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The LuLac Edition #3117, January 10th, 2016

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The race for Attorney General in this year’s election just might be the most interesting of the year in the Commonwealth. Sure the Presidential Election will be front and center for most voters but what should have been an easy re-election for Kathleen Kane (if you set her 2012 result as a benchmark) will now turn into a widely watched race. This is of course Kane’s own fault due to the self inflicted wounds during her tenure.
There is talk Kane will run for re-election which will only sunset her Democratic opponents in the primary. Like the GOP race for President where Donald Trump sucks the air out of the room, a Kane entry will do the same for her opponents, ~ ex-Allegheny County Councilman, Attorney, and ex-Republican David Fawcett; Attorney, and ex-State Legislative Aide, Jack Stollsteimer and Pittsburgh District Attorney Steve Zappala. You may not think it now but watch what happens if Kane makes a run. My opinion is she will not be dissuaded.
On the GOP side there were two candidates namely State Representative Todd Stephens and State Senator John Rafferty. Stephens stepped aside because the GOP endorsement machine already anointed Rafferty. The track record of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee is not infallible as most people think. Prior to 1994 Governor’s race, the party endorsed then State Attorney General Ernie Preate. A Congressman with the backing of the Bush family, a guy named Tom Ridge eventually became the nominee. During the 2006 primary the State Committee pretty much ran off former Lt. Governor William Scranton III to clear the field for ex Steeler Lynn Swann to make Ed Rendell a one term Governor. How did that one work out?
Being the political junkie that I am, I started to think about all this when events surrounding Kane started to unfold. I looked at the field for this office and thought about my friend Joe Peters of Scranton. Peters tried to run for Attorney General a few years back but was talked into running for State Treasurer by the state committee geniuses. I believe that despite that, Joe Peters can be a successful statewide candidate for Attorney General. If there ever was a time that was ripe for a Peters run, the time is now. Let’s take a look at the politics of it.
1. Peters is articulate, personable, reasonable and a straight shooter. When this guy enters a room, he is a presence.
2. He has a Republican political pedigree. His father Gene Peters was a successful Scranton Mayor from 1970 through 1978. During that time period his father was asked numerous times to run for statewide office but declined. The Peters name, much like Casey, is a storied Scranton moniker that has been linked with scandal-free public service.
3. Even though Joe Peters has a talk show on a very conservative radio station, he is reasonable. Like Tom Ridge, and Arlen Specter, Peters can not only attract Republicans but Democrats. As a guy who changed his registration from Democrat to Republican in 2004 to vote for Arlen Specter in the primary against Pat Toomey, (it was the only time I ever did that and made sure I changed back before Mrs. LuLac and I went to the Caribbean that year) I can see myself doing that for Joe Peters. I’m sure other Democrats will do so too.
4. Peters, if he runs, can redeem the stain Northeastern Pennsylvania has on it from two previous Attorneys General that had experience as defendants rather than prosecutors.
As I stated, the politics adds up but here’s why we really need Joe Peters as Attorney General.
1. Peters has been associated with the office since the time of the first elected Attorney General Leroy Zimmerman. He has worked in every crevice of that office. He will hit the ground running on day one.
2. He is the only candidate who was a Police Officer. What better person to have as an AG than one who can understand what police have to go through. In this era where Police are under scrutiny and attacked, he can bring that experience to the table.
3. Peters has worked in two administrations, Democratic (Clinton) and Republican (Bush 43). Do we really think he’ll use the AG’s office as a place to take care of political vendettas?
4. Joe Peters has fought crime on every level. From the petty crimes on the streets of Scranton to putting away Mafia Capos.
I feel he wants to do it, has a passion for law enforcement and can restore the office of Attorney General better than any Legislator or politician currently in office.
Peters can bring a fresh set of eyes and heart to this office. We need him now. This need, though, comes at great personal sacrifice for Mr. Peters and his family. He will be the ultimate decision maker.
All that said,the Peters family never have wavered from serving the public of this state. Let’s hope he runs and with help from his friends, not the cronies, but the friends who like and respect him, he wins.


Last week as the New Year began, a Facebook post appeared touting the candidacy of Joe Peters. Here was his reaction to that posting. We also put up a link to it if you’d want to view it.
Joe Peters for PA Attorney General??
I became aware of this page, as did many of you, when it appeared on FB. I think it time to answer so many whom have texted, emailed and called urging me to say, yes. Thank you to Joe Sterns for your confidence in me in creating this page, and to all the others whom in groups and individually support my running. In the last week or so, you collectively have me thinking seriously about something about which I have considered for many years. Certainly it is late in the traditional cycle and due respect to the Republican party, its process and most importantly, its hard working committee members; the Republican party has endorsed state Senator Rafferty (meaning at this point, no choice in a primary) who is a fine man, as is state Rep. Stephens who entered the endorsement process and withdrew; and, the ability to raise sufficient funds, and get the requisite signatures by February are all important considerations. Prior to social media, the prospect of entering and winning now would have been all but impossible. The internet has created a vehicle around our great nation and commonwealth to articulate a message, quickly create a movement and raise funds.
Do I believe I am the most qualified to be Pennsylvania's next Attorney General? Not meaning to diminish candidates on either side, the answer is, with all due humility, yes. The only police officer, federal organized crime prosecutor in Philadelphia who with my colleagues convicted Mob boss, "Little Nicky" Scarfo and 16 mafia capos and soldiers, and served two presidents, working in the Clinton and Bush White Houses in senior counter-drug and counter-terrorism positions. I remain a globally recognized terrorism and law enforcement expert and have appeared on the Fox News Channel, CNN, and other tv news programs, including in London. Most importantly, I grew-up in the Office of Attorney General, starting as a law clerk and rising to executive deputy attorney general, having served every elected AG of both parties, since the first. That's seventeen years of learning and knowing the operation of every aspect of that office, criminal, civil and public protection (consumer.) Qualified, a tenacious statewide campaigner demonstrated as a previously endorsed candidate for Auditor General, name ID, bi-partisan, electable and ready to lead today.
Obviously, I must make a decision very soon and since it already exists, will use the page below as one barometer of support. So, offer comment, like it and share it. Whatever my decision, thank you all for your encouragement and pledges of financial support. May God Bless you all. -Joe


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Makes a lot of sense. I'd vote for him in a heart beat!!!

At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Yonk, yo convinced me. I'll vote for Peters.


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