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The LuLac Edition #3228, June 13th, 2016


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1. We have a God awful Election year. I hate Hillary Clinton and am scared to death of Trump, where do I go?

If you have to ask that question, you are the victim of information over load. Look, is Hillary Clinton the perfect candidate? No. But no one ever is. I’m for Clinton because I think she would do way better as both a leader and politician in getting things done than Mr. Trump. I think she’d have done better with a House and Senate Majority than Mr. Obama has done too. I’m voting for Clinton or Biden or Sanders or Martin O’Malley if it comes to that because they know government. Donald Trump has not shown any probity or leadership skills. He has shown the ability to get a rise out of people but so too did George Wallace, Strom Thurmond and Ross Perot. All talk, no substance. That’s why they lost.
But to answer your question, vote for your own interest.

2. Tom Wolf’s record so far?

I think he has realized that government and the GOP House is not like running a cabinet business. By working with the GOP House on the Liquor Bill, I feel he has shown the Legislators he’s willing to work with them. It’s all about common ground.

3. There seems to be an element of hostility toward Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders supporters. Why?

Look, everybody hates Hillary. Some hate her first, then find the reason why they do. But the Sanders people have to decide if they are grownups or spoiled kids who didn’t get everything they wanted.
Did Bernie exceed expectations? Absolutely.
But Hillary beat him in every way imaginable. The system was not rigged because he agreed to it before. And if these “new” voters had any sense, they’d have known this before they signed up for him.
If the Sanders voters stay at home, shame on them. They’ll get a reversal of all major Supreme Court decisions and all their generation who have taken the gains made by minorities for granted will be shocked when they are knocked down. All it will take will be one lawsuit against a decision to be heard before a new court majority and it’s done.
I’d rather Sanders people come around but I’m not their daddy.

4. I saw you on WBRE saying the Sanders candidacy was a “vanity” candidacy for young people. What did you mean?

I meant that like the Obama effort in ’08, they all came out in droves and never showed up again. Except when it was cool to be for Bernie. Now I hear whiners and crybabies say “I’m not voting for Hillary” and it is astounding to me. Clinton never ever eviscerated Sanders in any of the debates. Yet the Sanders crybabies say they’ll vote for Trump, a man who has called women pigs, has said he’ll build a wall to keep Mexicans out and has declared war on Islam citizens in this country.
If that isn’t “vanity” and it’s all about poor me, then I have no idea what is.
That’s what I meant.

5. Enjoying the warm weather with the top down?

Yes finally.

6. Do you ever see a time when there will be universal health care?

Yes. And it will come from consumer protection not politicians. Like greedy pigs, the Insurance companies and hospitals have found ways to screw people with higher co pays and get this one, a facility charge. The Citizen’s Voice did a great job yesterday outlining how Medical offices charge patients for the facility as well as the appointment.
President Obama could have achieved universal health care. Failing that plan was his biggest failing.
Plus his staff should have handled the Bill not the House.
But people can only take so much and if enough people report their billing issues to the Insurance Commission, it just might happen.
Here's the link if you want to file a complaint.

7. Indians in first place. What dya think?

Talk to me on November 3rd.

8. Have you seen “Hamilton”?

No but I heard it’s very good. Glad to see Alexander Hamilton finally get his due. The Hip Hop is incredible. Swept the Tony's pretty much last night. 11 out of 16.

9. Corned Beef or Pastrami?

Seriously? I like the flavor of corned beef more but I’ve been known to make a sandwich and combine the two. Not often but every couple of months for lunch,

10. Thoughts on the Orlando shootings?

Bottom line is that this was an American citizen of Muslim decent who had access to guns. He was on the FBI list but the case was closed. So this piece of shit was going to crack soon anyway. What set him off was two guys kissing. So there was no way to stop him.
BUT he could have been slowed down if he was denied access to the weapons that kill people in seconds.
Trump in his asinine way yammered about how the President didn’t use a certain term regarding terror. Islamic Terror. Hillary Clinton did.
But Trump said Clinton wanted to ban all guns. Again, no clue.
The more Liberal of us will call for stronger gun laws.
I just think if a guy has a case closed against him by the FBI, he should have to prove his reason and worthiness to buy any weapon.
It’s a tragedy but like all the others, in a few weeks or even days we’ll move on.
One more point, I hear right wingers saying President Obama will take away your weapons. If that is true, then why have there been 15 shootings under this administration? Yeah he’s coming for your guns all right!
The Assault weapons ban expired in 2004. There ya go.

11. You were such a staunch supporter of Joe Sestak, will you go the Bernie Sanders supporters root and support Pat Toomey?

I think Joe Sestak was the most qualified person to be Senator. Katie McGinty not so much. But I’m not going to give my vote to Toomey who I think is a weakling on gun commonsense. Plus with a GOP Majority, what exactly has Toomey brought home to the area financially?
See I’m an adult and I won’t pout and I’ll go with McGinty.

