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The LuLac Edition #3333, October 27th, 2016


I've always had 3 criteria for my vote for President.
FIRST: I want the President to understand how government and the world works. I want that person to be able to know what he or she needs to do and move us forward with specifics. I guess I want the President, right or left to believe in something.
SECOND: I want to know who the President will bring along to the government. I want that bench to be long and seasoned. I want that bench to understand what their duties are to promote the public good. The government is big and the normal day to day operations depend on the people the President hires. At every level. From USDA inspections to Defense. Look at the Clinton bench, look at the Trump bench. He has 10 advisers we can name. With all due respect to Lou Barletta and absolutely none to Tom Marino, do we want them in The Cabinet? THIRD: I want a President who can withstand the fire. I want someone who won't take anything personal. HRC has had a 30 year assault and the most vicious characterizations hurled her way. Reagan was likable but he never gave a shit who did or did not like him. She has withstood the fire, the other guy is whining like a spoiled kid in pre school.
This criteria (knowledge, a deep bench of people who can run things, and the ability to stare down danger and lunatics all) led me to vote for McGovern in '72, Ford in '76, Reagan in '80, Mondale in '84, Dukakis in '88, Bush 41 in ;92, Dole in '96, Gore in 00, Kerry in '04, (almost McCain in '08, but then he picked Palin) Obama in '08, and Obama in '12. You can guess who meets my criteria in '16. See my good friend David DeCosmo has always said, "Elections are about thinking, not reacting". Hope this help. Now sit back and wait for the Trumpettes to start sounding their sour notes.

(Photo: Fox News)
Newt Gingrich has been a Congressman, a Speaker of the House, a deposed Speaker, a cheater who divorced two women, even left one at her bedside, an accomplished writer, a failed Presidential candidate, (that happens when you win one primary), a possible Vice Presidential pick and now a lackey for Donald Trump.
But Wednesday night Gingrich took his Rudy Giuliani pills and attacked Megyn Kelly. Now Megyn Kelly anchors a program on Fox News.
During any normal election year, a GOP spokesperson would want to make nice. Gingrich did not because Kelly brought up Trump’s own behavior. Old Newt decided he needed to school her. Why any woman watching this would continue to support Trump after this exchange, especially Conservative women is beyond me.


Hillary Clinton is leading in the national polls. There are polls where she is up by at least 10 points. Yet Donald Trump has been making inroads in battle ground states. He is ahead in Florida and I am certain he will carry Ohio and even Michigan.
To think Clinton has it locked is a foolish thought.
There is a core group of support for Trump. They are passionate. They are registering and they are going to show up.
Polls or no polls, this is not a route people might think it is.
Plus the main objective of the Trump campaign is reduce turnout by constantly attacking Clinton.


There will be a debate this Friday night between incumbent representative Aaron Kaufer and his Democratic opponent Bob McDonald. This will be Kaufer’s third debate in a General election and he will be formidable. But McDonald has shown his no slouch and is ramping up activity toward the end. The information is below.


Sam Liguori a long time broadcast veteran in our area died recently. Sam was 78. Here is the link to our 590 Forever blog as we remember Sam.


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with nutritional healing coach and author Donna LaBar about simple natural healing techniques.
Brian speaks with Bill Lavan about a haunted house for a good cause in Wilkes Barre this Sunday and Halloween night.
And Brian speaks with Carl Romanelli from the Green Party about the 2016 election, the impact of third parties, and the future of the Green Party nationally and locally.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X & Sports Radio 590, WARM, and 6:25am on Magic 93.


ECTV Live hosts David DeCosmo, Rusty Fender,and Director Mark Migilore welcome Dr. Richard R. Silbert, of Community Care Behavioral Health in Moosic and associate professor of psychiatry at The Commonwealth Medical College to the program during the week of October 31st. 
Dr. Silbert will outline plans for the school's upcoming Symposium focusing on the unique health concerns of veterans!
ECTV Live is seen on COMCAST CHANNEL 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired three times daily throughout the week. ECTV Live airs at approximately Noon, 6pm, and Midnight each day.


This week's topics are the community Thanksgiving programs in Scranton. Linda and Ryan Robeson from Family to Family, and Sister Ann Walsh from Friends of the Poor will be the guests Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on NEPA's Sports Radio-The Game 1400/1440 am and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The Rive.


Tune in to Sue Henry's "Special Edition" this week as Sue recaps the week's news. . The show will run Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. on WILK, and on KRZ, Froggy and Max 102 early Sunday morning.


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The British House of Commons votes 356–244 in favour of joining the European Economic Community……The United Kingdom becomes the sixth nation to launch a satellite into orbit, the Prospero X-3, using a Black Arrow carrier rocket……The Egyptian Opera House (Khedivial Opera House) in Cairo burns down…..Duane Allman, 24, American rock musician, in a motorcycle accident;

Arne Tiselius, 69, Swedish biochemist and Nobel laureate….A bomb explodes at the top of the Post Office Tower in London… Pennsylvania the Pirates say Danny Murtgaugh will be back for another season as Pirate Manager as Roberto Clemente begins to work on efforts to send aid to the earthquake riddled nation of Scranton James Walsh campaigns hard to win a seat on the Lackawanna Court of Common Pleas 

and 45 years ago the number one song in LuLac Land and America was “Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves” by Cher.


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