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The LuLac Edition #3161, March 6th, 2016

Bill Sordoni (Photo: Citizen's Voice)
This morning’s Citizen’s Voice had an intriguing story about possible economic development for this area. We ‘ve seen hundreds of those rays of hope from keyboards that ranged from the old manual Olympia typewriters to the IBM Selectrics and right now to the computer age.
But there was a hook to this and I think you have to support this. There is a 200 plus page study that only about a dozen people have seen. As a matter of fact they had to sign a confidentiality agreement. The study explores how Northeastern Pennsylvania can make the most of having an abundant, inexpensive source of power just a few miles away.
The Institute of Public Policy and Economic Development sounds just like another name the Chambers used to pull out of their ass to get money to try and land high paying jobs for the woefully underpaid labor force here. You know the drill on that one, right? The “consultants” or “staffers” who either never created jobs or ran businesses into the ground got the high paying jobs. There was always a lot of “studyin’ going on!
And you would think from the surface that this is going to be the same old same old. But here’s a quote that I found hopeful, intelligent and just plain smart. Here it is, “Another reason for the secrecy and honor pledges is to keep the strategy a regional effort and keep players — such as the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Wilkes-Barre Area Chamber of Commerce and CAN DO Inc. of Hazleton — from acting on their own.
I know the way our region does things and if we put this document out there, Scranton would implement it for Scranton, Wilkes-Barre for Wilkes-Barre, and CAN DO for Hazleton,” said Sordoni, who has served on boards and committees with those groups. “We want all of them to recognize it is better to be on this train — than on the side of the tracks on their own. No matter who gets the first project, who get the second, this will be a rising tide for all of us.”
Finally, somebody else said what has been happening all along. “I know the way our region does things and” Sordoni should be applauded for telling the truth and keeping this away from the Chambers who have never been creative in economic development. Plus we had Chamber leaders blaming their failings on the workforce saying a segment is ill equipped for jobs they bring in. Really? If you look at the history of the Chambers in this area, they are good at a few things. Like studies, news conferences and meetings.
There will be studies. Then luncheons. Then the hiring of an advertising crony to come up with an idea. Then another study. Before you know it, whatever seed money or prospective client was gone due to the endless parade of studies, luncheons, sub committee meetings, etc. Or as the Chamber would say, “So on and so forth”. Usually the person they hire to “study” and then “provide significant economic impact studies” after reaching out to the media “with a multi media target focused campaign to increase awareness quotients” are long gone or put in a little nook or cranny of the Chamber after the idea is studied to death or co-opted by a more aggressive economic entity. Years ago, a reporter from the old WBRE Newsradio format described the difference between Chamber of Commerce Economic presentations. He said, and God rest his soul, “The bullshit is the same but the donuts are different”.
Whatever this is, Sordoni should keep this under wraps until all the things are in place. There will be those, some in the media that will scream about “transparency” and “a secret report”. Those people with all due respect should just shut up. And if they are insulted by that, let me leave you with two quotes, one from my mom who once said, “You think you need to know everything but you don’t” and from young Mr. Sordoni, “I know the way our region does things “. Enough said. Good luck Mr. Sordoni ,

Nancy Reagan through the years. (CNN, ABC, People, The Buzz)
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died today at the age of 94. The former first lady died Sunday at her home in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles of congestive heart failure, assistant Allison Borio told The Associated Press.
Her best-known project as first lady was the "Just Say No" campaign to help kids and teens stay off drugs.
When she swept into the White House in 1981, the former Hollywood actress partial to designer gowns and pricey china was widely dismissed as a pre-feminist throwback, concerned only with fashion, decorating and entertaining. By the time she moved out eight years later, Mrs. Reagan was fending off accusations that she was a behind-the-scenes "dragon lady" wielding unchecked power over the Reagan administration — and doing it based on astrology to boot.
All along she maintained that her only mission was to back her "Ronnie" and strengthen his presidency.
Congressman Lou Barletta, today issued the following statement regarding the death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan at the age of 94:
“My wife Mary Grace and I are greatly saddened by the news of the death of Nancy Reagan. Her long life was filled with the love of family, countless friends, and her own love of this great country. Most of all, she was devoted to her husband of 52 years until his own death in 2004, former President Ronald Reagan, who I believe was the greatest president of my lifetime. Nancy Reagan's grace and compassion will long be remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Reagan family and their many friends.”

She took a lot of hits from the media as well as pop culture satirists but Mrs. Reagan comported herself well in the position, supported her husband and brought glamour and flash back to the White House. Ironically her death comes at a time when the wives of the current group of GOP candidates just seem like props.  (AP-LuLac)


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