12. Your friend Gort wrote a Face Book post saying that Donald Trump should pick Lou Barletta for Veep? Thoughts?

Well it makes sense except that when Gort wrote that, Trump was not in as much trouble with the GOP hierarchy.
Barletta’s charisma, record, stance with illegals right or wrong, educational level all help Trump with White Males. But he is already at 60% with that group. So maybe Lou won’t help in that area.
But if Trump wants to double down, and not grow the base and rely on the content of his rally people, Lou would be great.
All that said, in my conversations with Mr. Barletta, a Congressional seat is where he always wanted to be. He previously turned down bids for higher state office and I honestly feel he thinks he is making a difference in Washington.

13. Now that the King’s students have gone home is there peace in the North end?

It’s quiet. The Police only had to show up three times because of noise and public drunkenness. One day we went out to lunch and came home and the street was lined with cruisers. The kids had a party in one of the back yards and screwed that up at 1 in the afternoon. Some people driving by called the cops because girls were passed out on front porches.
Yesterday as I was waiting for Mrs. LuLac to go out on a drive, I spoke to one of the landlords. He has been doing extensive interior remodeling for the last week in an off campus house. He told me that the former tenant, a King’s College Regina either was a bad person or knew bad people. Told me the place was a wreck and was stunned at how bad it was inside.
The sad fact here is that a kid and her roomies like this have no regard for their own surroundings and leave things wrecked in their wake. What chance does a neighborhood have?
But if mommy and daddy shell out $32,000 a year to have their baby girl leave a wreck for the landlord, defy the police and make an ass out of herself, then they must have money to burn. I’m sure raising a deposit or sending them a bill might do the trick.
Most King’s kids are responsible and polite. But others are slobs and drunks that have no concern for anyone else but their piggish selves.
Next month I’ll tell you about the guys.
But King’s has a new major. It’s a BA degree. Bachelor of Alcoholism, or Father Ryan’s drunks.


At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I just think if a guy has a case closed against him by the FBI, he should have to prove his reason and worthiness to buy any weapon."

You do realize that having the case closed means the FBI found him not to be a threat. This guy received clearance to carry a gun, and passed a background check to work for a government contractor.

The problem wasn't the access to guns, much like the female San Bernadino terrorist, this was a failure of our government agencies to identify a threat.

Until we realize this is a war, a war being waged by those who share one commonality, we are going to continue to lose lives.

This guy was not simply radicalized by the internet, he cheered 9/11. He heard Imans preaching that gay people need to be killed, he visited Saudi Arabia, his father has a YouTube channel that supports the Taliban. We need to wake up. We can't group this with Sandy Hook or Columbine. This belongs in the category of Boston and San Bernadino. These are enemies within our mist, enemies not only willing to kill, but embracing their own death in service to their beliefs.

If he did not have the weapon, he could have simply loaded his car with containers of gasoline and/or other easily accessible combustibles, drove it through the front door and ignited it, more than likely killing all inside.
Do you really think that more stringent gun laws will stop those who view themselves as soldiers? Soldiers not simply willing to give their lives, but intending to die?

People who decry FDR's internment camps in WWII say there was never any damage done by Japanese-Americans during WWII, what they fail to consider is those very camps may have prevented those very attacks.

A war cannot be won playing by a rule book that our enemy not only chooses to ignore, but knows the rules we are following, and exploits our adherence to those very rules.

Since you blamed the internet, perhaps we should waste more effort shutting down blogs, or just dismantle the entire world wide web. Would that be effective, or simply as ridiculous as blaming the gun?

While people wring their hands and waste time, energy and resources arguing gun laws, the next attack is being prepared, and more defenseless people will die.

At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boston bombers, San Bernadno shooters and now Orlando, all were on government watch lists, all slipped through.
The most difficult aspect of our new enemy is that they are not your typical hierarchical organization, they do not have a country, they do not have one army, they have in their ranks freelancers, willing to inflict damage and casualties without direct "orders," because their mission is one of standing orders, "harm, kill and terrorize."
When people say "ISIS inspired," they demonstrate ignorance of the enemy, the inspiration is the message, the battle plan has been set in motion.
Much like the gorilla war of Vietnam, in which we never adapted, we will lose this war if we do not soon adapt.
Our leaders are complicit not because they are sympathizers, but because they are ignorant of whom with we are at war.
We must stop playing by an outdated rule book, and must adapt to the new enemy, one who is already within our borders, the invasion has already occurred, and we keep the door open, inviting them to enter our country and continue to slaughter our friends and families.
There is no reasoning with this enemy. No negotiations are possible. We are in a war that has spanned generations, and will continue to do so.
The weapon is not relevant, the enemy will use any means necessary.

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ 6:38
I second your posting. People go to the web to be radicalized. Consider that the whole gun/internet blaming is just deflecting our attention. The government is failing us and I'm pissed.


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