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The LuLac Edition #3009, August 8th, 2015

Kane surrounded by the media. (Photo:
During Kathleen Kane’s first year in office when national politicos like Chris Matthews were calling her a Presidential contender, it was a given that Kane would always be surrounded by reporters. But to even imagine that Kane would be mobbed by a group of media at her own arraignment was inconceivable.
That happen today as Kane was arraigned via video when the reality of her demise was documented. Visually it is a disturbing picture of a once rising star in the Democratic party.
Kane was an Assistant District Attorney in Lackawanna County. When interim appointee Linda Kelly was finishing out Tom Corbett’s term, Kane threw her hat in the ring along with former Congressman Patrick Murphy. Kane, with the help of the Clintons beat Murphy and then in 2010, achieved two firsts.
She became the first woman who was elected to the office of Attorney General and she was also the first Democratic elected since the office became an elective one in 1980. That was huge and gave the Scranton Attorney a great foundation to build on.
Her first year in office was relatively quiet but then she got involved in a series of conflicts that with better self management she could have avoided. I have always maintained that the most dangerous office holder is one who got there by a combination of circumstance, luck and surprise. When a candidate wins like that, they think they are invincible. I will never understand why Kane did not try and take the advice of the seasoned veterans around her. Or seek out an older Attorney who could have mentored her in the pitfalls of becoming THE BIG FISH in a pond of thousands of layers.
Essentially this indictment like many Pennsylvania corruption cases did not involve money. Kane did not enrich herself. Her crimes are  for allegedly leaking secret grand jury material to embarrass enemies, and lying to a Grand Jury. Plus Kane’s office was a train wreck to work in. It has been suspected Kane wanted aides to spy on just about everybody to try and undermine this investigation. It didn’t work
Kane has been asked to resign by the Governor and just about every elected official in the state. She claims she will fight on and her Attorneys have said she will get her side of the story out. Jesus, does she want to make it worse?
Kelly Choate from WBRE TV interviewed former Attorney General Ernie Preate who had an experience of being arrested and sentenced to jail. Preate said the current AG should think about the future in relation to her family and whatever future might exist for her in the next few decades.
Let’s hope that Kane who seemed to never take advice from any senior advisers in her office thinks long and hard about what Preate said. Or maybe the AG who is fighting to stay in her job should read a biography of former President Richard Nixon. (It was 41 years ago today that Nixon resigned from his office). Her alleged crimes are similar to Nixon's. Their downfalls are also alike.
In the meantime as she fights on, if anyone in her office was charged with a felony that would result in a suspension without pay. However that would not apply to the elected official, Ms. Kane. I think she should just cut her losses and see what happens But if she won’t listen to Ernie Preate, there’s no chance she’ll heed my advice.

Wilkes Barre Mayoral candidate Frank Sorick. (Photo: Citizen's Voice).
Frank Sorick is running for Mayor of Wilkes Barre on the Republican side. He is an underdog running against upstart Democrat Tony George in the race for Wilkes Barre Mayor. Currently Mr. George is under scrutiny for filing incorrect and sloppy financial statements for the primary.
The Luzerne County Elections Board in still another attempt to appear relevant have said there might be an investigation from the District Attorney’s office. Conspiracy theorists are saying that this is plot by Wilkes Barre City Democrats to get George discredited and out of the race. There are some saying this is an attempt to get Tom Leighton a fourth term. That's just plain silly. 
People have started to pile on too. But GOP candidate Frank Sorick has said that the candidacy of Tony George and himself would give voters a clear cut choice. When I was on the air with L.A. Tarone last night on WILK Sorick called the show and said so.He said he believed George was an honest man and the election had to be about the future of Wilkes Barre.
Frank Sorick’s actions have people talking. Remember, this information came to light from an anonymous source and that has pissed people off. Plus there are a few Dems I spoke to that said if George goes down, (which is unlikely) they’d go for Sorick. If the Election Board thinks it is discovering some great problem, they are wrong.
Kudos to Frank Sorick for putting this all in perspective.


At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathleen Kane, good overview on the situation Dave.
I heard you and Tarone with Sorick and I thought he was pretty patriotic in his approach to this campaign.
You might have written love lettersvto Leighton but you are fair.

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

The difference with Preate is he was guilty. He admitted to committing the crime. Kane is maintaining her innocence. And IF she is not guilty she must not step aside. If she resigns and is later exonerated the fact that she cowered will stick with her for life. Bill Clinton was able to run an entire country through impeachment and scandal. If he resigned he would not have had the post presidency legacy he now enjoys and Hillary would be a forgotten first lady.
Since when do we allow just the accusation to define whether someone is actually guilty. I will never forget how the FBI and the media destroyed Richard Jewel's life. A man, who acted heroic, was vilified for his personal life, which in turn, led him to be a suspect in the bombing.
Kathy Kane, if not guilty, should not resign, she should not step aside. Again, if not guilty she should not step aside from a position to which she was elected. She should not be the coward so many people are today.
If she is guilty, then of course, she should resign. But if she is innocent, and steps aside, no matter the outcome, she will be guilty coward who ran.
If she is not guilty, and she doesn't allow others to push her from office, she has my respect and I will vote for her for any office she runs.

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathleen Kane: I don't think KK should resign, but
someone else should be doing her job untill it's
decided one way or the other. Most of the time when you get jury duty you say a few choice words but go
anyway becasuse it's what you should do. I wouldn't
mind being on this jury to listen to this kind of law. Would be interesting!!

At 5:16 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

If she is guilty, then of course, she should resign. But if she is innocent, and steps aside, no matter the outcome, she will be guilty coward who ran.
If she is not guilty, and she doesn't allow others to push her from office, she has my respect and I will vote for her for any office she runs.


Very good points. At one point one of her lawyers was Lanny Davis who advised the Clintons.
She can certainly claim politics all she wants. But you would have to agree that this could have been avoided.

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kane was on the fast track to the gov's mansion but her ego just got in the way. It seems that when stardom comes with little effort as it did with her, she just doesn't know the game,she sorely needed a real ;political advisor but she thought she knew everything. Seems like she only opened her mouth to change feet. She is a little league politicain in the pros and she just can't handle it. NO, she should not resign unless or until she is found guilty. Some people seem to gorget the basics of our judicial system and wnat her to act guilty from the get go. As for George, I have a hard time that Atty Butera suggested criminal investigation,Butters as he is known is an old pro and certainly realizes that often time, in fact much too often, candidate pay little attention to campaign reports. If Piazza were still in charge, he would have resolved this within 24 hours but not this dead head crew.


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