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The LuLac Edition #3026, September 13th, 2015

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1. Do you think the local media has treated the Attorney General Kane fairly?

I think the all the media has told the story on a step by step basis. The fact that she is from the area seems to have no bearing on the events that have transpired. I think talk radio has been covering this like a white blanket of snow in a blizzard but if it trends you talk about it. Many of our posters as well as others feel Attorney General Kane will prevail. We shall see.

2. If you were advising Kathleen Kane what would you tell the General?

To prepare for the trial if she can and keep the office running in that order. It wouldn’t hurt to hold a news announcement regarding some of the work her office is doing.

3. Gene Stilp crawled out from under his rock to address the Kane situation. Patriot or grand stander?

Both. I interviewed him on WYLN TV when he was running against Congressman Barletta. He was knowledgeable but tried to say too much in the format. He gave the impression that he was trying to run through his answers. He seems better suited to an interview with no time constraints.

4. Heard you on the air with L.A. Tarone Friday (August 7th) night. Does it bother you that some of your past controversial statements you made on previous broadcast appearances are called out as being dead wrong?

I think you are referring to when L.A. said that I predicted that Kane would run for re-election and win. Hey things change and I’m only too happy to admit if I was off base at the time. If I had that crystal ball I’d be answering this from a seaside villa in Jamaica instead of Wilkes Barre.

5. Do you think that the e mail server problems of Hillary Clinton will doom her candidacy?

Too soon to tell. You don’t want a candidacy to die from a million cuts. She needs to stop telling jokes about it, explain her reasoning and apologize if necessary. The problem as you well know is that it is her own Obama administration doing the investigation. As it stands now the Justice Department has said she was within her rights to have the e mail control but it looks bad. Plus it is difficult to understand too so most people just say "I can't trust her" since she and her campaign seemed to be doing tap dances since this started.

6. Best future First Lady…..Jill Biden or Trump’s wife Melaina?

Dr. Jill followed by Mr. Bill.

7. How do you like working with Valerie Tysanner on Pa Live? 

Valerie Tysanner checking out  a selfie stick on Pa. Live. (Photo: WBRE TV Pa Live).
Love it. I had the opportunity to be paired with Dave Kuharchik, Brittany Sweeney, Jasmine Brooks and now Valerie. She’s a follower of politics and is very smart and fun. I can say that about the others too but Valerie is very, very cool to chew the political fat with.

8. What are you going to eat at the Kielbassi festival?

Didn't go this year. Had a previous commitment.

9. You hinted that in the coming weeks LuLac would be doing some new features. Care to share?

Not yet.

10. Favorite summertime TV guilty pleasures?

“Murder In the First”, "Public Morals" and “Major Crimes” on TNT, “The Astronaut’s Wives Club” on ABC, “Highway to Heaven” (love the reruns) and old Marx brothers movies.

11. If you were a rock star or famous would you ask for only brown M&M’s?

Naw, I’d pick them out myself. Hell I do it now. I get those Hershey miniatures multi packs with the Mr. Goodbars in them. My least favorite because I think it is too sweet and interferes with Mrs. LuLac’s peanut allergy. So I already pick them out. But that’s all I’d do.

12. Pirates doing well, Indians not. Surprised?

Pleasantly by the Bucs. Not at all by The Tribe.

13. I want to write a book on political humor in America, where can I get it published?

Your best bet is to do it, upload it to Kindle and Amazon and see if it works.

14. What if anything will trip Donald Trump up?

If anything, Foreign Policy. If the Mideast explodes, I’m not sure the majority of the American people will trust him. But you never know.

15. While you were off on medical leave and not doing LuLac, how did you spend your time?

TV, radio and music. Could not do any close up work because my eyeglasses were useless. My new vision now is 20/25 corrected so I’m not complaining. But I was bored. But since I accept and even sometimes welcome boredom, I wasn’t bitching.

16. What are your thoughts on Luzerne County’s news that there is going to be a budget surplus according to news reports?

Well I’m sure there will be a major difference of opinion from some members of Council. I just hope the surplus is used carefully. Preferably if they could do it I’d like to see the debt reduced with some of it.

17. What can we expect from the next GOP Presidential debate?

Well Ben Carson has to fill in his profile. Right now people seem to like him based on his personal story but he must define himself. Look for Carson to play a strategy of not antagonizing Donald Trump too much. Fiorini will most likely do well but it might bode well if one of the lower lights used the strategy of ignoring Trump and going after Fiorini for her business failures at HP. Wait, Trump already did that. Again, the Thunder Theft of the 2016 race! That lower tier has to really make a move to stand out. In my estimation the weakest ones now are Jindal, Graham and Santorum. Look for either Graham or Santorum to shortly join Perry in the mode of campaign suspension.

18. Do you find it odd that no advertising for local candidates was on the airwaves this summer?

Nope not at all. People are hard pressed to pay attention during an election season, you can’t compete with summer, beer and potato pancakes in NEPA.

