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The LuLac Edition #3189, April 13th, 2016


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1. What is the LuLac Media schedule?

Okay here we go.
WYLN TV 35 debate moderation on April 18th at 7pm channel 7. 17rh district GOP candidates Matt Connolly and Glenn Geissinger.
WBRE News makers April 17th and 24th 11am on WBRE, 1130am on WYOU. Then we’ll be on the Cumulus group stations with Brian Hughes on his Sunday Magazine program. The times are; , Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X & Sports Radio 590, WARM & 6:25am on Magic 93.
We’re also going to be on WILK with Webster and Nancy on Election Day and will be on WBRE TV’s Morning News at 5AM the day after election.

2. If Trump and Cruz falter and the fact that many GOP people say the nomination must be from someone already in the race.....all that stated, what in your opinion would be the best ticket for the GOP?

I think the best ticket would be Kasich and Rubio. The Trump people will boycott if Cruz is picked, the Cruz people will bolt if Trump gets it. So either way the GOP loses votes. But they are votes of people who are not going to vote for anyone but their own. They cancel each other out. So they need to appeal to a more moderate base. I can't see the Trump and Cruz people going to Bernie or Hillary, do you?

3. How about that Professor? Will we ever crack that code?

Nope we just enjoy his vaunted presence whenever we can get it.

4. Oranges or apples?

A tie. A good fresh apple with a crunch is a wonderful snack and a juicy flavorful orange is incredible. Love them both.

5. Heard you with Tarone a few weeks back, you guys weren't screaming at each other. How come?

We made the decision to calm it down so we could address the callers.

6. As a Roman Catholic Antoine Scalia attended a Latin Mass. Have ever been to one, can you describe it and which, if yes to the first two questions which would you prefer?

Loved the pageantry of the Latin Mass. I remember it as a boy. The ceremony drew me to the church.
When they changed the Mass in the mid 60s it was exciting. English, the altar facing the people. Masses are now longer affairs than some might like. I actually would like to see the Latin Mass once in a while.

7. I noticed that in this election cycle you are not as active in supporting guys like Cartwright and even Hillary financially. Any reason why?

Been there done that. Supported people financially as an experiment for maybe a future book but there was no real return on the investment other than getting in some small way the guys elected I wanted in office.

8. Did you see the Senate debate on TV and what did you think of the three candidates?

Yes and I think it was pretty informative. My guy is Sestak, I thought he did very well. I was impressed with Jon Fetterman and think he has a future statewide.

9. What do you think about raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour?

While I support a raise in the minimum wage, 15 bucks an hour is just plain nuts! Small and mid size businesses need to make a profit and they aren't going to do it with that wage. There are just some jobs that aren't worth that.
Health care jobs like nursing home aides and medical people need more than 8 bucks an hour.
I think a fair increase would be 9.50 for new employees and 11.50 and then beyond according to merit and experience.

10. Carly Simon or Carole King?

Oh wow. Another apples and oranges question. I better call James Taylor and get advice.

11. Is credit card debt driving you batty?

No. One card, that's it. Love my AMEX. You have to stop listening to those commercials.

12. Jerry Cookus, what do you make of that?

I was shocked but the courts will make the final determination on the former Police and Security official. In his statement, unless I’m missing something, I didn’t hear once any concern for the child from him in this accusation. 
Plus this is related to a certain extent. The guy has a Pension from the police, he needs to work at a school? This double dipping stuff is a disgrace. I’m counting on a guy like Aaron Kaufer to introduce a bill to get rid of crap like this.

13. Thoughts on the WB Area School board firing those beer doting teachers?

Pleasantly surprised. They did the right thing, I was not optimistic given the connections of the fermented five. But the culture of alcohol starts in college and when graduates are lucky enough to get a plum job they treat it like it's one big frat party. Those salaries do not fall off trees in this area. I'm sure the people that slid them in are livid over their stupidity.
Keep an eye on the state, city and county level and see if any of these people rebound there. Here's the link from the CV so you can keep track of them.


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