. Malloy, I bet he wishes the news came out sooner rather than later. For Mr. Woychik, it matters little because he is not on the GOP ballot.
If Kane is disqualified on the GOP ballot and has the nod on the Democratic side, he has to run in a General. If Mr. Malloy or Mr. Woychik wins the Democratic nod, then Kane is out.
What will matter is the aftermath of this thing. If Kane secures the Democratic nomination and Mr. Malloy gets the Republican nod, or vice versa, this will make for a humdinger of a General Election.
And the kicker is no matter where this leads for Mr. Kane and his committee or for the eventual winner on the other side (if there is no double nomination), Stefanie Salavantis will get the blame for doing too much or too little.
Welcome to Signature-Gate Folks. And the beat goes on.


At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, you're right on target, that horse has left the barn and now the gate has no real use.

How about the Pittston Area School Board ticket led by Charlie Sciandra having convicted kickback taker Ross Scrantino at their fundraiser? Once again, the more things change the less they change and who is the campaign manager? Yep, Mike Lombardo, king of kings. If the Sciandra team wins, Lombardo wins.

At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG you're in the tank for Kane. WTF happened to you?
First it is protect any " everyone at WILK so you get to be on the radio.
Then Mayor Tom terrific could do no wrong.
Next, you basically become a Wolf spokesman in hopes of landing some gig.
And now this. What do you want from the Kane?
Your blog grew because you were telling it like it was. Now it's all about Yonk getting something, which seems to get you on radio and tv. (edited)
You sell out to be exploited for your insights, which are becoming more and more tainted.
You are the Steve Corbett of the blogosphere, more concerned with ego selfaggrandization and less concerned with being genuine.
I miss the old lulac and it's integrity.
I guess the big voice in a small pond hasn't infected only Corbett and Tarone.

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not think Yonk is in the tank for Kane. But if you think that, you are entitled to that.
He said nice things about them all.
I agree with him on these counts. It is too late.
Where were these guys when this was taking place?
As far as Leighton, Yonk was very critical of the Mayor earlier in his tenure. But as we learned in '11, you need votes to beat somebody.
The Kane case is illustrative of this. If the people wanted t take him down, they should have done it earlier.
Their motives now are suspect. And that makes Kane look good. Looks like they are beating a man when he is down.
Voters do not like that. Voters around here don't like personal attacks either. There are plenty of 30 something kids still at home.

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at LuLac through the years the only thing Yonk got criticized for was being pro choice. After the crazies started to tell him to burn in hell things were calm.
BUT when Yonki started to come out as a bit partisan, backing Cartwright and others, people took offense because that wasn't fair.
The Mayor of Wilkes Barre has been the most targeted public servant in America. Nothing.
Yonki recognizes that and now he is in the tank?
By the way the guy was on the radio long before WILK News talk radio existed.
And one more thing, about that Tom Wolf gig? Maybe if Yonk were somewhere in this area helping his regional director who I know has her hands full, maybe the freaking Governor of this state wouldn't be on Newswatch 16 telling a reporter that he found out about the Jessup sitation in the drive up to NEPA.
I mean really?

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey if you think Yonki is in ther tank for Kane, he's also not reporting this link on another District Judge race. See this link: Take a gander at one of the Magnificent 7 running in the land of purple and white.

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

first off a blogger of note as the George Brown campaign called him gives opinions. I don't think he is in the tank for Kane. Unlie flame throwing bloggers and on line writers, Yonki tries to straddle the middle. And when he makes a turn that people don't like, or gives someone the benefit of the doubt, he's in the tank.
On WILK, he is no fan of Clyde Lewis and has said so.
If the TV people thought he was so awful they wouldn't invite him.
He has earned the right to write what he wants, edits hgow he wants.
Did Jared Kane do something wrong? Don't know but I do know that the people bringing it up now are as Yonki and Corbett pointed out yesterday late. Period.
The voters will decide. And Yonki will keep on showing up because unlike other on line wanna bees out there, he offers something different every day.

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:13 AM...if you had read that article correctly, Yonki is not in the tank for Kane. He is sympathetic on a personal basis for young Mr. Kane for sure but if anything he is in the tank for the DA.

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an attempt by haters to as Attorney vinsko said: "pull an October surprise. We have a bunch of haters in Wilkes-Barre who want to get even with all and any elected official who has not sided with them, we have guys like Robbins, a publicity hound who has nothing to do with Wilkes-barre trying to influence with his hate speech---work on your own home town Robbins.We have "gadflies who run for office in Wilkes-Barre and don't actually live in Wilkes-Barre. All pushing hate, lies and innuendos for their purposes. Sure there are problems in the city but there is no one easy call to fix it. It takes planning and people with a plan not just people who hate, try to scare voters and can say nothing but "NO"! We are on the right track, even though bumpy so stay the course with those candidates who have a vision and plan and can work with others or it's Wilkes-Barre back to the "Dark Ages"

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:29 are correct. and God forbid when a guy like Yonki even dares to go off track, he is selling out.
He is one of the most hard working guys in this area on this blog and other things he is involved in. But oh no if you don't go with their line, "everybody sucks", you must be selling out".


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