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The LuLac Edition #3019, August 31st, 2015


Joe Biden has been trying to make a decision about being President. Biden has had a stellar career that has been virtually uninterrupted since his election in 1972 to the Senate at the age of 29. He has a lot to consider like
1. He will be entering a race very late and has to get staff together to mount a true challenge.
2. Biden must make this a personal decision, does he run the risk of
ruining a place in history that he earned?
This kind of reminds me of the 1976 presidential race when the Democratic party wanted to stop Jimmy Carter from getting the nomination. There was an element in the Democratic Party that was trying to get former Vice President Hubert Humphrey to enter the race as an alternative. Like Biden Humphrey had the taste for the office. He had run three times 60, 68 and 72, once getting the nomination and coming very close to beating Richard Nixon. The folks who were championing the ABC movement (Anybody but Carter) wanted Humphrey to jump in because this was a perceived void. Carter unlike Secretary Clinton was not weakened by questions about technical issues in running an office but Democrats were uneasy about the smiling Southern Baptist’s nationwide appeal. Humphrey though about it long and hard when the ’76 primaries seemed likely to result in a deadlock, but ultimately decided against it. At the conclusion of the Democratic primary process that year, even with Jimmy Carter having the requisite number of delegates needed to secure his nomination, many still wanted Humphrey to announce his availability for a draft. But Humphrey knew he was suffering from the bladder cancer that would claim his life. Still Humphrey gave a parting shot when he said, “I’m not an old race horse that answers to the bell just because they want me to”. (paraphrasing here but I saw the news conference which was broadcast live on national TV)
Biden, though not ill like Humphrey has to decide if he is going to known as the guy who will run the race because now he’s needed but wasn’t necessarily wanted at the start. When Clinton was high in the polls there was nary a mention of Biden.
Will Biden be able to come in and attack Hillary Clinton? If I were Biden I’d decline to run but make myself available to serve. That’s the smart play. It is not a definite yes but leaves the door open just in case he is needed. Biden would do well to remember the old political adage from political pros pushing a candidate very hard, “The best day of your candidacy will be the day before you announce”. Sometimes no is better than yes.


So we all know that a Deputy Sheriff in Texas was gunned down while pumping gas. He was essentially assassinated and taken by surprise. By now you know the deputy officer was white and the assailant was black.
As always the media weighed in and tried to understand why the killer would do such a thing. A few bleeding hearts on CNN said that the punk had run ins with the law and maybe that's why he killed the sheriff. The officer was wearing his uniform and one commentator said maybe that's what triggered him. Really?
We are wondering what triggered a guy to get out of his car and just go up and shoot someone in the head? Maybe we should wonder why a police officer can't do a common thing like pumping gas without getting killed.
Today on WILK Rob Neyhard called out the President because he sent emissaries to Ferguson and not a peep came out from him about this death. One of the text messengers called him a racist. C'mon God forbid you express an opinion that is supportive of the police. Imagine if the deputy returned fire and hit the punk.
Oh my God there would be marches and riots because the assailant was shot!
Look I understand that a young black man living in America is under more scrutiny than others. It is not fair. I will never understand that pain and humiliation. I know there have been black lives unfairly targeted by bad apples. But in this country there is a process to the protest. And the process is that you protest with a goal.
The black lives matter movement needs to define what it wants from America. When Hilary Clinton asked that question she was told her heart wasn't in the right place. Clinton and America are still waiting for an answer.
If I were an adviser to that movement I'd put out three things that can be done to increase understanding between police and young blacks. But with the caveat that police should not be killed with an eye for an eye mentality.
On the afternoon of the day of the killing Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota chanted this: PIGS IN A BLANKET, FRY THEM LIKE BACON.
What I can't understand is why there has not been an outright condemnation of this phrase. This is a threat to all police. This is a threat to public safety. How dare this group put their own stupid hate filled rhetoric against an albeit imperfect but vital part of this country's infrastructure.
Any reasonable person is appalled by those actions. And if blacks who want a better break and fair treatment think this is going to help, they are enabling the bad apples to justify their actions. It's a lose lose for all.
It is also quite telling that the suspect is not talking. Locally we've had people shot who would rather drive to Jersey wounded than go to a hospital. We have unsolved murders of African Americans here because no one is saying nuthin' to nobody. That's being a citizen?
Finally the Black Lives Matter Movement has to decide what exactly it is they want to overcome and how they can work with the people in various communities to get there. Ferguson has started eliminating fines for people who can't afford them. You can argue right or wrong but at least it's a start. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s spawned many a political career and the benefits that all of us have today came from their earned input. That came from putting themselves out there on a ballot and not on a street seeming to cheer the death of a murdered police official with horrible language.

