Saturday, February 27, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3155, February 27th, 2016

  Trump and Christie, the Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone of 2016. (Photo: NBC)
Friday Donald Trump had a big announcement at a news conference. Trump got the endorsement of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. People in the Trump camp are excited because in a way it gives his run a tad bit of gravitas. To date there were very few elected officials to back him. But is the Christie imprimatur a big help? Here's my take:
1. Just what part of Christie's huge Presidential vote totals will help propel Trump to the nomination?
2. How will the blustery Governor of Joizee with the bum credit ratings give Trump anymore than what he has to offer in the issues department? 
3. Like Richard Gere in "An Officer and A Gentleman", Christie has "Nowhere To Go" and Trump seems to be his only option for any type of relevance.
Christie's endorsement comes on the heels of Marco Rubio growing a set in the Thursday night debate against Trump. Christie camped out in New Hampshire in late '15 and was rising in the polls until the Rubio campaign hit him hard. This is Christie's payback.
There will be two groups thrilled with this development, Bullies and loudmouths from New York and New Jersey. Keep that bridge open so they can have easy access to and fro. 
But these two need a campaign song, how about yabba dabba doo????

Cheryl Tiegs. (Photo: Zimbo).
That TV idiot, Dr. Oz landed in the middle of a Face book fury between former super model Cheryl TIegs who said the Sports Illustrated plus size model Ashley Graham did not promote a healthy body life style. Like so many lemming like Americans Tiegs got her cue from Dr. Oz who said that by putting Graham on the cover of SI, the magazine was promoting an "unhealthy" life style for women. Yet that body type represents 67% of American woman. Tiegs who has been an advocate for older women really missed the mark on this. She has since apologized to Graham for her comments and that's a good thing. But it doesn't change the fact that millions of Americans follow Dr. Oz and eat up his dictates like the sermon from the mount. Tiegs just proved that even a famous person buys into this guy's act. And that should just stop.

Lexii just two Sundays ago on WALN TV 137.
We send our sympathies to our friends at WALN TV and radio down in the Lehigh Valley this week. For those in the Wilkes Barre Area and Service Electric TV broadcast area, The Happy Jack Burns Sunday night show always had co hosts who would interact with audience members as the show was broadcast live. One of the most popular co hosts was "Lexii". She passed away this week and we send our prayers and support to her family and the entire WALN TV family. Here's her obituary.
Alexandria “Lexii” Aurelia Cramsey, 20, passed away Sunday, February 21, 2016. Born in Allentown, she was the daughter of Gina Cramsey of L. Macungie, John Cramsey of Zionsville and step daughter of Kim Cramsey. Lexii was the First WALN Party Channel girl. As a professional model, she worked with three agencies in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Mexico and also was a ballet dancer.
Survivors: parents, brothers John J., Matthew and Dakota, maternal grandparents Larry and Jeanne Bloch, loving cousins and extended family.
Services were 12:00 Noon, Friday, February 26th.
Contributions, can be made payable and mailed to Trexler Funeral Home, Trexler Funeral Home, 1625 Highland St., Allentown, 18102 in memory of Lexii to defray final expenses.


At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Yet that body type represents 67% of American woman"
With an adult obesity rate that is putting a strain on the US healthcare system that is only going to increase, both Tieges and Oz are correct.
Glorifying being fat, just as glorifying ultra thin, is the wrong message.
But don't worry; the increases in diabetes, cancer, heart disease stroke, all which can be mitigated with lifestyle choices, will be funded by everyone with national healthcare. Because nothing says national identity like taking care of those unwilling to care for themselves.


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