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The LuLac Edition #3246, July 13th, 2016


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1. How many levels of hell do you think Donald Trump can hit before this is all over?

It really depends on how bad he wants this job of President. His calling card is that he “tells it like it is” and that’s fine for raising hell with an America that is angry. The next 10 days will tell us if he can moderate as well as modulate his rhetoric.

2. State Budget, can’t these guys get it together?

Hey it’s way better than last year. I find it interesting that Governor Wolf has put the onus on finding the money to the lawmakers.

3. Trump’s running mate, whatdya think?

The four front runners are Indiana’s Mike Pence, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Lt. General Michael Flynn. Flynn has the right wing on his back for his stance on Abortion but Trump doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about them. Pence has baggage from drawing the ire of the LBGT community in his state, Gingrich was for NAFTA while Trump described it as “a disaster” and Christie seems like a loud mouth Jersey bully.
With choices like these, I have to go with my friend Gort’s pick of Barletta. 
However, all that said, Fox News broke ties with Gingrich so maybe they have more of an inkling than anyone might. 

4. Will the e mail controversy sink Hillary Clinton’s Presidency?

What will sink her is the appearance of the way things went down. The timeline of the meeting on the tarmac, the testimony and then the decision will have conspiracy theorists going nuts.
What many people refuse to recognize is that the FBI Director is a Republican appointee. The right wingers do the party no favors by bashing him. If they were smart they’d take the choice morsels he gave them and run with it.
The fanning of that fire might cause an issue. But keep in mind because of the way the GOP has treated minorities and women in the last two elections, Clinton will start out with a good lead in the Electoral votes.

5. Did you hear Steve Corbett’s “suck up” interview with former Vermont Governor and Presidential has been Howard Dean recently? Thoughts?

I thought Steve and the Vermont Governor did a bang up job.

6. Summer reading, any new books?

I am still stuck on George W. Bush’s book on his father, George H.W. Bush from last year! But I am making an effort to get through it. Up next are “Talk” by Michel Smerconish and “Churchill” by Boris Johnson. I got those for Christmas in 2014 so you see how busy I’ve been.

7. You were a big Joe Sestak fan, I’m, surprised you came around to McGinty. Why?

McGinty is a way better alternative to Timid Toomey who bailed on sensible gun regulations that most everyone agrees with.

8. What the hell were you doing at the Hsallmark Store a few weeks ago?

Mrs. LuLac was in New York to see “Wicked” with her sister. As you know the store closed but had this sale contest where you had to show up every day. I was running an errand but I always liked that store.

9. Did you finally get to see that HBO Movie “All The Way with LBJ?”

Yes it was excellent. Brian Cranston was incredible and it gave viewers an insight into the struggle for Civil Right in ’64 and ’65. I was just starting to follow the news then and it was a walk down memory lane for me.

10. How can you support Hillary Clinton? She’s a murderer?

Where’s the blood? Where’s the gun? Where’s the DA? Where’s the DNA? Where is the grand jury? Who did she kill? Where’s the body
See O.J. was a murderer. That fool who killed the 5 cops was a murderer.

11. If you were Hillary Clinton and got elected, would you keep Attorney General Loretta Lynch on in the new administration?

Absolutely not. I’d name her to The Supreme Court.

12. Thoughts on LeBron and the Cavs?

I just wish my broadcast sales buddy Jim Petrie and a regular contributor to this blog under the post names of “Pete” and “The Old Sarge” was around to see it. Maybe the Indians next?
If that happens then I know Jim is in the great beyond making a sales pitch!

13. In one of the edition you corrected yourself when you stated that David Petreus was a five star general. It was pointed out that the last five star general was Omar Bradly. You said he was one of nine, who were the other eight?

They were from the 1940s,
Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy,
General of the Army George Marshall,
Fleet Admiral Ernest King,
General of the Army Douglas MacArthur,
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz,
General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower,
General of the Army & Air Force Henry H. Arnold
And Fleet Admiral William Halsey, Jr.
Then there was a guy named George Washington who served as General of the Armies.
Bradley was named a Five star General  in 1950.
(Source: wikipedia)


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My favorite part of LuLac Dave!!!!


Glad to hear. We are thinking of expanding the feature because of the number of questions we are getting every month.


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