 Senatorial candidate Joe Sestak (Photo: LuLac archives).
Former Congressman and Admiral Joe Sestak will be in town this Thursday night at a fundraiser hosted by Congressman Matt Cartwright. The event again is Thursday, September 3, 2015 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. At the Scranton Club 404 North Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503
If interested You can contribute at the event, online by this link (, or by a check made out to "Friends of Joe Sestak," and mailed to P.O. Box 1936, Media, PA 19063. Thank you.


Congressman Lou Barletta, today presented long overdue medals to four veterans during a ceremony at his Hazleton district office. Recipients of the medals were: Anthony Petti (deceased) of Drums, John Shemanski of Factoryville, John Trusavage (deceased) of Forty Fort, and John Zedolick of Mountain Top.
“Since before the founding of this nation, brave men and women have risked their lives to secure and defend the freedoms we continue to enjoy as Americans today,” Barletta said. “I am proud to present these medals, which are long overdue, to veterans who sacrificed so much in service to their country.”
The Congressman presented medals to the daughter of John S. Trusavage (Deceased) of Forty Fort, U.S. Army, 1942 to 1946: Medals awarded included Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII. The medals were requested by his daughter Sharon Austin. 

Here Barletta Rep. Barletta presents medals for John S. Trusavage (deceased) to daughter Sharon Austin. (Photo: Lou Barletta's office).


At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

301 electoral votes ti 131, 32 states to 13 is close?

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Biden has been in congress since 1972 age 29.
All the government programs that really need need new direction, IRS, VA, USPS, health insurance,
boarder security, USA dept. Go along get along good
old Joe. Never happen!

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

Triple H ran for president? I thought Hunter Hurst Hemsley was busy running the WWE.

Come to think of it, HHH vs DJT winner take all cage match for the presidency?

Now that's entertainment.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

301 electoral votes ti 131, 32 states to 13 is close?


You are correct, there was an electoral landslide. However in the popular vote Nixon had 31,783,783 to Humphrey's 31,271,839 with Wallace coming in at 9, 901,118. Nixon won the popular vote by 43.4% to HHH's 42.7. There was a half million vote gap.
When I wrote this, that's all I was thinking about.
Humphrey's electoral map was dismal, California, Wiasconsin, Ohio and Indiana went for the GOP. I was looking at the percentages not the full map. Thanks for pointing it out. As a longtime HHH fan, (it was the first campaign I worked in as a young 14 year old volunteer-that was back in the day when you could put a flyer on a car in a parking lot and not get chased!)looking at the map takes the sting out of it.
But one must wonder where Wallace's 13.5% would have gone. Could Humphrey had won Ohio, Virginia or Florida had Wallace not been involved?
Third parties do more damage than good in my opinion.

At 6:10 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

6:06 PM

One more thing I want to add. My late Uncle Timmy Pribula took me to some places that year during the campaign because we didn't have a car then and I didn't drive. The day after the election he summed it up this way, "9 million nuts threw their vote away".
It was until Perot's effort the strongest Third Party challenge since TR ran against Taft and Wilson in 1912 but Perot never won an Electoral vote.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Triple H ran for president? I thought Hunter Hurst Hemsley was busy running the WWE.


Triple H gave up any chance of getting to 1600 when he hooked up with Vince's daughter.
My favorite was Kurt Angle and now I understand that Chyna, Tylene Buck, aka Major Guns and Lizzy Borden wound up in porn.
Jerry Lawlrer would be so sad!

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Better Life Seminars said...

TR took 88 electoral votes, still losing pretty badly, he showed a third party candidate could bust into the 2 party system.
You know me though. I'm not fan of the two party system.


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