Saturday, June 13, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2940, June 13th, 2015


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1. Is it possible for Hillary Clinton to become President with such a negative rating?

Yes. She will be the beneficiary of a different set of standards that are going on in politics today. In days past if you had a below 45% rating, you were toast. But the election of President Obama with little experience, the fact that this country’s politics are so segmented and polarized as well as the fact that she will be attacking the eventual nominee of the GOP back says it is possible. But she has to get through a primary first.

2. Any personal opinion Bruce Caitlin Jenner?

I refer you to the lyrics in the 1972 Chuck Berry hit “My Ding A Ling”. Chuck sang out, “Live lie you wanna live”. My life will not change one iota because of this big “story”.

3. McHale’s Navy or Hogan’s Heroes?

McHale’s Navy. Hogan’s Heroes was just too hard to watch for me when one of my favorite movies as a kid was “The Great Escape”.

4. Any thoughts on the Soccer bribery scandal?

None at all.

5. Is Rand Paul just dumb or dumb as a fox?

Dumb as a fox. You read it here first. Paul is setting himself up for a run as a Third Party candidate in the General Election. He is appealing to youth as well as those with a Libertarian bent. He’s no dummy but very cunning.

6. How long do you think it will take for the winnowing process to begin in the GOP field?

After Iowa.

7. It appears that the GOP House in Harrisburg is trying to block everything Governor Wolf wants to do. How can he combat that?

Carefully by taking small victories and trying to reason with the people in the Senate. His go to guy should be Senator John Yudichak who has great relationships with the Senate GOP.

8. Pending an investigation, do you see a future for young Mr. Kane in area politics?

Absolutely. First off they have to prove what went wrong and who signed those petitions. Plus if he works in the community and builds a base, starts small, he can come back.

9. Does the team of Laureen Cummings and Bill Jones have a chance against Patrick O’Malley and Jerry Notariani?

Yes. Despite whatever bull the Dems give you, O’Malley and Notariani are going to be out for themselves. It is imperative that Cummings and Jones run together and build a better get out the vote campaign as well as campaign against taxes. But they can’t get strident either. All they need is a first and third place finish to get a majority.

10. Do you think Steve Corbett is being a hypocrite when he defends Clinton not talking to the press when he vilifies Gov. Wolf for using the same tactic?

No but I bet you do!!!! Seriously I think there is a difference. Wolf’s strategy was to do controlled events. It seems at the start so is Secretary Clinton’s. The national press as you, me and Steve know is a very different animal. Wolf is speaking to the press, did so in the campaign. Clinton will too. But I think that Corbett had more of a relationship as a voter with Clinton than he ever did with Wolf. A disparity in reaction toward different candidates and campaigns does not make you a hypocrite though. Ask him. 570-883-0098, 3 to 6pm on WILK.

11. Long shot nomination for GOP nomination?

No long shot. Here it is. John Kasich of Ohio. He can build bridges and isn’t Jeb Bush. Plus Marc Rubio has an Obama problem. I don’t think this country s ready for another first term Senator to be President again.

12. Curly Cream or Dairy Queen?


13. Those two prisoners who escaped from that prison in New York. Do you think they’ll try suicide by cop?

One can only hope.


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