19. Have your thoughts on Wal Mart changed since they gave raises to their employees?

Not at all. The son of a bitches cut the hours of the people they gave raises to. So the employees might have thought they were getting ahead for maybe two pay periods. They don’t get a cent of my money.

20. Hey how about that nut job from Nanticoke who stole the ambulance and wrecked it?

Well she’s a New York transplant who is not native and representative of the good folks in the ‘Koke. But the biggest regret I have is that at 17 she may not be charged as an adult.

21. Are you watching that ridiculous ladies show “Project Runaway” with that gay dude Tim Gunn and that has been Heidi Klum who screwed over her husband Peace?

Yes I am!!! And enjoying it. By the way, her ex husband’s name is Seal.

22. Okay summer is over. Best place in the fall to get my Pierogie fix.

Hands down Sanitary Bakery in Nanticoke. Had some good ones at a few church festivals in the summer. One guy though tried to sell Mrs. LuLac 4 for 7 bucks. She looked at them and asked “Where are they from?” He replied, “Schuylkill County”. She then asked “Mrs. T’s?” Giving him credit he was honest and said, “Yeah”. Look I love Mrs. T’s, so does she but when you could get a dozen for under $3.50 vs. 4 for 7, sorry.

23. What did you think of that Penn State loss last Saturday to Temple?

I was stunned. We came back from running errands and when I saw the score at the end of the third quarter I figured Penn State would come back like they always have. Didn’t happen. Things like this are always good for a wake up call.Given yesterdays game, I think it worked.

24. What are your thoughts on Mr. Rick Perry former Governor of Texas quitting the Presidential race?

Was he running? Okay, okay just kidding. Uh I think anyone who ran in ’12 and thought this would be a good rerun didn’t count on the Trump and Carson phenomena.

25. I know you were never a fan of Stephen Colbert but did you watch the new show on CBS?

Yes I did and I think he is great. I just never warmed up to him doing satire of news and politics as a fictional character. The first week has been very good. Some of the skits have been funny like the one night he had former NFL stars and Hall of Famers on the show working on his payroll.

26. The recent dust up in Kentucky with the clerk Kim Davis brought up the name of Judge David Bunning. I understand he is the son of Hall of Famer Jim Bunning. Reading past posts you were a fan of the ’64 Phillies, did you ever see him (Jim Bunning) play or meet him?

Never saw him play but I did meet him. He won 100 games in both leagues and pitched two no hitters, one in each in the American and National Leagues. He pitched a Perfect Game on Father’s Day June 21st against the Mets which is ingrained in my memory. He won over 225 games and prided himself on trying to pitch complete games.
I met him at a card show in Willow Grove in 1983. The day before I sprained both ankles playing of all things basketball. But I went and stood in line to meet him. He was a radically conservative Senator who served two terms. I will never agree with his politics but they have nothing to do with the boyhood memories he provided me as a pitcher for the Phils and then later with the Pirates for a short time. I knew of him when he was a Tiger but never saw him pitch on TV. He had a slew of kids so it didn’t surprise me that one or more of them got into the political or legal arena. 

Your blog editor and Jim Bunning around 1984. (Photo: LuLac archives). 
EDITORS NOTE: We doubled the 13 Questions this month since we were recuperating from eye surgery earlier last month. Some of the August questions were edited slightly to make them current. Questions can be sent via e mail, Face book, (David Yonki) Twitter or by post.


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki ... Yonki ... Yonki!
Welcome back!

At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look I love Mrs. T’s, so does she but when you could get a dozen for under $3.50 vs. 4 for 7, sorry.

So you begrudge the man $17.50 to pay the overhead, machinery, labor, health insurance, and a wee profit.

I was friends with a pizza place owner who told me he paid his weeks expenses with Friday's receipts - the rest of the week was profit. It made sense to me and he later expanded. I didn't ask him to charge me less on Thursday.

So "treat" the Mrs. and let her enjoy an occasional splurge - it's good for the economy.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

So you begrudge the man $17.50 to pay the overhead, machinery, labor, health insurance, and a wee profit.
I was friends with a pizza place owner who told me he paid his weeks expenses with Friday's receipts - the rest of the week was profit. It made sense to me and he later expanded. I didn't ask him to charge me less on Thursday.


Maybe I did not explain it right. Mrs. LuLac wanted home made pierogies. The guy was selling Mrs. T's. She bought others at the festival. My point is if you are going to a festival, you want to buy the authentic ones. She knew they were Mrs. T's because I like them and buy them occasionally for under 4 bucks.
It had nothing to do with the day of the week. Prices should be the same but if you don't want to pay for store bought re-constituted as a vendors you have that choice.

So "treat" the Mrs. and let her enjoy an occasional splurge - it's good for the economy.


I do. At festivals, events, etc. That's why we are at 33 and a third years married. Kind of like an old LP.


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