Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3066, November 10th, 2015

Presidential contender Ben Carson. (Photo: Peterennis.com)
Ben Carson is battling for the GOP nomination and is running one and two with Donald Trump. But Carson’s recent statements really makes one wonder how as a man of science (and I always thought Doctors were people of science) he can believe some of the stuff he is saying. He has been utterly dismissive of climate change, and he has promoted the idea that vaccines cause autism. Plus his assertion that that Joseph, he of the coat of many colors, built the pyramids in order to store the grain of the seven fat years flies in the face of history. Plus Carson used that as an illustration to embrace the Bible instead of science.
Look I’m all for the Bible and peace loving rational Christians but really this doesn’t seem right to me. The supposed variations of his biography are not deal breakers for me. Strange, but not something I’d disqualify him for. But the fact that he has said the President will declare martial law in 2016 and cancel the election as well as saying that the founders of the country, the signers of The Declaration Of Independence had no experience is just plain scary.
Still he is in second or fist place and with another GOP debate taking place, the fact that he is a front runner is good news for the Democrats.


Our friend Wil Toole passed this along to us regarding the big day tomorrow for Veterans. Country Buffet free lunch for veteran's tomorrow and if you're passing Sheetz they are also offering free lunch tomorrow all day. I'm sure there are other restaurant's as well so let me know and I will pass it along.

The Edmund Fitzgerald (Photo: Shipwreck.com)
It was 40 years ago today that the Edmund Fitzgerald. There have been many sunken ship in the Great Lakes but because the saga became a popular song, the legend grows bigger. Here is a link to a wonderful story we found on the anniversary. The article is by Edmund DeMarche from Fox News Science.

And of course the iconic song.


He was an insurance titan in Wisconsin. The $8-million ship had been commissioned by Fitzgerald. His board of directors honored him by putting his name on one of the largest ships ever to navigate the Great Lakes. The christening took place in 1958. His son, Edmund was responsible for bringing  baseball back to Milwaukee and died in September of 2013. Fitzgerald along with Bud Selig brought the Brewers back to town in 1970 acquiring the original Seattle Pilots franchise. 


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